WWF Madison Square Garden – December 29, 1991

December 29, 1991

From Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan


Hercules vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

This match was also shown on the 1/20/92 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.” Gorilla brings up how Valentine is a former Intercontinental Champion and a former “Boxcar.” Valentine doesn’t fall for a test-of-strength tease then the two finally lockup. Hercules flexes after shoving Valentine as the announcers hype up the Royal Rumble match. Valentine reverses a turnbuckle smash as the announcers continue to talk about the Rumble. Hercules avoids a boot in the corner but misses a charge then Valentine rolls him up for two. Hercules bails to avoid a chop then comes back in and tries for another test-of-strength then hits Valentine low. Hercules now has Valentine on his knees with a test-of-strength as the crowd gets behind Valentine. Both men start kicking each other as Valentine wins that battle. Valentine gets shoved into the post while attempting a figure four then is tossed outside. Heenan predicts that Flair will win the Rumble match while Gorilla believes it will be Hulk Hogan. Hercules taunts the crowd then targets the back then lazily applies a bearhug. Valentine escapes then fires away until missing an elbow drop. Valentine gets his knees up after Hercules tries a splash as the announcers continue to talk about the Rumble. We now get a double clothesline spot as both men are on the mat then Valentine ducks a swing and hits a bridging back suplex but Hercules got his shoulder up before the three count and gets the win (7:44) -*.

Thoughts: Wow, was this horrendous and possibly the worst match of Valentine’s career. Hercules was wrestling like an opening match chickenshit and nothing he did looked the slightest bit effective. And Valentine did not give much effort plus the shoulder up on a bridge I feel is one of the worst finishes in wrestling. This was pure garbage.


Gen. Adnan & Col Mustafa come out to the ring. They call out Sgt. Slaughter for being a traitor and not having a country. Gorilla then waves them over and grabs the mic and asks for them to leave since its not their time to be out. Good for Gorilla for getting these two geeks to leave.


Repo Man vs. Virgil

Repo Man tries a sneak attack while Virgil was posing on the middle rope but Virgil takes him down with a crossbody then hammers away. Virgil dropkicks Repo Man then goes for the Million Dollar Dream but Repo Man bails. Repo Man sneaks around the ring and comes back in for another sneak attack that fails. Virgil gets two with a backslide then works the arm on the mat. Repo Man cheap shots Virgil but misses a charge and gets clotheslined. Virgil tries for another crossbody but spills outside as Repo Man ducked down. Repo Man heads out and hits a clothesline before laughing into the camera. Repo Man brings Virgil back inside and beats him down before using a chinlock. Virgil escapes then runs over Repo Man before he is caught with a knee smash. Repo Man tosses Virgil outside but Virgil returns and uses a rollup for two. Repo Man clotheslines Virgil but misses an elbow drop then Virgil uses a small package for another two count. Repo Man punches Virgil back down but ducks his head and is slammed down. Virgil pumps himself up and punches away then starts to run wild. Virgil uses a Russian leg sweep for a nearfall then hits mounted punches in the corner. The ref backs Virgil off and that allows Repo Man to grab his rope and choke out Virgil until the ref finally rings the bell for the DQ (9:35) *3/4. Repo Man drags Virgil around the ring by the rope until another ref runs out to stop him.

Thoughts: This match was a lot better than I thought it would be. Virgil showed good fire and since they were feuding the finish gave them a reason to wrestle again.


Jim Powers vs. Skinner

This match was also shown on the 1/27/92 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.” Skinner beats on Powers and rakes the eyes. Powers catches Skinner with a hip toss then a slam as Skinner bails. Skinner returns but hits the post after missing a charge in the corner. Powers works the arm but eventually gets tossed outside as Skinner laughs. Back inside, Skinner stomps on Powers then chokes him out on the mat. Skinner now uses a chinlock as the camera zooms in on his spittoon. Skinner maintains the chinlock then rams Powers into the corner. Skinner hits a slam but takes forever on the middle rope as Powers got his foot up on the attack. Powers runs wild and gets a nearfall with a dropkick as Skinner got his foot on the rope. Skinner then reverses an Irish whip and in a really messy sequence hits an inverted DDT for the win (6:51) 1/4*.

Thoughts: This match sucked and Skinner’s in-ring work was quite bad overall. Its no wonder he never advanced past his current level. This had zero heat.


