Mailbag question

Hi Scott, long time reader and fan but I haven't asked a question for a while. The Women's Evolution collection on the Network (please review!) clearly shows how far the industry has come for women – no more comedy spots rolling across the ref, no more Lawler
shouting "Puppies!", no more lingerie matches etc.

The Saudi incident however showed where the company's true beliefs lie, with money always coming before principles. The Evolution PPV (live from Themyscira!) is a blatantly cynical attempt to re-balance the company's position on women's rights. Will the Greatest
Royal Rumble be re-branded as Subjugation to hammer home that point?

So what do you feel will bring real change to the WWE? HHH booking the main shows? A female booker taking over (sit down Stephanie)? Female commentators?

The women's division is arguably the strongest it's ever been, with Baszler being one of the company's best heel champions in a while. So how come on the main show we're stuck with the Sasha – Bailey melodrama with lesbian overtones?

​I think Ronda Rousey making a mainstream difference is what will truly turn the tide, because Vince sees money and not color or gender.  Same thing happened with UFC, although they went too far in the opposite direction and now have a ridiculous number of weight classes for women that they don't need.  ​