The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat–10.18.98

The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat – 10.18.98

It’s the pre-show for Judgment Day! I should note that in the Observers at the time, Meltzer was already noting how these hour long pre-shows were burning out the PPV audiences and what a bad idea it was.

Live from Chicago, IL

Your hosts are Shane McMahon & Jim Cornette

Steve Blackman v. Bradshaw

Bradshaw’s clean-shaven proto-JBL period is already done, as the beard is back and the hair is black and greasy again. Bradshaw grabs a headlock but walks into a dropkick and Blackman gets a belly to belly and kicks him out of the ring. Back in, Blackman slugs away, but Bradshaw catches him with a fallaway slam. Big boot from Bradshaw and the crowd is JACKED here. Bradshaw drops elbows for two, but Blackman escapes a piledriver attempt and gets a snap suplex for two. Steve then just hits the pump kick and finishes at 3:00. And then the mysterious Blue Blazer runs in and attacks Blackman and leaves. Very fast paced match. 1 for 1.

Meanwhile, Paul Bearer hits the catering table.

The Oddities v. Los Boriquas

Wow, the Boriquas are still alive? Jose and Jesus double-team Golga with a suplex, but he no-sells them and brings in Kurrgan. The Boriquas all triple on Kurrgan, but he fights them off single-handedly and hits Jose with a big boot, which allows Silva to powerbomb him and Golga to finish with the butt splash at 2:27. Complete squash. 1 for 2. And then the Headbangers attack the ICP afterwards, so I guess that remains a thing?

Meanwhile, Paul is still filling up his plate.

The Godfather v. Faarooq

Godfather is slowly morphing into his final form, still using the Nation music but dressing like a pimp and bringing women with him. He does a pre-match promo about how the best hos come from Chicago, and Faarooq can either take the ladies or take the match. Ron chooses the match and attacks, but that brings out D-Lo and Mark Henry while Faarooq misses a blind charge. Godfather pounds on the back but Faarooq hits him with an elbow for two. Godfather with a powerslam for two, but Faarooq goes up. Godfather crotches him and finishes with a spinkick at 1:52. And then D-Lo and Henry beat up both Faarooq and Godfather. This was all a big mess while they were trying to figure out everyone’s new roles. 1 for 3.

During the break, the Jackyl returns and seemingly recruits Faarooq for something. Oh yeah, forgot about that. “The Jackylites”.

Jeff Jarrett v. Scorpio

Scorpio gets a hiptoss and dropkick to start while Val Venis does commentary and gets a delivery from Goldust’s usher. Jarrett dumps Scorpio with a clothesline, and it turns out that’s present is a gold athletic supporter. Back in the ring, Jarrett gets a flying bodypress for two and hits the chinlock, but Scorpio fights out and Jarrett cuts him off. Scorpio with a botched spin kick, but Jarrett sells it anyway and Scorpio gets two. Ref is bumped and Al Snows comes in and revives him, which allows Scorpio to get a rollup for the pin at 3:45. 1 for 4.

Meanwhile, the stooges escort Steve Austin to the special “referee’s quarters”, which is basically a broom closet. So then Austin throws out poor Chad Patton, who was trying to change there. Man, is there anything in wrestling lower than a referee? Maybe a midget. Or Zack Ryder.

Ken Shamrock is here to be officially awarded the IC title belt by HHH. The stooges are representing Vince, and they send Chyna and X-Pac back to the dressing room to prevent any shenanigans from D-X. Pat Patterson puts himself over as the first champion and berates HHH (Pat: “Since you stole the belt at Wrestlemania…” HHH: “SUMMERSLAM!”) while Cornette wonders if we’ll get English translation for Pat’s promo. So HHH hands over the belt and leaves, but then changes his mind and lets Shamrock know that he’s got two words for him. Nothing to this, like everything else tonight. 1 for 5.

Meanwhile, Shamrock finds HHH’s car in the back and attacks him, apparently injuring the leg AGAIN.

Vince McMahon joins us to wrap up the show, reinforcing that either Austin gives us a new champion, or he’s FIRED. Vince lets us know that everyone in the audience has sucked up to their boss and kissed their ass, and he merely expects Austin to do the same.

Lame pre-show this month. Thankfully they’d iron out the kinks on a lot of these characters moving forward.