Hogan vs McMahon

Hey Scott,

A slightly open-ended question :

Obviously, Hogan and McMahon made each other scads of money during the glory years of 1984-1989. Something I haven’t read much about is what kind of personal / professional relationship they actually had during this period. Was it purely symbiotic? Was there any actual personal closeness between them? Were there any serious power plays over storyline / booking etc.? Was there agreement about the end of the initial title reign via the Andre screwjob? It just seems that. for arguably the two most important people during this boom period, there isn’t a whole lot of information about how well they worked and played together…

​Well they DID rewrite the script of No Holds Barred over a weekend while doing coke together, so that has to imply a certain level of friendship. But yes, everything I’ve always read says that they had a good working relationship until the business end of things went south in the 90s. ​