The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat–10.25.98

The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat – 10.25.98

Taped from wherever they were for RAW last week.

Your hosts are Michael Cole & Jim Cornette, as Shane mysteriously has the night off.

WWF Light heavyweight title: Christian v. Brian Christopher

Christopher gets a slam to start, but Christian takes him down with the inverted DDT and slugs away in the corner. Christian gets a leg lariat for two, but Christopher hits the Stroke and stops to hug it out with Scott Taylor. Floatover suplex gets two. Bulldog is blocked by Christian and Christopher bumps into the corner as a result. Christian brings him down with a rana and gets a triple vertical suplex, but goes up and misses a flying splash. Christopher goes up to finish, but misses the flying legdrop, and the Unprettier finishes at 3:40. Watching future comedian and general doofus Christian brooding around the ring in silence is still weird. Match was fine. 1 for 1.

Meanwhile, ICP is ready to debut in the ring tomorrow night.

Jeff Jarrett v. Golga

For some strange reason, the ICP is singing into microphones that don’t make any sound, and the entire crowd is out of rhythm with the entrance music of the Oddities! Jarrett attacks in the corner and tries a sunset flip, but Golga sits on him to block and drops a leg. Jarrett bails and necks Golga to set up a cross body for two, but Golga catches him on another try and gets a powerslam. Golga charges and hits the floor, allowing JJ to send him into the post and then back in with a flying clothesline. Golga comes back with a powerslam, but Debra steals the Cartman doll and throws it at Golga, allowing Jarrett to finish with the Stroke at 3:25. Meh. 1 for 2.

The Headbangers v. DOA

Mosh tries a cross body on a Harris and gets slammed, but comes back with his version of the Road Dogg shaky kneedrop. Thrasher comes in and walks into an elbow in the corner, allowing DOA to hit a double boot for two. Thrasher dumps whichever DOA twin, but he doesn’t sell it, and pounds away on Thrasher back in the ring. Mosh comes in and Thrasher powerbombs his partner onto the DOA, but the twins switch off. And then Mosh pins the first guy with a rollup at 3:23. Both teams were heels and the crowd could not have cared any less about this. 1 for 3.

Mr. McMahon joins us on that new-fangled “telephone” device, and he would rather not discuss the contents on the letter that Austin shoved in his pocket on Monday. In fact, all of the fans and the announcers can go to hell, and this interview is OVER. Now I know what Bob Costas felt like!

Scorpio comes out for a match, but the Blue Blazer attacks him before he can make it to the ring and puts him out with a dragon sleeper.

X-Pac & Mankind v. Ken Shamrock & D-Lo Brown

Everyone fights out of the ring to start, and X-Pac gets a leg lariat on Shamrock in the ring. D-Lo comes in and the babyfaces double-team him, and Mankind gets a clothesline out of the corner as we learn the first three names in the WWF title tournament: The Rock, Undertaker and Big Bossman. X-Pac and Mankind work D-Lo over in the corner, but the Sky High on X-Pac gets two. Shamrock comes in with a snap suplex for two and a leg lariat and the heels go to work on him. D-Lo goes up and misses the middle rope legdrop, and it’s hot tag Mankind. And then he hits own partner in all the excitement, allowing Shamrock to put Mick in the anklelock. Mankind makes the ropes and comes back with the double arm DDT and Mandible Sock, but Ken suplexes out and pins him with it at 6:19. However, Mankind doesn’t let go of the hold, so I guess it’s a moral victory. Another supremely average match in a series of them tonight. 2 for 4.

Not much to this episode, with everyone kind of in a holding pattern this week.

Tomorrow: We learn what was in the letter to Mr. McMahon!