WWF This Tuesday in Texas

December 3, 1991

From the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, TX

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan


We are shown the promo that ended Survivor Series.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Skinner vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c)

Bret works the arm then hits a pair of atomic drops. Skinner rolls outside then returns as Bret goes back to working the arm. Skinner ducks between the ropes but Bret takes him down and goes back to the arm. Skinner rakes the eyes and shoves Bret into the corner and into the post. Skinner kicks Bret off of the apron a few times then chokes him out on the floor. Back inside, Skinner uses an abdominal stretch. Skinner gets a nearfall with a shoulderbreaker then hammers away in the corner. Bret catches Skinner with a boot but misses an elbow drop from the middle rope. Skinner then hits Bret with his claw and after that the camera shows his tobacco spit can. Skinner yells at the ref then sends Bret hard into the corner. Skinner uses more choking then a mat slam as the crowd gets behind Bret. Skinner hits an inverted DDT and covers but Bret is able to kick out. Skinner then heads to the middle rope but Bret got his foot up as both men are down. Bret is up and starts to run wild. He gets a nearfall with a suplex then with an elbow drop from the middle rope. Bret yells to the ref that it was a three count then blocks a reverse rollup attempt and sends Skinner outside. Both men brawl on the floor then Skinner rolls back inside. Skinner now goes up top but Bret pops up and slams him off then puts on the Sharpshooter for the win (13:46) **1/4.

Thoughts: The match turned out fine and it was better than their match on Prime Time from a few weeks ago. It still wasn’t great or anything but serviceable and Skinner’s best WWF match to date. And remember, The Barbarian was announced on Superstars as facing Bret for the title. No idea what prompted the change.


Sean Mooney is with Jake Roberts. Jake says the last time he saw Savage was when Savage drowned in poison. Jake then said that Savage’s eyes were gone but really missed Elizabeth’s eyes as it gave him goosebumps to hear her squeal over a man unable to do anything. Jake’s heel promos were amazing. He came off as a complete piece of shit.


Gene Okerlund is now with Savage & Elizabeth. Savage tells Jake he better not trust him. We then hear Jake’s music play as Savage says that Jake has a date with destiny.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage 

Savage runs down to attack Jake from behind in the aisle. Savage continues his assault then they finally take it inside the ring where Savage chokes out Jake in the corner. Jake rolls out and heads up the aisle so Savage runs after him and hammers away. They are back inside where Jake begs for mercy but is able to get Savage low after the ref stepped in front of Savage. Jake buys some time after tossing Savage outside then runs him into the post. Savage heads back inside and fights back from his knees but Jake pokes his eye. Jake hits an atomic drop then works the arm, even trying to rip off the bandaged covering the snake bite. Jake whiffs on a clothesline but is able to catch a charging Savage with a knee smash in the corner. Jake connects with the short-arm clothesline this time then taunts the crowd while signaling for the DDT. Savage breaks up the DDT by ramming Jake into the corner then comes off of the top with a flying elbow drop and the win (6:25) ***1/4. Savage then heads out and grabs a chair but is stopped by Captain Charisma himself, Tony Garea. Savage then yanks the bell from the timekeeper but the ref takes it away and that allows Jake to hit the DDT. Jake hits a second DDT then taunts Savage. The ref yells at Jake to leave so he walks almost halfway up the aisle but smiles and turns around. Savage is still out on the mat as the ref tries to wake him up then Jake reaches underneath the ring and tosses a bag inside. The camera zooms in as Jake sits next to Savage but Elizabeth runs out and lays on top of Savage, yelling at Jake to leave him alone. Jake holds up Savage to tease Elizabeth then hits another DDT. Jake then grabs his bag and screams at Elizabeth. He then starts to untie the bag and puts on a glove. Elizabeth cries as Jake torments her then Jake slaps Savage around until he decides to grab Elizabeth by the hair. Jake then slaps Elizabeth as Gorilla yells that he should be suspended for life. Danny Davis runs in to try and get Jake to stop then President Jack Tunney waves him out. Jake then leaves as Savage is being helped to his feet while Elizabeth is a wreck.

Thoughts: The match, while short, had tons of heat and well wrestled for what it was. However, the real story was what took place afterwards with Jake slapping Elizabeth. It is incredibly edgy stuff especially for a program targeted at kids. It did fit into storyline of Jake tormenting Savage and Elizabeth as much as humanly possible.


Okerlund is now backstage with Jake, calling him a bonafide sicko for hitting a woman. Jake says he slapped her and will do the same to anyone, including himself, then gloats over how great it felt. Jake says the next time they see each other he wants Savage to bring Elizabeth so he can cultivate her to something he would want. Okerlund then tells him to get the hell out of here. Jake is a full blown sociopath tonight.


