Bryan over Brock

Hey Scott,

Considering Brock is on his way out (?) & Bryan just re-signed (?) and Bryan has been talking about Brock is his dream match to end all dream matches, there’s a slight chance (?) we get that match by Summerslam.

Provided that match goes down, what are the odds Bryan goes over? Odds that Brock agrees? Odds that Vince doesn’t have a heart attack at the suggestion?

​Never gonna happen. Last night showed exactly where Vince sees Bryan at this point. And again, at this point I just want Brock to show up on RAW, drop the title in 30 seconds to Roman or Strowman, and then just go to UFC and stay away for good. ​I’m done with the character and the "working the boys" bullshit that never leads anywhere and I just want an actual World champion on the main show so I can go into a PPV knowing what the damn main event is supposed to be.