Sunday Night Reset: July 22, 2018 (feat. SLAMMIVERSARY)

Time to bid the weekend adieu with some Sunday Night talk.

Tonight’s baseball game of the week is Mets vs. Yankees.  Noah Syndergaard will not be pitching for the Mets because he contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease.  For the record, the average age of those who get that disease is about 5.  Any other team but the Mets and I’d find this bizarre and unnerving.

As for Slammiversary itself, Rich Swann has been pulled from the card due a concussion he suffered down in MLW over the weekend.  Though Impact has not made this official, Swann is still in Florida for observation, so unless he has a portal gun, he’s missing the event.  According to rumors, Petey Williams would replace him.

Congratulations to Francesco Molinari for winning the Open Championship.  But Tiger was in the Top 10 so no one cares.

One of The New Day, The Bar, The Usos, and SANitY will face the Bludgeon Brothers at SummerSlam.  Paige revealed on Twitter that she’s organizing a mini-tournament over the next couple of Smackdowns.

Enjoy the night!