Undertaker/Hogan Survivor Series 91/Tuesday in Texas

When they booked in October of 1991, that the main event for Survivor Series would be Hulk Hogan vs Undertaker, did they already have the Survivor Series/Tuesday in Texas – Vacate the title scenarios laid out? Were Hogan and Undertaker filled in long before the Survivor Series what it all was leading to including the title being on the line at Royal Rumble 92?

Was there ever an idea to do a 3rd PPV match between the two after the controversial finishes of SS & Tuesday in Texas? Would Hulk vs Undertaker at WM VIII been bigger than Hogan vs Sid Justice?

​They knew exactly where everything was going for a long time beforehand, yes.

And Sid v. Hogan was clearly the biggest match they had, assuming Flair v. Hogan wasn’t a thing they wanted to do.