The wooooorst

"Worst wrestler" conversations suck ass, so, in your esteemed opinion, who is the worst wrestler to ever work (regularly) for a major (televised, American,) company, WITH these caveats:

1. No super giants, since they’re always signed for size rather than ability. So no Khali, Giant Gonzalez, Giant Silva, etc.

2. No non-wrestlers brought in for angles, even if they kept working afterwards. So no David Flair, David Arquette, Vince Russo, etc.

3. No one who works a gimmick style, since that’s its own category. So no Road Dogg, Godfather, Honky Tonk, etc, as well as no hardcore guys such as Sandman, New Jack, etc.

4. No pre-Women’s Revolution divas that got signed for looks. So no Kelly Kelly, Eva Marie, Kaitlyn, etc.

Basically what I’m asking is, of anyone who broke into the business on their own rather than being broke in for sake of an angle or agenda, who is the worst regular wrestler-ass wrestler? My gut says Horace Hogan.

‚ÄčThat’s a lot of caveats. Brodus Clay was pretty goddamned bad. Van Hammer never improved past a certain level that I’d classify as "terrible" either. ‚Äč