Mid South Wrestling – November 3rd, 1983

November 3, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, Butch Reed & Jim Neidhart defend the Tag Team Titles against Jim Duggan & Dusty Rhodes. Also, Junkyard Dog vs. Bobby Duncum and more!


We are shown last week’s North American Heavyweight Title match where Junkyard Dog defeated Butch Reed to win the title with special guest referee Dusty Rhodes.


Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: Butch Reed & Jim Neidhart (c) vs. Jim Duggan & Dusty Rhodes

Watts runs down this week’s standby matches as Duggan catches Neidhart with a clothesline. Neidhart tags out to avoid the spear then Dusty tags in and takes Reed down with an arm drag. Watts says that Nikolai Volkoff has made a formal protest over how he lost the title as Reed rolls outside for a breather. Back inside, Dusty & Duggan work over the arm of Reed. Duggan gets a two count with a shoulderbreaker and another two count with a crossbody but Reed makes a blind tag and Neidhart hammers away. We get some clumsy brawling for a bit until Dusty tags in and uses several elbow smashes. Dusty now works a side headlock as Watts talks about Reed wanting to paint a yellow streak up JYD’s back. Reed attacks Duggan from the apron and fires away as Watts talks about the ghetto in referencing the Reed/JYD feud. Duggan finally tags out after avoiding an elbow drop from Neidhart then Dusty runs wild. The match breaks down then after Reed pulls Dusty outside to make the save for Neidhart and they start brawling until Volkoff runs out and hits Dusty with what Watts calls a 100 lbs bag of wheat for the DQ (6:25) **. Volkoff then runs Dusty into the post as Reed puts Duggan in a Boston Crab until Magnum TA and Dusty Rhodes make the save. The camera shows Dusty out cold on the floor as an official tends to him and after that Reed & Neidhart escape.

Thoughts: The match was mostly all action but it certainly had its rough spots. The champs retaining was expected since Dusty was not a Mid-South regular but the finish was designed for a Volkoff/Dusty feud. Neidhart had a really poor showing tonight. And the comments from Watts about the ghetto was gearing up for the most famous match between Reed and JYD.


Bobby Duncum vs. Junkyard Dog

Watts thanks the help at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club for sweeping up the wheat during the commercial break. JYD gets knocked down but then works the arm on the mat. After some back-and-forth, JYD hits a slam then goes back to the arm. Duncum escapes and heads up top but JYD slams him off for a two count and goes back to the arm as the camera zooms in one JYD’s shoddy arm bar. Duncum blocks a back suplex then lands a few strikes before hitting an bulldog that gets just a one count. JYD then blocks a second bulldog and follows with a clothesline then a powerslam for the win (4:12) 1/4*.

Thoughts: I do not know much about Duncum but he seemed unwilling to cooperate in this match. I felt he sandbagged JYD a few times. The match was terrible and even the crowd was quiet.


Nikolai Volkoff vs. King Cobra

Watts tells us that Dusty was taken out of the arena as Volkoff destroys Cobra. Watts goes on his anti-Russia rants as Cobra fights back. Cobra runs into a double boot in the corner then Volkoff stomps away. Volkoff then hits a knee smash before using an overhead backbreaker then a butterfly suplex for the win (2:45).

Thoughts: The news here was learning Dusty had to be taken out of the arena due to injuries. Another dominant TV win for Volkoff.


We come back from commercial as Watts introduces us to what took place during the break. We see Reed run out with a paint can and brush. After slapping Cobra around and tossing the ref outside, Reed hits a press slam and a flying shoulder tackle. Reed shoves a few other refs outside before painting a yellow streak across Cobra’s back. JYD then came out with his chain and chased him off. Reed sent JYD a warning about getting a yellow streak painted across his back.


Tom Stanton vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

Poffo overcomes a sneak attack and works over Stanton. Poffo stays in control then hits a moonsault for the win (1:50).

Thoughts: The commentators barely paid attention to the match and instead talked about Reed/JYD.


Volkoff is now in the ring with Reesor Bowden. Volkoff tells us he is protesting to the Russian Embassy over Mid-South taking away the North American Heavyweight Title. He then rants about Americans not fighting like men and hiding behind people’s backs but Dusty runs out, wearing a neck brace and a ” I Love USA” t-shirt, and beats down Volkoff. After Volkoff escapes, Dusty tells us he was born an American citizen and his daddy died here too. Dusty says he is a fan of JYD and Duggan but this country belongs to the free. Dusty then cuts a promo about being American and not having to live in a country like Russia. Dusty then wants JYD, Duggan, and “Allen” (Magnum TA), to stand back because he wants Volkoff to himself. If you want to kickstart a USA/Russia feud then use Dusty to cut a promo like this. The promo itself had a ton of passion although for today’s standards it would cause eyerolls. However, this is a different era and for this era it worked.


Missing Link vs. Iceman King Parsons

Parsons hits a pair of dropkicks then Link ducks underneath the ropes. Watts puts over Dusty for walking tall as Parsons his Link with an atomic drop. Link fights back after using a knee lift as Watts continues to talk about Dusty and Volkoff. Parsons works the arm now then he chops down Link and covers for a one count. Watts says that Parsons is too much for Link then Parsons hits a slam but misses a splash. Link runs over Parsons a few times but Parsons comes back with the Rumper Stumper for the win (3:36) *1/2.

Thoughts: Solid action as on commentary Watts subtly buried Link, who would be gone from the territory quite soon.


Watts tells us that next week we will see a montage on Duggan and Buddy Nichols will also be on commentary.


Final Thoughts: This show really pushed the Reed/JYD feud and started the Dusty/Volkoff feud to have something else for the Superdome show. However, the rest of the territory feels stale and running Volkoff as a top heel is risky as he is not exactly getting great heat in this role despite Watts efforts on commentary.