Jamie Kellner comments on WCW cancellation (first time ever)


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After 17 years, Jamie Kellner has commented on WCW’s cancellation from the Turner networks. Kellner’s comments – published alongside interviews from other 100 former TBS and WCW employees – are included in the book ‘NITRO: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner’s WCW‘. Fans can gain instant access to the book by purchasing at www.wcwnitrobook.com. See below for a synopsis:

‘NITRO: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner’s WCW’

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  • With the inside knowledge of a journalist, the perspective of a historian, and the passion of a fan, author Guy Evans provides a fresh look at an unfortunate inevitability – the downfall of World Championship Wrestling. Bolstered by exclusive interviews with over 120 former TBS and WCW employees, access to previously unseen company records, and the gathering of countless unheard facts, stories and details, NITRO is the definitive picture of the last wrestling boom.
  • NITRO contains a host of new revelations, including never-before-heard details on the controversial WCW sale, purported ‘sabotage’ allegations, top-secret Turner executive meetings, confidential TBS memos, and what the corporate suits really thought of wrestling on TNT – in their words!
  • A few notable interviewees: Eric Bischoff, Harvey Schiller, Jamie Kellner, former TBS Network President Bill Burke, Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, various members of Ted Turner’s executive committee, and many more!