WWF Wrestling Challenge – December 15th, 1991

December 15, 1991

From the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan. The announcers talk about the Royal Rumble with Heenan telling us Mr. Perfect told him that Ric Flair will in fact be part of the Royal Rumble match.

This week in action are The Undertaker, Legion of Doom, and Ted DiBiase.


Kato vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Kato gets his own entrance. Heenan asks Gorilla what would happen if Bret won the Rumble as Gorilla said he’d had to give up the Intercontinental Title. Heenan calls Bret a “coward” for not putting the title on the line here. These two trade holds as the announcers talk more about the Rumble match. Bret works the arm then catches Kato with an inverted atomic drop. Heenan brings up seeing Bret’s brother Owen last week as Heenan says Owen was impressive but not close with Bret. Heenan does not think tag teams should be allowed to enter the Rumble match as Bret catches Kato with a boot in the corner. Bret then hits an elbow smash before using the sharpshooter for the win (4:14). The finish looked terrible has Kato turned over on his side, causing Bret to stumble.

Thoughts: The action was fine until the ending but the focus on commentary was on the Rumble match.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as Superstars where they showed highlights from Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage at This Tuesday in Texas


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Mark Thomas

Heenan thinks Roddy Piper should be #1 in the Rumble match while Gorilla thinks it should be Flair due to how he is bragging about being the real champion. Undertaker beats on Thomas as we see Jamison once again back in the crowd. Undertaker catches Thomas with a chokeslam then we hear from Undertaker & Bearer in an insert promo as they promise the title will be back where it belongs and after that they’ll look for Jack Tunney. Undertaker stays in control then hits a tombstone for the win (2:34). After the match, Undertaker puts Thomas in a bodybag and hits a stomp.

Thoughts: The stuff about who should be the #1 entrant in the Rumble match was the most interesting thing here. And that topic will continue until the PPV. Undertaker is being positioned as one of the top threats to win the Rumble match.


Legion of Doom vs. Bob Wisseman & Nick Tarantino

The LoD destroy Wisseman while the announcers talk about the LoD/Natural Disasters feud. Tarantino is now in the match and runs into a boot courtesy of Hawk. The LoD beat the shit out of Tarantino until they put him away with a Doomsday Device (3:09).

Thoughts: Despite being champions, LoD have cooled off and their current title feud is not getting over.


Irwin R. Schyster vs. Glen Ruth

IRS tell the crowd not to waste their money on Christmas presents because they’ll need to save that money to pay taxes. IRS knocks Ruth outside then heads up and roughs him up. IRS rolls Ruth back inside and hit a pair of elbow drops then yells about this happening to people who do not pay taxes. Ruth gets a surprise rollup for two then IRS puts on an abdominal stretch as the announcers talk about the Bossman/IRS feud with Gorilla bringing up Heenan insulting Bossman’s mother. IRS now uses a chinlock then hammers away before hitting the Write Off for the win (3:04).

Thoughts: Another feud that is not getting over is Bossman/IRS. The IRS pre-match stuff is really lame and lower card cheap heel heat.


Gorilla plugs an article in “WWF Magazine” about The Rockers and whether or not they are heading towards a split. After that, The Rockers are shown playing a wresting game on Game Boy. They really used the WWF Magazine article on The Rockers as a main point of the angle.


Royal Rumble Report.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Dale Wolfe

Some fan is holding up a sign that calls for Sherri to be named the “Bimbo of the Year.” DiBiase beats on Wolfe then looks into the camera and yells “that’s what a champion looks like.” Heenan claims that Madonna is trying to borrow her style from Sherri as DiBiase stays in control. Heenan gushes over Sherri while Gorilla hints that she has diseases. Jamison blows a kiss towards Sherri as she looks disgusted then asks what is he doing here as DiBiase hits a powerslam then uses the Million Dollar Dream for the win (2:51). After the match, Wolfe gets a $100 shoved into his mouth.

Thoughts: They really had Heenan play up how attracted he was to Sherri. And we got more antics from Jamison at ringside as they try to establish him as a character.


Next week in action are New Foundation, Beverly Brothers, and Virgil. Plus, an interview with The Mountie and more!


Final Thoughts: Nothing major happened here as the focus is on the Royal Rumble. Expect more of the same for the next few weeks.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 10/20/83

Sunday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 12/16/91

Monday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/21/91

Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/22/91

Wednesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/28/91

Thursday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/29/91

Friday: WWF Madison Square Garden 12/29/91