Norrissey’s G1 Climax 28 Review Night Four

G1 Climax 28 Review Night Four

19 July 2018

Live from Korakuen Hall, In the Shadows of TGI Fridays, Tokyo

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The stage is set for the B Block to regain supremacy in match quality, as tonight, Kenny Omega fights Hirooki Goto in a Champion vs. Champion match.  It’s also a rematch of the G1 26 finals from two years ago.  Elsewhere, Juice Robinson looks to rebound from his first loss as he takes on Kota Ibushi.  Oh, also, Tomohiro Ishii takes on Tetsuya Naito.  NBD.

Your commentators for the morning are Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero.

The show starts with a tribute to Masa Saito, who passed away at the age of 75 (1942 – 2018).  Many of the non-faction New Japan wrestlers are ringside for this ceremony.  Tiger Hattori holds a portrait of Saito in the center of the ring.  A ten-bell salute follows.  A very emotional way to kick off this morning’s show.  After the introductory VTR, we’re off to the races!!

“Switchblade” Jay White and YOH (CHAOS) vs. Ren Narita and Michael Elgin

White walks in with a LOT of swagger after claiming the scalps of Okada and Tanahashi in his first two A Block matches.  Next, he will try to knock off the also-unbeaten Michael Elgin tomorrow night, also at Korakuen Hall.  Narita gets the Young Lion action today as he teams with Big Mike.  White and Elgin to start.  Jay seems hesitant to lock up with Elgin but eventually obliges.  Elgin offers the clean break and ducks a cheap shot in order to deliver a stiff chop.  White looks shaken by the maneuver, and he eventually eats a HEAVY chop to go down to the outside.  YOH comes in, obviously because his partner is full of shit, but then White rushes back in and eats a dropkick for this trouble! Elgin tags in Narita, but YOH manages to score a dropkick on the Young Lion.  White makes sure that Narita is formally acquainted with both the guardrail AND the ring apron, as YOH looks distraught at the fate of Narita.  THIS is how you get the Switchblade character over, folks.  White delivers a thunderous chop to Narita before the Young Lion responds with a despicable Dropkick.  Elgin’s in and he starts chasing White around the ring and outside before landing with a Slingshot Elbow.  Black Hole Slam gets two. Five minutes past.  Elgin’s just clubbing White across both the front and the back, while a third lariat puts him down.  White responds with a chop, but Elgin connects with an elbow that could be heard on Mars.  YOH and Narita both tag in, and Narita runs the ropes for a bit before hitting a shoulder tackle.  Belly to belly Suplex gets two on YOH.  YOH springs into the ring from the apron with a double stomp.  Elgin saves the count on a Backbreaker/Neckbreaker combination.  YOH almost gets surprised on an inside cradle, before finally doing the deal with a Falcon Arrow.  Narita kicks out!  A Young Lion callback as YOH locks in the Boston Crab, and Narita taps out!  YOH and Jay White def. Michael Elgin and Ren Narita via submission.  Post-match, White tried to hit the Blade Runner on Narita, but Elgin chases him off. White’s such a dick.  Elgin looked dominant against White for the most part, which could signal a White victory tomorrow.  YOH’s in a tough spot having to tag with that fucking dickhead Jay White, but if we get undercard matches like this, no problems here. **3/4

Minoru Suzuki and El Desperado (Suzuki-Gun) vs. YOSHI-HASHI and SHO (CHAOS)

