Bryan or Brock

Who’s the bigger loss for the company Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar?

Creatively they checked out on Brock a year ago but with Bryan they seem to be understanding where he fits more recently and I’m interested in a potential Miz feud for Summerslam.

Is losing both guys by the end of the summer a big deal?

​I don’t think losing either one is a big deal at this point. As noted, they’ve had exactly one idea for a Brock storyline of any kind in the past year and even then it didn’t accomplish literally the one thing it was intended to do. ​Brock’s basically been written out anyway and I’m still mystified as to why they don’t just vacate the title and do something with it.

Bryan is different in that they haven’t really positioned him as anything special this time around, maybe because they’re playing wait-and-see with his contract? But again, if he left, I don’t think it would leave a big hole in the Smackdown side.