Bad Wrestlers You Do Care About

I love Toru Yano’s evolution into "guy everyone in G1 wants in their block for an easy night" He’s a doughboy completely resting on his laurels, and if he were anybody else I’d call him a disgrace to New Japan, but because it’s him I pop like mad when he beats a Tanahashi or Suzuki.

Any guilty pleasures left in wrestling for you?

​I really love the entire Elias act and I just wish he’d be any good in the ring at all because he’s such a natural superstar. But every time he draws mad heat and I’m ready to love him, he goes out and stinks up the ring and it’s like "Oh, yeah, that’s right, I forgot." He really needs to work within his limitations and develop an in-ring style that actually hides his weaknesses instead of trying to do Generic WWE Main Event Style like all the bearded long-haired guys they have on the roster. BE DIFFERENT. Like Yano. Watch a Raven tape or something. I bet Heyman could come up with something for him, in fact. ​