Suzuki manages to knock over not one, but two Young Lions before entering the ring.  What a Top Talent.  I know I’ve been championing for YOSHI-HASHI to do well in this tournament, but he’s entering his third block match winless, and he’s got Suzuki, who’s also winless.  Doesn’t bode well for him.  Suzuki-Gun jump the bell, of course, but YOSHI gets the better of Suzuki outside and he reverses Minoru into the guardrail!  Inside the ring, SHO delivers a massive chop to Despy but eats a kick from Suzuki and falls into the Triangle Rope Armbar.  Now YOSHI’s taking the barricade damage and Suzuki is ready to pummel YOSHI with chairs.  On the other side of the arena, Despy introduces SHO to the fourth row of the audience and this is getting a little out of hand.  Suzuki gives a Young Lion a chair shot FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER.   The action finally returns to the ring, as Suzuki gets ready to destroy SHO.  WOW, it looks like Suzuki knocked out SHO with one punch.  SHO, ever the great babyface in peril, takes chops and abuse from both Suzuki and Desperado.  Out of nowhere, SHO hits an insane Deadlift Suplex and puts out Despy! Suzuki and YOSHI both tag in and give us a little taste of tomorrow’s action.  Suzuki whips YOSHI into the corner and gives him a big boot, and immediately follows that with the PK for two.  They start trading blows and chops, and someone needs to come in and reminds them then that THIS IS YOUR OFF DAY, FOLKS.  YOSHI tries to bring Suzuki down with the Butterfly Lock, but Suzuki manages to get his foot on the ropes.  Suzuki buries the knee into the gut of YOSHI, and both men try to go for a tag, but only SHO manages to enter the match.  SHO and YOSHI manage tandem offense, including a Backcracker on Suzuki from SHO.  Minoru quickly recovers and hits the Gotch Style Powerbomb… whoops, I mean Piledriver for the three-count.  Minoru Suzuki and El Desperado def. YOSHI-HASHI and SHO via pinfall.  Entertaining, although featuring a distinct lack of El Desperado.  I’m sorry, but if you’re a Junior Heavyweight that’s only working every other day during the G1, you need to step up and do your part.  And I like El Desperado! I thought he had some inspired performances during the Best of the Super Juniors tournament! Alright, rant over.  Solid tag match otherwise.  **1/2

Suzuki cuts a quick promo on YOSHI-HASHI after the match: “Don’t think a son of a bitch like you can reach up to my level” (credit: Chris Charlton on Twitter @reasonjp).

EVIL and BUSHI (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs. Togi Makabe and Toa Henare

EVIL’s attire seems to get both spookier and cornier by the match.  He has Togi Makabe tomorrow night, so in the meantime, he pairs up with BUSHI as they take on the World Tag League team of Makabe and Toa Henare.  Makabe surprisingly comes into tomorrow’s match undefeated in block action.  L.I.J. comes in with a flurry of hard-hitting offense, but Makabe withstands the onslaught and expels BUSHI from the ring.  Henare runs in to help the Unchained Gorilla, but he eats some double team antics from L.I.J. in return.  They are really dominating as Makabe eats the guardrail outside the ring.  EVIL sets up BUSHI to hit a dropkick from the top rope and we get the BUSH-A-ROONIE!!  Makabe looks tired, and Henare comes in, not understanding anything about the rules of baseball in the process.  Seriously, Kevin Kelly mentions that he went with Henare to the latter’s first baseball game this week and he needed the rules explained to him.  Because, guess what, baseball is a stupidly complicated game if you’re not from North America or Japan/Korea.  Back to the action as Henare slugs with EVIL inside the ring, and the King of Darkness gets the upper hand and slugs Makabe off the ring apron.  Five minutes past.  Thrust kick from EVIL leads to a Backcracker from BUSHI gets two.  This match is about 95% L.I.J., so of course Makabe and Henare are winning, right? Wait, nevermind, as EVIL hits a SICK Lariat on Henare and locks in the Banshee Muzzle (which, sorry, I’m not sold on) to “submit” Henare.  EVIL and BUSHI def. Togi Makabe and Toa Henare via submission.  This was A Match that happened.  The L.I.J. dup basically dominated the match, which I was not a fan of.  I want to get behind Henare, and I don’t want Makabe to look like a dope, and unfortunately this match made me not get behind Henare and made Makabe look like a dope.  So, a complete failure across the board.  *1/2

Bad Luck Fale and Tanga Loa (Bullet Club/Firing Squad) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Cactus Jack Finlay

