Welcome to Pointless Exhibitions 2018!

Remember that time Austin lost clean in that face vs. face match with Undertaker but then came out the next night and got put into a title contender match anyway? 

No, you don't because that would have been fucking stupid.

Seriously, what is the point of these Network events/PPVs/whatever the fuck the corporate branding is if the matches don't have any kayfabe repercussions? Reigns loses to Lashley, and…………….it's immediately erased.

Instead of Reigns, the storyline LOSER coming and saying he wants another opportunity (and getting one?!?), why not go places with that loss and build upon it as a narrative? Have Reigns finally lose it and take some guys out. Have him start trying to get out of his contract to "start fresh on Smackdown" because his character is one who is unhealthily obsessed with being "the guy." Do SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

Nope. Instead it's "Hey, I lost. I want another shot at the title" to which Angle replies "lol Sure, why not?"

​I just want SOMEONE to get the damn belt.  I don't care anymore, put it on the Big Dog, or Lashley, or Dolph Ziggler, WHATEVER.  The shows have literally become about filling as much time as possible.  Hey, we need a #1 contender, so let's have a three way to start the show and a three-way to end the show and then the winners of THOSE matches meet in another match next week and the winner of THAT match faces Brock and BLAH BLAH BLAH.  JUST FUCKING BRING OUT BRAUN TO CASH IN AND WIN THE DAMN TITLE.  
Anyway, yeah, it's becoming a bit of a sore point.  ​