Lloyd’s of London

Can you give a readers digest version  of how these policies worked?  I know Rude and Henning both had them. 

Being that Henning came back and Rude was about to come back.  Were they beating the system at the time?

​Totes.  In fact, guys like Hennig and Animal claiming that they were retired and then miraculously returning was basically the reason why Lloyds stopped giving out insurance policies to wrestlers. Basically these guys were taking out huge policies and then almost immediately claiming a career-ending injury, which resulted in collecting an amount of money that was equal to their yearly salary without working.  But then wrestlers started thinking "Hey, I can collect all this money AND probably get a payday from Vince as well!"  And then obviously someone figured out that stooging the insurance cheats out could pay off for THEM​ and the whole system fell apart.