Nasty Boys vs. The Bushwhackers

Another match also shown on the 1/27 edition of Prime Time. The Bushwhackers march around and play up to the fans for a while as the Nasty Boys are pissed and decide to head up the aisle. However, the Nasty Boys come back and attack The Bushwhackers from behind. Heenan laughs over how easy it is to outsmart The Bushwhackers, who now fight back against the Nasty Boys. Things settle down as we now get Butch against Sags in the ring. Sags rakes Butch’s face across the top rope as Luke tries to pump up the crowd. Butch fights back and tags out as Luke hits a clothesline for two. The match breaks down again as The Bushwhackers clear the ring after two battering rams then they start marching around yet again. Knobbs cheap shots Luke from the apron then Sags knocks Luke outside. Knobbs chokes out Luke with a string while the ref is distracted then the Nasty Boys taunt the crowd. Luke comes back with a sunset flip that gets two but Knobbs tags back in and hammers away. Knobbs bounces Luke against the turnbuckles and gets two as the Nasty Boys control the match. The Nasty Boys continue to cut off the ring until Knobbs accidentally hits his partner. Butch tags in and runs wild on Knobbs. The match breaks down after Sags broke up a pin after a battering ram attempt then Knobbs hits a clothesline behind the ref’s back for the win (9:45) *1/2. The Nasty Boys beat down The Bushwhackers after the match until Sgt. Slaughter runs down for the save.

Thoughts: The finish looked weak but all things considered this was not a bad match at all. Slaughter running in furthers the Nasty Boys/Duggan & Slaughter feud. And if you wondering where Duggan was he put over The Undertaker this day at a show in Auburn Hills, MI.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c)

This was also shown on the 1/20 edition of Prime Time. We get a shoving match to start. DiBiase yanks down Bret by the hair after a break against the ropes as Heenan gushes all over Sherri. DiBiase cheap shots Bret again then runs around the ring for bailing. Bret comes out and starts firing away then tosses DiBiase back inside. Bret lands more punches then hits an an atomic drop that sends DiBiase over the top rope. Bret uses a double noggin knocker on DiBiase & Sherri as Heenan is pissed. Back inside, Bret works a side headlock on the mat. A “shut up, Sherri, shut up” chant breaks out as Bret once again takes DiBiase down. Bret gets two with a dropkick then takes DiBiase back down as DiBiase tries to counter with a rollup. Bret has the side headlock back on once again but DiBiase gets out and hits Bret with a hotshot. DiBiase targets the neck and gets a two count with an atomic drop as Heenan sells this as some sort of shock that Bret kicked out. DiBiase now works a chinlock on the mat for a bit. Bret blocks a turnbuckle smash but runs into the corner on a charge then DiBiase puts on the Million Dollar Dream. DiBiase brings Bret to the ground then Sherri sneaks around and rings the bell as DiBiase acts that he has won the match. Sherri runs in with the IC Title belt and celebrates with DiBiase but we learn from Howard Finkel since it was not the timekeeper that rang the bell the match will continue. DiBiase drops an elbow for two as Heenan brings up at SummerSlam when DiBiase lost the Million Dollar Title to Virgil when the match was allowed to continue. Bret comes back with a neckbreaker as both men are down. Bret is up first and hammers away. DiBiase gets beat down while begging for mercy in the corner. Bret hits a suplex for two then uses a small package for another nearfall. Bret uses his trademark offense but still cannot put DiBiase away. DiBiase hits Bret low but Bret floats over on a slam and gets two with a reverse rollup. Bret knocks Sherri off of the apron as the camera shows Sherri on the ground with her skirt hiked all the way up. Bret hits a gutwrench suplex for two then clotheslines DiBiase over the top rope. Bret flies out with a pescado then both men roll inside as we learn the match was ruled a time-limit draw (19:06) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Really good match between two great workers. They managed to make something simple like their headlock sequence look amazing. They also had an awesome match on Prime Time Wrestling more than two years prior and I would have loved to seen them in a singles feud. This is worth checking out, IMO.


Handicap Flag Match: Col Mustafa & Gen. Adnan vs. Sgt. Slaughter

This match was shown on the 2/3/92 edition of Prime Time. The goof squad jumps Slaughter from behind. Adnan chokes out Slaughter with a belt behind the ref’s back then Mustafa attacks Slaughter with something he pulled out of his boot. We get more choking from Adnan then Mustafa hammers away. Slaughter then ducks an attack and clotheslines Mustafa. Adnan attacks Slaughter from behind then Slaughter catches Mustafa with a sleeper. Adnan breaks that up too but Slaughter hammers away. Adnan then holds up Slaughter for Mustafa but ends up being clotheslined by his partner then Slaughter hits Mustafa with the Slaughter cannon for the win (3:27) -*. After the match, Slaughter waves the American flag and leads the crowd into the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thoughts: At least it was short but complete garbage. Adnan’s spots were an embarrassment to wrestling. How do you even let someone go out and work when they perform that bad?


