WWF Superstars of Wrestling – December 21st, 1991

December 21, 1991

From the New Haven Coliseum in New Haven, CT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect. We get a secret about Santa Claus from Mr. Perfect as he laughingly tells us that Santa is really Ric Flair.

In action this week are Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Slaughter, Bret Hart, and The Rockers


Ric Flair w/ Mr. Perfect vs. Dale Wolfe

Flair & Perfect are in an insert promo as they tell Jack Tunney they can distort his title image all they want but what will he do when he becomes the WWF champion. Flair whips Wolfe into the corner then takes him over with a snapmare. Flair stays in control then puts on the figure four and gets the win (1:40).

Thoughts: I liked the insert promo from Flair as he feels persecuted against and set out to prove that he can be WWF then show up everyone. Its a strong heel motive.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We hear comments from Jake Roberts, Jim Duggan, El Matador, and the Nasty Boys as they are now in the Royal Rumble match. Also, Okerlund tells us there is an unconfirmed rumor that Sid Justice will be in the Rumble match and to expect more about that next week. We haven’t heard about Sid since he was asking Tunney to let Savage replace him at the Survivor Series.


The Rockers vs. Bob Wisseman & Paul Perez

The announcers talk about the troubles between The Rockers with Shawn wanting to go out on his own as a singles wrestler. Perfect tells us to keep watching and maybe something will happen. Shawn beats down Wisseman to start. He hits a backbreaker then ignores Marty’s effort to tag into the match. Shawn drops Wisseman outside with a super kick then looks into the camera and says he can do this all night. Back inside, Perez tags into the match as Shawn beats him down. Shawn tells Marty he has this and hits Perez with a pair of super kicks for the win (2:32). After the match, Shawn invites Marty in to celebrate and keeps raising his hand as Marty does not look pleased. Marty bails as Shawn stays in to celebrate.

Thoughts: Shawn turned up the arrogance here. And since he kept blaming Marty for their recent losses it made sense for him to want to win this match himself.


Clip of Bret Hart being presented the “Wrestler of the Year” award from last week.


Bob Bradley vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Bret takes Bradley over with a hip toss and follows with an atomic drop. Bret stays in control then we hear from The Mountie & Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as they say its a joke Bret was the Wrestler of the Year in ’91 then proclaims that ’92 will be the year of The Mountie. Bret then hits a leg sweep before using the Sharpshooter for the win (2:01).

Thoughts: They’re using the Wrestler of the Year award to further along the Bret/Mountie feud.


An ad for the Royal Rumble airs.


Irwin R. Schyster vs. Phil Apollo

Before the match, IRS tells the crowd they’ll pay the tax and like it as there are no repeals. IRS then beats on Apollo as Vince plugs the Big Bossman vs. Warlord match this week on “Prime Time Wrestling.” IRS works an abdominal stretch then is shown in an insert promo telling us to save our money instead of buying Christmas presents because we will have to pay taxes with that instead. IRS decks Apollo then puts him away with the Write Off (1:49).

Thoughts: Constantly telling fans they are tax cheats or to pay their taxes certainly wears thin after a while. The Bossman/IRS feud is not doing it for anyone.


We are shown a replay from last week when The Bushwhackers saved Jamison from the Beverly Brothers then took him backstage.


Okerlund now welcomes The Bushwhackers & Jamison to the interview platform. We learn that Jamison will be in The Bushwhackers corner when they face the Beverly Brothers at the Royal Rumble. Jamison said he is not scared because The Bushwhackers will help him turn The Genius into a “doofus.” Jamison then shows us how the Beverly Brothers ruined his suit and glasses then The Bushwhackers said they will send Jamison to the dress shop and will change the Beverly Brothers into sisters. Jamison is now on board to counteract The Genius for this lower card comedy tag feud.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Al Phillips

The Undertaker beats on Phillips. We hear from Undertaker & Bearer in an insert promo saying they will reclaim the World Heavyweight Title as Undertaker chokes out Phillips in the ropes. The Undertaker stares at the urn after hitting a back suplex then hits his ropewalk attack before the tombstone gets the win (3:15). After the match, Phillips is stuffed inside of a bodybag and stomped.

Thoughts: More hype for The Undertaker as one of the favorites to win the Rumble match.


Royal Rumble Report is next. We hear comments from Ted DiBiase, Skinner, and Repo Man as they are also part of the Rumble match.


Peter Weeks & Chris Duffy vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter

The announcers talk about the Nasty Boys/Slaughter & Duggan feud as Slaughter & Duggan take control of the match. Slaughter & Duggan are now shown in an insert promo wishing us a Merry Christmas as they now work over Weeks and finish him off with an Irish whip/clothesline combo (2:21).

Thoughts: Slaughter & Duggan are still being established as a team in the deteriorating Tag Team Division.


Next week, Rick Martel returns to action. Also in action are Big Bossman, Repo Man, and a Tag Team Title match of The Rockers vs. Legion of Doom. Plus, Roddy Piper as guest on the “Funeral Parlor” and we will find out the rest of the Royal Rumble competitors.


Final Thoughts: The Rumble match is still the focus of the show. We found out that Sid might be returning from injury and saw more angle advancement in The Rockers storyline and for the Bushwhackers/Beverly Brothers feud. With the Rumble less than one month away the hype will only get heavier.


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