Impact Wrestling – July 26, 2018

Impact Wrestling
Date: July 26, 2018
Location: Rebel Sports Complex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

Believe it or not this company is on fire at the moment and they’re coming off a red hot Slammiversary this weekend. I don’t remember the last time this company was going so strong and if they can continue at this rate, I’m curious to see where they could go from here. This is very fresh territory for them and I wonder how far they can go with this run. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Slammiversary, which almost makes me want to watch it again.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Austin Aries to open things up. Aries is proud of being on top of what is being called the greatest Impact Wrestling pay per view ever. He was in what a wrestling match should be because he beat Moose, just as promised. Aries is ready to face anyone in the world and if you think you’re the best, it doesn’t matter what company you’re from. Cue Eddie Edwards with his gifted kendo stick to hit Aries in the back, followed by a double arm DDT.

Petey Williams vs. Taiji Ishimori

Petey starts fast with some rapid fire armdrags and a dropkick to the back. There’s the O Canada stand on the crotch but Ishimori is fine enough for a springboard seated senton. A chinlock sends Williams bailing for the ropes as Ishimori can’t get much going here. Williams ducks a charge in the corner and hits a lifting Downward Spiral to drop Ishimori again.

A Tajiri handspring into a kick to the head gives Ishimori his first offense but he misses the 450. The DDT is reversed into a failed Canadian Destroyer attempt so Ishimori picks him up for a DDT but drops Williams chest first onto his knee (kind of a weird cousin of the Codebreaker) for the pin at 7:21.

Rating: C. I still don’t quite get the appeal of Ishimori, though the Bone Soldier name is a great one. His matches are good enough and he looks tough but he hasn’t broken through to that next level. Then you have Williams, who is little more than a big finisher. His offense is getting better, but basing the whole thing around that one move isn’t going to offer him much more of a ceiling.

We get a post match hug but here’s the Desi Hit Squad to lay them out. That’s some better fire but Gama is still more interesting than the two of them.

Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella) talks about how much he misses wrestling when Aries comes in and talks down to him. If Carelli can’t get in the ring, maybe one of his students can. This might be better if it wasn’t a former comedy guy who is suddenly supposed to be a legend of some sort.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Rebel

Tessa talks a lot of trash to start and throws Rebel throat first into the middle rope to start. The hammerlock DDT is broken up and Rebel kicks her in the chest and face. Rebel gets caught on top though and a hanging DDT brings her back down. The hammerlock DDT gives Tessa the pin at 2:35.

Here’s the debuting Scarlett Bordeaux to dance a bit as Callis is in full on Jerry Lawler mode. Scarlett says she wants to be an inspiration to little girls and be remembered as the greatest women’s activist of all time. Like Marilyn Monroe or Cardi B! She refuses to be told to cover up and will not be hot shamed.

The interviewer is confused so Scarlett tells the five to shut up because “a ten is talking”. She’s here to bring sexy back to wrestling and that’s all that matters. Given how women’s wrestling is going these days, this is certainly a different way to go but it’s going to take a rather intelligent writer to pull it off. Or it’s not a very good idea and this is going to be a disaster.

Matt Sydal is devastated over his loss because he lost his harmonious state and stopped looking with his third eye. Tonight he refocuses and gets his title back.

Video on Pentagon vs. Sami Callihan with Pentagon saying he has the ultimate prize in Sami’s hair to go with cero miedo.

Johnny Impact vs. Trevor Lee

Impact isn’t on the motorcycle he was sitting on in the back before the break. They start fast with Impact spinning around Lee and kicking him in the face but getting kneed down. Some choking in the corner sets up a backbreaker as the announcers talk about Scarlett. Impact slides under the ropes to counter a whip into the corner and comes back in with a springboard crossbody.

A corner dropkick sets up the Flying Chuck for two but, as usual, the Countdown to Impact takes WAY too long, allowing Lee to roll away. The standing double stomp (always looks cool) gets two but Impact knees him hard in the face. Starship Pain doesn’t work so Impact flip dives off the top onto Lee and Caleb Konley. Now Starship Pain is good for the pin at 8:57.

Rating: C+. Impact was looking awesome here and brought out one of Lee’s better matches in a few months. Lee’s slower offense is kind of hard to get into and even harder to make work against a faster paced guy. At least Impact is starting back with a bang after several months away. He’s a big star around here and it’s about time he gets into the main event scene again.

Post match Impact says it’s great to be back and now he wants to be World Champion. First though, it’s time to get his hands on Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong.

Video on Su Yung destroying everyone in her path.

Allie says she lost on Sunday but is more upset over not being there to stop Madison Rayne from being stuffed in a casket. She’s not letting that happen again and Kiera Hogan comes in to say she’s in too.

Classic match: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Young Bucks from No Surrender 2010. Appropriate given Shelley retiring this week.

Joe Hendry gives Grado a shirt when Eli Drake comes in with a gift for the two of them and Katarina. It’s a picture of Hendry and Katarina (standing next to each other) with no Grado. That’s not cool but they brush it off, even though Grado isn’t happy.

Fallah Bahh and KM need to find Bahh’s mean streak. They put some sunglasses on him as KM steals some stuff from other people.

Killer Kross is an evil man who wants to make people suffer.

King isn’t happy with what happened on Sunday because Konnan is still around. It’s all Konnan’s fault and there will be more violence.

Callihan yells in the mirror about messing everything up. The Crist Brothers try to calm him down and tell him that everything is fine because he looks like Jason Vorhees. He thinks someone laughs at him and shaves their head in a fit of rage.

The announcers talk about Sami being nuts.

X-Division Title: Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal

Cage is defending in a rematch from Sunday. Sydal tries the speed to start and gets two off a small package. That’s not cool with Cage who takes it to the floor and powerbombs Sydal against the post as we take a break. Back with Sydal hitting a Meteora on the ramp as Cage is holding his knee. Sydal’s Muta Lock is broken up with one hand so he goes with a more standard leglock, followed by a running knee in the corner.

Cage’s knee is fine enough to hit a hurricanrana and a pumphandle Samoan drop for two. A powerslam is blocked though and Sydal hits a reverse log roll for his own near fall. Sydal kicks at the knee but Cage throws him with a German suplex. The 619 gives Cage two but the Drill Claw is countered into a hurricanrana for an even nearer two. An F5 sets up the Drill Claw to retain the title at 11:30.

Rating: B. I’m not wild on Sydal’s third eye thing but that was a heck of a match, assuming you ignore the knee suddenly being fine. Cage is such a beast and someone who can do things that no one who looks like him could pull off. Sydal even got in some great near falls, which gave the match some drama I wouldn’t have bet on coming in.

Overall Rating: B-. They covered most things here and set up some stories, but this was much more about letting things settle down a bit after Slammiversary. That’s a good idea after spending over a month building up a pay per view and something they needed to do. It’s not a classic or anything but it was another good night, which is becoming the norm around here.


Taiji Ishimori b. Petey Williams – Lifting knee to the chest

Tessa Blanchard b. Rebel – Hammerlock DDT

Johnny Impact b. Trevor Lee – Starship Pain

Brian Cage b. Matt Sydal – Drill Claw

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