Well, speaking of people who can produce good to great matches with Fale, we have Tanahashi and Fale lined up for tomorrow night.  They have matched up four times in G1 action, which two victories going to both men.  Finlay wants to start against Fale, for some reason.  Finlay immediately runs into a shoulder tackle and collapses in front of Tanahashi, who tags in.  He chops blocks Fale and tries to take the big man down.  A Dragon Screw attempt fails, but a Grenade attempt is met with a slap to the face, and soon Tana tries to turn Fale over into the Cloverleaf! HE CONNECTS! Loa comes in to break it up, like any good tag partner would.  Fale overturns Tana with a shoulder tackle and tags in Loa.  Loa gets two with a massive leg drop.  Tana gets thrown outside and takes some abuse from Fale against the barricade.  These boys kill themselves for this tournament, don’t they?  Tana and Loa exchange corner offense, but Loa eventually gets the upper hand.  Delayed suplex turns into TWIST AND SHOUT! Nice.  Finlay’s in and flips out a Saito Suplex before going to town on Loa with Running Uppercuts into the corner!  Back suplex from Finlay gets two, and the Fale accidentally squashes Loa! Okay then.  Loa hits a nice German and then a Tongan Driver for the three!  Bad Luck Fale and Tanga Loa def. Hiroshi Tanahashi and David Finlay via pinfall.  Can the babyfaces please go over at some point during these prelims?  I guess not.  Anyways, Loa and Finlay were tasked with carrying the brunt of this match, and they did well enough, and tomorrow is the last Fale match I probably care about for the rest of the tournament, so we’ll see what happens then.  **3/4

Hangman Page and Chase Owens (Bullet Club) vs. Kazuchika Okada and Gedo (CHAOS)

Page looks to have the PERFORMANCE OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE as he’s set to square off against Ecstasy Okada and his Big Boy Pants tomorrow evening.  Kelly muses about who can out-Memphis each other between Okada and Page.  In a break from tradition, it looks like Owens and Gedo are gonna start.  Owens eats a boot, and Gedo hits a quick eye-poke as I’ve enjoying the interactions these two are having.  Page and Owens whip Gedo into the corner and finish their double team offense with the standing Shooting Star Press/Knee Drop combination for two!  Gedo scrambles out and tags in Okada, and Okada manages some Particularly Sloppy Offense on Page.  Now I’m worried for tomorrow’s match.  Page avoids the drop Elbow and hits a huge Lariat for two.  Rocky proceeds to plug not only but only Chico, so if you were wondering who Chico was, I guess there’s your answer.  Okada hits The Dropkick and both men are down.  Chase and Gedo both tag in, Chase hits some sick rights before Gedo floors him with a punch and then a Gedo Thrust Kick.  Gedo Clutch almost gets it before Page breaks it up.  Double Buckshot Lariat from Page!   Apron Shooting Star Press wipes out Okada.  Owens finishes with the Package Piledriver on Gedo! One, two, three! Hangman Page and Chase Owens def. Kazuchika Okada and Gedo via pinfall.  Page and Okada go jaw-to-jaw after the decision, and I’m back on board for the Okada/Page singles match.  Page: “Give me your best tomorrow.  I don’t want none of that bullshit!”  Owens over commentary: “You see that? Just some good ol’ Southern Virginia boys laying some ass-whupping.”  As a Northern Virginian by birth, I can get behind that sentiment.  There was a bit of sloppiness during the Okada/Page interactions, but I think they can pull it together tomorrow.  ***

G1 Climax 28 B Block Match: SANADA (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs. Tama Tonga (Bullet Club/Firing Squad)

Tama has his brother out at ringside, and that’s not going to play into this match.  At all.  The announcers play up SANADA’s eventual confrontation with Naito on the 8th of August, as the cameras pan to YOH on the Japanese commentary.  CHAOS on both commentary teams! WE’RE TAKING OVER!  Slow start as Tama and SANADA trade chain wrestling.  SANADA flips out of a snap suplex, and they have a sequence of evasions before meeting each other with dual Dropkicks! Tama offers a handshake in mutual respect.  Tama: “Shake my fucking hand! Shake my fucking hand.”  Tama tries the Paradise Lock, but SANADA rolls him up for two in protest.  Loa offers up a distraction, but the ref isn’t having it.  Now, SANADA’s chasing Tama around the ring, but he eats a lariat from Loa! ASANI EJECTS LOA! What is this Japanese sorcery where they actually take care of outside interference? Five minutes past.  Tama takes control of SANADA and stomps on his head inside of the ring.  Stinger Splash to SANADA, but then Tama uses the Lazy Cover on SANADA and only gets two.  SANADA fires up with a nice combination on Tama.  He locks Tama up in the Paradise Lock before running in with the low double Dropkick.  SANADA hits a nice Planche as the 20-count starts, but both men are in the ring quickly.  SANADA goes for the pinfall, but Tama manages to get his foot on the ropes.  The next offense exchange sees Tama hits what the commentary calls a “Tonga Twist,” but, dude, that’s a Cross Rhodes, no doubt about it.  Asani eats a massive ref bump. GUN STUN BY SANADA!  LOA AND FALE STORM THE RING! Powerbomb by Loa.  Tama tries to steal a pinfall.  SANADA KICKS OUT AT TWO!  He’s the clear babyface here at Korakuen.  Gun Stun is reversed into a Paradise Lock.  Tama gets the upper hand but falls to a Bridging Roll-up.  ONE, TWO, THREE, HOLY SHIT! SANADA def. Tama Tonga via pinfall.  I really enjoy it when the heels employ ridiculous amounts of interference but still manage to lose in the end.  SANADA and Tonga started slow, and didn’t really pick it up throughout the match, but the crowd was heavily invested in Cold Skull, and the ending saved the match from being an average outing.  ** is average, by the way. **1/4

