Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega Or The Young Bucks?

So apparently WWE is gonna make plays for all 4 guys later this year. I know one of the Bucks said that their contracts are up in november. Kenny im gonna assume is the usual january for the NJPW guys and Cody, I have no idea. My question is which if any do you see going to WWE? Judging by recent interviews, seems the Bucks will be seriously considering it and after winning the NJPW tag titles, theres not much left for them to do. Kenny has also been more open to the idea in recent interviews. My opinion is I see the Bucks signing. Kenny is a maybe and theres no way Cody goes back now, maybe in a few years as hes said he had alot of projects including movies lined up. I feel like the Bullet Club split was kind of a foreshadow to the Bucks and Kennys decision come later this year.

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Anyway, cheap plugs aside, no chance Cody goes back for a while. I just don’t know about Kenny, I think the previous experience was such a negative one for him and this way he gets to make his own schedule and make cool videos while living in Japan and enjoying a fulfilling heterosexual long-term relationship with Kota Ibushi.

The Bucks, who the hell knows.