The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–02.13.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 02.13.82

OK, let’s get back to this again for fun before we return to 1998 WWF.

Taped from Shrieveport, LA

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & General Skandor Akbar

Last week, Ernie Ladd brags about how much money he’s got and what a fantastic team he’s got with the Samoans, but they promptly turn on him and join with Akbar instead. Ernie’s sudden babyface turn and comeback was fantastic, showing how underappreciated he was in both roles. Young long-haired Crusher Broomfield joins in the attack on Ladd, but the announcers don’t know his name yet.

So back in the present time, Akbar is still unwilling to disclose the identity of the mysterious ruffian who helped the Samoans. But we only know that he’s a “one man wrecking crew”. And then we go back to last week again, as the Samoans screw JYD & Mike George out of the tag titles. Boyd is OFFENDED that Mike George and Ernie Ladd have both been injured and are thus unable to make a living by rasslin’.

The Wild Samoans v. Rick Ferrera & Bill Ash

Boyd Pierce wishes to stress that in fact Akbar is NOT the guest commentator this week, but merely took a seat and started bragging about his evil deeds. My mistake, Boyd. Ash gets a dropkick on Sika but quickly gets double-teamed and beat up in the Samoan corner. Afa misses a blind charge and Ferrera comes in and stupidly tries hitting Afa in the head, which leads to him taking the samoan drop and getting pinned at 2:26. Has this man not watched wrestling before? 0 for 1.

Paul Orndorff v. Brian Blair

Paul wrestles him to the mat, but Blair gets a rollup for two. Orndorff takes him down and works the arm, but Blair reverses into another rollup for two. Blair grabs a headlock on the mat and tries a sunset flip, but Orndorff sits down to block and gets two. The do some more nice mat wrestling with Blair going basic amateur and rolling him over, but Paul is in the ropes. Finally he gets frustrated and hits Blair in the gut to take over, and the kneelift gets two. Blind charge misses and Blair gets an O’Connor roll for two, but Orndorff slugs back. Blair fires back with forearms, but Orndorff powers him out to the floor to buy time. Back in, Orndorff hits the knee from the middle rope and that’s all at 6:30. Nice basic story with Blair out-wrestling him until good old cheating saves the day. 1 for 2.

Louisiana heavyweight title: Junkyard Dog v. Bob Roop

Dog immediately slams him and powers out of a full nelson attempt. Roop tries it again and runs Dog’s head into the turnbuckles this time, but Dog powers out again and headbutts him to send him running to the corner. Dog whips him to the other corner and slugs him down for two, so Roop runs away. Back in, Roop tries to throw down and Dog destroys him and sends Roop flying out of the ring and tangled in the ropes, and we take a break while another ref frees him. So we return and HOLY SHIT there actually was a decision rendered during the break! Luckily the tape machines were rolling, as promised. So we pick it up again with Roop asking for time out while he tends to his leg, and Orndorff also joins us to protest. So Roop finally heads back in and Dog beats on him, but Orndorff comes in and hits Roop by mistake, allowing Dog to hit the THUMP and then slam Orndorff on top of Roop. Finally Bob Orton runs in and Dog deals with him as well, and another shot on Roop is enough to put him away and retain the title at 6:10. Damn, how often did Bill Watts book babyfaces to beat the heels 3-on-1 like that? It seemed like a clear case of the heels getting ready to screw him out of the title, but they swerved us! 2 for 3.

So now we have to go to the standby match…

Mr. Olympia & Ted Dibiase v. Ed Wiskowski & Bob Orton

The faces work Orton’s arm to start and then Wiskowski’s and back to Orton. Orton tries a cheapshot on Dibiase and then goads him into a blind charge, which allows the feels to take over. Wiskowski runs him into Orton’s knee and Orton drops a knee, but Dibiase puts him down with a forearm and brings Olympia back in, but the ref misses it. So Dibiase gets rid of Orton and cradles Wiskowski himself for two. The heels double-team Dibiase and Wiskowski tries a suplex, but Olympia dropkicks them over and Dibiase gets two. And then Olympia comes in and puts Wiskowski out with the sleeper while Dibiase takes care of Orton, and that allows Dibiase to pin the unconscious Wiskowski at 4:23. I really like Olympia every time I watch him! 3 for 4.

Frank Monte v. Ron Cheatham

Yet another standby match, although with 3 minutes left in the show we probably won’t have to move much further down the standby totem pole. They trade hammerlocks on the mat and Monte works the arm for a while. Monte gets a rollup for two with time running out on the show and a cross body gets two. Small package gets two and we’re OUTTA TIME.

As always, a fun and easy to watch hour of wrestling.