G1 Climax 28 B Block Match: Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun) vs. Toru Yano (CHAOS)

Oh, Jesus, this match.  Before we begin, I’d like to remind you that Sabre comes off as a Supreme Dickhead during his matches and promos, but he’s probably one of the nicest, funniest guys outside of the ring.  I’m somehow expecting amazing moments from this match.  So, Toru Yano, COME ON OVER HERE!  The commentary team really puts over Yano as an amazing amateur wrestle, and all I can do is shrug.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sabre stops Yano from immediately undoing the turnbuckle, and then they immediately trade wrestling sitouts as the crowd’s really into this match!!  I’m not exaggerating, I swear!  Sabre locks in a Cobra Twist before Yano tosses him over.  Zack ties Yano up before Yano takes a powder outside.  Sabre gets tossed into the barricade, and if you’ve never seen a Yano match before, you’d think he at least Intercontinental Champion-material or something.  They are fighting outside and the 20-count starts, but both men make it back inside! Holy hell, I thought Yano would be counted out by that.  They trade Cobra Clutches back and forth before Yano locks in an Octopus hold of his own!  Korakuen’s losing their mind over Yano’s wrestling prowess!!  Now Yano eats a barricade outside as Zack begins to tie him up around the guardrail.  Zack holds the double wristlock as the ref counts to 20, and darts in at 18, BUT YANO GETS IN AT 19 as the crowd is completely behind Yano.  I am all in with this silly match right now.  Zack drives Yano away from the turnbuckle and ties him up in a double leg lock/ankle twist/arm bend/Jesus Christ, what is this hold?   Yano makes the ropes before Sabre stomps on his knee.  Belly-to-belly Suplex by Yano, before Sabre manages the overhead Sunset Flip for two.  Triangle Chokehold from ZSJ, and Yano might be out BUT WAIT Yano went for the standing powerbomb.  No good, though, as Sabre transitions to a leg lock.  Yano makes the ropes!  Multiple European Uppercut from Zack, Yano attempts the low blow, but he falls into the Bridging Pin attempt for two.  Fireman’s Carry for Yano and he goes for the turnbuckle!  Damnit, Yano, I really was rooting for you to change your ways.  Rollup for two! Sabre turns it into an armbar! Yano goes for another two.  Zach hits the turnbuckle! Yano goes for another turnbuckle.  Sabre recovers and manages the Gedo Clutch for the three-count!  Zack Sabre Jr def. Toru Yano via pinfall.  That match ticked all the boxes for what I expected in the Sabre/Yano match, but some of the execution was lacking.  Some of the storytelling wasn’t all that great either.  Has Yano sworn off his cheating ways entirely?  Guess not, but you can only tell that “will he, won’t he” story so many times over the next three weeks.  Eh, whatever, Yano’s looking alright so far, so I’ll hold off on being too hard.  **3/4