The Berzerker vs. British Bulldog

Another match also shown on the 2/3 edition of Prime Time. Both men hammer away then try to run each other over. Berzerker catches Bulldog with a big boot but Bulldog fights back and dropkicks Berzerker over the top rope. Berzerker lunges at Bulldog with a headbutt then hits a flying shoulder tackle for a two count. Berzerker stomps away then applies a chinlock. Berzerker delivers some more stomps then gets two with a front falling slam. Bulldog dumps Berzerker outside then hits a delayed vertical suplex that gets two. Bulldog whips Berzerker into the corner and tries to use the running powerslam but Berzerker grabs the ropes and falls on top for two. Bulldog eats boot on a charge then Berzerker uses a rollup and puts his feet on top but is stopped by the ref. Berzerker yells at the ref but as that happens, Bulldog sneaks up from behind and uses a school boy for the win (5:05) *.

Thoughts: There was not any heat for this match, which was not that exciting to begin with. Bulldog is portrayed as a strong midcarder but without a feud and I guess they still want to protect Berzerker so they came up with this finish.


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Chris Walker

Walker came from GWF. He is short but jacked. Walker works the arm until Brawler breaks that up with a back elbow smash. Brawler chops Walker then lands a few more punches but Walker takes him down after an Irish whip sequence. Brawler bails after getting hit with a dropkick and takes a breather on the outside. Brawler returns and takes control. He drops Walker across the rope throat-first as the announcers talk about the talent involved in the Rumble match. Brawler lands some more punches but Walker comes back with a dropkick and a slam. Walker then catches Brawler with a powerslam and heads up top with a flying body press for the win (4:02) 3/4*.

Thoughts: Walker had a great physique and his highspots looked good but he was short and did not show much at all in terms of charisma. This was a fine showcase for him but he never ended up making it far with the company.


Ric Flair w/ Mr. Perfect vs. Hulk Hogan

Hogan avoids a sneak attack and sends Flair down with a clothesline as Perfect managed to sneak away. Hogan then hits Flair with a back drop and clotheslines him outside as Flair is still in his robe. Hogan rips off his shirt and uses it to choke out Hogan as Heenan wants the match stopped so Flair can be ready for the Rumble. Back inside, Hogan fires away then chokes out Flair with his hand tape. Flair flops after getting hit with a corner clothesline as Hogan continues to choke out Flair with his tape. Hogan stays on the attack and chops Flair hard on the outside. Hogan even hits Flair with a back suplex on the floor as WWF super fan Vladimir is in all his glory. Hogan continues to destroy Flair until Perfect provides a distraction, allowing Flair to attack from behind. Flair targets Hogan’s knee then Perfect hits Hogan with a chair while Flair distracted the referee. Hogan fights off a couple of figure four attempts then slams Flair off of the top rope. Hogan limps around then kicks out Flair’s leg. Hogan now attacks Flair’s knee then puts on the figure four as Heenan is freaking out. Perfect runs in after Flair slyly poked the ref in the eye. Hogan takes Flair down with a small package. Perfect then takes out brass knux and tosses it to Flair and Flair uses it to deck Hogan. Flair then crawls over and covers Hogan but that only gets two as Hogan starts to hulk up. Heenan is going out of his mind as Hogan no-sells a few chops and forearm smashes. Flair rolls outside after getting hit with a big boot then Hogan follows him outside. Hogan runs Flair into the post and rolls back inside to just beat the ten count (10:09) ***1/2. Heenan screams about Hogan needing to beat Flair with more than a countout if he wants to win the Rumble.

Thoughts: A chaotic match that was all action. Both guys were getting strong pushes heading into the Rumble match and were not going to eat a pin. Heenan was golden on commentary and this match was better than what they had last month. A great MSG main event and a match you can see on the “Hulk Hogan: The Unreleased Archives” DVD.


Final Thoughts: There were two really good matches but the rest was skippable and a couple of the matches were truly atrocious. This was a matinee show that only drew 11,000 fans, a disappointment for sure considering it was Hogan vs. Flair but the WWF’s popularity was declining and that would only continue heading into 1992. Seek out Bret/DiBiase and Hogan/Flair but skip the rest. And this show is not on the WWE Network. The show labeled December 22 for MSG is actually the November MSG show.