G1 Climax 28 B Block Match: Kota Ibushi vs. Juice Robinson

According to Kelly, Juice’s left hand is about 70% healed and he’s gonna be required to wear the cast for the remainder of the G1 Tour.  So, that means cast rules still apply, of course.  The two men demonstrate the Code of Honor to begin the match… wait, that’s not a thing in New Japan.  Ok then.  Kota and Juice trade wristlocks before Juice hits the ropes for a break.  Juice then locks in a deep headlock before shooting off the ropes for a shoulder tackle.  Like a rubber ball, Ibushi pos right back up.  Two armdrags from Juice as he locks in the armbar on the left arm.  Ibushi then hits a looping kick before going for the Triangle Moonsault! He misses, and Juice hits the Ron Burgundy Cannonball!  Juice rolls Kota inside and hits a massive crossbody for two.  It’s Rusev Day in Korakuen as Juice locks in the Accolade for a spell.  Senton for two.  Ibushi tries to go one-on-one with punches with Juice, and it just occurred to me that Juice must be at least seven inches taller than Ibushi.  Five minutes past.  Ibushi with the springboard dropkick, but he is clearly hurting in his upper body.  Ibushi with the signature strikes and kicks knocks Juice down.  I hope you all know what I’m referring to when I refer to that.  Standing Moonsault then gets two, and before Juice can properly recover Kota delivers a picture-perfect dropkick.  Juice catches Ibushi before a second attempt at the Triangle Moonsault and hits a Superplex in it’s stead.  Cannonball, Stacked Powerbomb, One, Two IBUSHI KICKS OUT!  Ibushi takes a wicked chop as both men find themselves on the ring apron, which as you know, is the hardest part of the ring.  Ibushi gets a swift kick to the gut, and then, OHH JESUS, a Rana to the floor!  Nice work there, Kota.  Kota goes up or his third Triangle Moonsault… OH WAIT NEVER MIND, MOONSAULT OFF THE POST ONTO JUICE ONTO THE FLOOR.  Romero: “That’s it, I’ve seen it all, we can go home now.” Ten minutes past.  Ibushi rolls up Juice for two, but outa nowhere Juice hits the lariat and has the crown decently behind him.  High kick from Ibushi sends Robinson down.  They trade exchanges until Juice hits his high kick ad then a Double Knee Gutbuster.  Kota of course kicks out at two.  Juice starts to hit Pulp Friction but he loses and arm.  Kota, meanwhile, pulls Juice up into the Electric Chair but Juice gets outs of that as well.  Straightjacket German suplex followed by KAMIGOYE!!!!!! Suddenly the match is over.  Huh.  Kota Ibushi def. Juice Robinson via pinfall.  Not entirely thrilled by that ending, as two quick losses makes Juice look like a chump champion compared to the rest of the roster.  However, they put on a good exhibition, and it featured an INSANE ringpost Moonsault from Ibushi that called back to his Budokan epic.  A lot to like here. ***1/2

Juice holds up Kota’s hand after the contest.  Robinson needs some wins, badly.

G1 Climax 28 B Block Match: Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs. Tomohiro Ishii (CHAOS)

Like I said in my Night Three review, these two had an excellent encounter in their Wrestling Dontaku 2016 match for Naito’s Heavyweight Championship, and their chemistry cannot be called into question, so this should be a good one today.  Slow start before they lock up and Ishii suggests a clean break before going for a heavy chop.  Naito then lays into Ishii before ducks to the apron, they’re in the corner out before Naito hits a Reverse Leg Sweep.  Ishii’s whipped into the barricade now! And this will be a hard one to type out.  I’m tempted to just type, type, type and fix the mess that’s left on my Word Document afterward.  Naito lays into Ishii with elbows, and guess what, Ishii calls for more because HE’S A CRAZY BASTAND AND WILL BITE YOU 141.  Ishii dodges a dropkick before hitting one of his own, and the crowd is enjoying this one.  The two then trade some the Loudest Chops I Have Ever Heard.  Ishii gets the upper hand and then goes for broke with about twelve of the heaviest chops ever to Naito’s insanely red chest.  Naito, for his part, is smiling at all the abuse he’s going through.  Ishii looks amazing with his ridiculous offense.  Five minutes past.  Naito eventually gets up and hits some massive chops on Ishii.  Ishii calls for more, as Naito turns to slugging his opponent, and Ishii eventually relents with chops.  Naito throws Ishii into the corner, Reverse Atomic Drop/Neckbreaker combination, and this match is insane.  Naito hits a reverse Neckbreak/dropkick combo, then a leg sweet, Dropkick combination, and the camera zooms in on Naito’s chest, and it is very clearly purple.  Naito starts to toy with Ishii in the corner with kicks before a devastating LOOGIE OF DOOM to Ishii’s face.  Ishii responds by clubbing Naito to the floor in a moment that made me wince.  Both men are toying with each other at various points in the match and it really feels like either combatant could win at any point.  Naito just up and slaps Ishii across the side of the head, and of course, this incenses Ishii to the point where he just DESTROYS NAITO with corner slugs and chops.  Naito looks dead at this point but he responds just in time to take a Side Suplex.  Kelly: “The bear has been sufficiently poked.”  Brainbuster by Ishii fails but the men exchange a bunch of misses before both collapsing.  The crowd stars a small but noticeable NAITO chant at this point.  Naito hits a Missile Dropkick from the dropkick, and guess what, Ishii didn’t leave his feet! Naito’s situated on the top rope as Ishii tried to get him up for a Super Brainbuster!  Naito continues to hold on but it doesn’t look good as… no wait, Naito hits a Sunset Bomb from the ropes! For two. Damn.  Naito tries to quicken the pace and runs into a German for his troubles, but he soon hits a Flying Forearm to even things out.  Naito slaps Ishii in such a way that the great Stone Pitbull GOES DOWN HARD.  Once he recovers, Ishii flips Naito over with a sick Lariat.  Fifteen minutes past.  I guess I missed the ten-minute notice.  The tape on Naito’s left leg is completely falling apart at this point.  SICK HEADBUTT FROM ISHII!!  Ishii readies him for the powerbomb and connects! Only gets two, however.  Sliding lariat gets two as well.  Brainbuster attempt! Naito escapes and walks to two consecutive lariats from Ishii.  Holy shit, this match.  Vertical drop again countered, and Naito hits an Enziguiri to put Ishii down.  Destino attempt fails again, but Ishii walks into a rolling kick, Brainbuster turns INTO A DESTINO, TWO COUNT!  Fuck.  Naito finally lands the Destino proper, and Kelly can’t let go of that final OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as the ref counts one, two, three.  Tetsuya Naito def. Tomohiro Ishii via pinfall.  Great encounter between these two, as they give you reasons as to why the won’t have a bad match against anyone in the entire tournament.  Ishii looked even more badass than he usually does, if that’s even possible.  These two can bring the best out of each other on a moment’s notice, and though it will go down as Just a G1 Match, it adds a lot to their resume.  And down goes Red Shoes via Naito for his troubles.  ****1/2

G1 Climax 28 B Block Match: Kenny Omega (Bullet Club) vs. Hirooki Goto (CHAOS)

This is Champion vs. Champion, as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion squares off with the NEVER Champion in a rematch from the G1 Climax 26 Finals.  Also, can anyone say what the NEVER initials stand for off the top of their head? No cheating! Kevin Kelly hints that Kenny Omega might be interested in the NEVER belt as it’s the only belt he’s never won.  Ok, Kelly, I get that Don isn’t here to make the ridiculous claims, but that doesn’t mean you have to make them in his place.  Kenny’s chest still looks destroyed form the Naito match four days ago, while Goto looks ready to go.  Goto rolls out on an arm hook at the start and earns a clean break.  Omega then takes control of Goto’s arm before slapping him across the head, and I guess he is indeed working heel.  Omega behind with the headscissors, and Goto manages to get off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle to knocked Kenny down.  Both man hit kicks to known the other down.  Both then go for finishers early, Ushigorishi attempt, OWA attempt, G-T-R attempt, but Kenny finally hits a snap Rana and Goto falls outside.  Terminator claps start up but Goto gets on his feet and stops Kenny.  It’s only temporary though as a low dropkick sends Goto over top barricade to the floor.  Springboar… nope, Goto pelts a chair right at Kenny sending him to the floor! Goto GETS THE BOOS for that action.  They start brawling in the crowd, and it’s great seeing the Korakuen audience with huge smiles on their faces as they move out of the way of the action.  Kenny finally hits a powerslam on the Korakuen bleachers to a GREAT response.  Jeezus, that sound like it hurt.  Kenny positions Goto over the bleachers and HITS A MOONSAULT TO GOTO FROM OFF THE BARRICADE.  My god.  To be a member of the Korakuen Northside audience right now.  Omega and Goto are back in the ring, and the Heavyweight Champion lays into Goto with some crazy chops.  Kotaro Krusher gets two, as Kenny is all fired up now.    He looks miles ahead of Goto in terms of stamina.  Goto takes an Axe Handle and starts to fire up, but Omega sits him down and delivers a Falling Chest Chop for two.  Kenny locks in a Crossface variation but Goto manages to hit the ropes rather quickly.  Goto starts slugging on Omega, but of course walks into You Can’t Escape for two.  Ten minutes past.  Goto with the Brainbuster outta nowhere to keep this slightly competitive.  Then with the massive lariat!  Both men are down and looking to take the lead in this somewhat even match.  Goto hits the rolling spinkick plus a Saito Suplex for two.  Second attempt at the Ushigoroshi fails as well, as Kenny falls to the apron then springboards up BUT GOTO FINALLY HITS THE USHIGOROSHI!  Omega flips out of a German before his first V-Trigger of the match!  Kenny hits the V-Trigger while Goto’s perched on the top rope!  Oh my god.  Kenny delivering heavy blows to Goto, and Goto sends a headbutt his way to return the favor.  TOP ROPE SITOUT POWERBOMB FROM GOTO!  Fifteen minutes past, and this match is nuts.  Kenny blocks a kick from Goto, and now the two are trading wicked blows.  Neither man wants to give in to the other right now.  Snap Dragon Suplex from Omega!  Inside-out lariat from Goto!  Reverse G-T-R sets up for the actual G-T-R but Kenny escapes, only to walk into a Shouten Bomb! Two and many fractions of a third for that move.  Kenny quickly rolls up Goto for two again, and the crowd seems be pro-Kenny again.  There are so many spelling mistakes at this point of the review.  Goto and Omega trade slaps at this point, and V-TRIGGER OUTTA NOWHERE to Goto, before Goto returns with a vicious headbutt! V-TRIGGER AGAIN.  Twenty minutes past.  Romero: “What a physical contest this hast been tonight.”  One more V-Trigger for Omega, One Winged Angel for the finish! Phew.  Kenny Omega def. Hirooki Goto via pinfall.  This was great, thought I don’t think the outcome was ever in doubt.  Kevin Kelly tried to oversell the fact that, now, FINALLY, Kenny can challenge for the NEVER Openweight Championship.  Please.  I’ll never buy that.  Omega now has Tama Tonga in his sights, and THAT will be an interesting encounter.  Good job, boys.  ****1/4

Kenny: (Backstage) “We fought with that Japanese Spirit.  Goto, you reignited the fire, you almost reignited the dream!  Goto, you proved you were almost at the IWGP Heavyweight level, you’re not there, but you were almost there.  I will shoulder the responsibility of carrying this 45-lb belt.  Am I heel? Am I baby? I don’t know! I don’t give a shit! I’m Kenny Omega, and I’m up there with Tiger Woods, Larry Bird, Michael Jackson, you know what I mean.  The point of the matter is, this tour doesn’t stop now. I’ve got Tama Tonga next.  Each match so far has had a purpose, a distinct meaning.  Naito, last year’s final, I couldn’t win.  Goto, two years ago, the final. I won, your chance for revenge.  Tama Tonga, your idea of the Bullet Club is that your group is better than mine.  Fucking prove it.  Show me what me got.  Good bye! And Good Night! BOO-OOO-OOO-OOO-OOO-OOOM! That’s a ray gun.  Set your gun to stun.”  (Fuck he talks so fast, I must have had to pause that like six times to catch all of that.)

Final Thoughts:  They weren’t gonna outdo Night Two, but the B Block looks to reign supreme over their A Block counterparts over the course of the tournament.  Goto/Omega lived up to their G1 26 Finals match, and Naito/Ishii was so fast and hard-hitting that it was difficult to type comments over.  Yano/Sabre had a more than competent Wrestling Match disguised as a comedy affair, and the rest of the card held up as well.  We’ll look forward to Night Five, which features Page/Okada and Fale/Tanahashi as the headliners.

Standings (A Block):

Jay White, Togi Makabe, Michael Elgin – 4 pts

Adam Page, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Bad Luck Fale, EVIL – 2 pts

Kazuchika Okada, YOSHI-HASHI, Minoru Suzuki – 0 pts

Standings (B Block):

Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi – 4 pts

Hirooki Goto, Tama Tonga, Tomohiro Ishii, Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, Zack Sabre Jr – 2 pts

Juice Robinson, Toru Yano – 0 pts


Four down, fifteen to go.