Warlord w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. British Bulldog

Both guys fight over a lockup to start. Warlord takes advice from Whippleman then challenges Bulldog to a test-of-strength. Bulldog catches a kick attempt and shoves Warlord down. Warlord fights back and shoves Bulldog into the corner but ends up getting clotheslined outside. Bulldog tries a pescado and was supposed to get caught but Warlord was out of position so Warlord picks up Bulldog and runs him into the post. Bulldog runs Warlord’s head into the turnbuckle then hits a missile dropkick. Warlord is now tied up in the ropes as Bulldog fires away but Whippleman is able to free his client as Bulldog hits the ropes trying a running attack. Warlord now stomps Bulldog then skies him with a back drop. Warlord now uses a bearhug then hits a belly-to-belly suplex after Bulldog escapes. Warlord continues to target the back and gets two with a fist drop. Warlord then is kicked in the face trying a back drop and that leads to Bulldog finally getting Warlord over with a sunset flip for a nearfall. Warlord comes back with a clothesline then locks on the full nelson as Gorilla complains about Warlord’s fingers being in Bulldog’s hair. Bulldog is down on one knee, prompting Heenan to say “limey is giving up.” Warlord still has Bulldog in the full nelson then tosses him down. Warlord charges in the corner but eats boot then Bulldog hits a flying clothesline. Bulldog now hits a delayed vertical suplex but Warlord powers out at two. Bulldog then hits a clothesline in the corner and tries for a running powerslam but Warlord falls on top for two. Warlord now ducks his head for a back drop but Bulldog sneaks behind him and uses a crucifix for the win (12:45) **1/2.

Thoughts: These two have chemistry together and turned out another solid match. The crucifix for the win is a bit lame but they still wanted to protect Warlord I guess. There were rumors of the Powers of Pain reforming but that never did happen.


Mooney is now backstage with Savage, who yells for him to shut up. Savage grabs Mooney and goes mental then he looks into the camera and promises to get revenge on Jake. Savage is still out of his mind as he then blames himself for what happened to Elizabeth. While Savage got the win, Jake got what he wanted by getting into Savage’s head. Savage is now out for revenge and emotionally unstable.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase & Repo Man w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Virgil & El Matador

Repo Man cheap shots Matador after the break but Matador fights back and works the arm. Matador takes Repo Man over with an arm drag then fakes him out and hammers away. Matador takes Repo Man outside with a hip toss then clotheslines him when he returns to the ring. DiBiase tags then Virgil wants in as Matador makes the tag. DiBiase beats down Virgil after some brief stalling but Virgil comes back with a sunset flip for two. Virgil takes DiBiase outside with an atomic drop then is knocked back outside after being tossed in by Matador. Virgil gets attacked on a corner charge then is trapped in the opposing corner. DiBiase taunts Matador then goes back to beating on Virgil. The heels continue to cut off the ring as Sherri screams. DiBiase ducks his head for a back drop and Virgil hits a swinging neckbreaker as both men are down. DiBiase tags out but so does Virgil as Matador runs wild. Matador hits a flying forearm then knocks DiBiase off of the apron. DiBiase is able to trip up Matador during an El Paso de la Muerte attempt and after that roughs up Matador on the floor. Repo Man covers after Matador is rolled back inside but that only gets two. Matador is now double-teamed then escapes and makes the tag only for the ref to not see it take place. We then get a double clothesline spot and Matador tags out as Virgil runs wild. The match breaks down with Sherri accidentally hitting DiBiase. Virgil then grabs Sherri but Repo Man hits a running knee from behind and DiBiase covers for the win (11:28) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Weak finish to a surprisingly good match. The finish is set up to further the Virgil/Repo Man feud. DiBiase had a hell of a performance here and shows once again that he is still capable to perform at a high level.


Okerlund is now backstage with Hogan. He asks him about his rematch as Hogan proclaims this will be the happiest day in the history of Hulkamania. He then calls himself the “designated hitman” and promises the Hulkamaniacs he will recapture the WWF World Heavyweight Title.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: The Undertaker (c) w/ Paul Bearer vs. Hulk Hogan

Undertaker & Bearer immediately stomp on Hogan as Gorilla wants to know where Tunney is and why he’s not at ringside. Hogan fights back and we now see Tunney sitting ringside. Hogan fails at a slam the first time but boots Undertaker and hits a slam. Undertaker pops back up then is clotheslined outside and lands on his feet. Undertaker stares at the urn then fights with Hogan on the apron and ends up pulling him outside. Undertaker hammers away then chokes Hogan out on the floor. Heenan talks about Flair, which angers Gorilla as Flair cost Hogan the title. Heenan tells the Hulkamaniacs to get rid of their Hogan memorabilia because its over. Back inside, we get more choking from the Undertaker. Hogan breaks up mounted punches by ramming Undertaker into the corner but after that gets kneed on a charge. Undertaker then hits his ropewalk forearm smash and goes back to choking out Hogan. Hogan rolls outside and pulls Undertaker out and hammers away until he is whipped into the post. Bearer trails behind Undertaker holding up the urn as Undertaker rolls Hogan back inside for an iron claw. And this lasts for a long time. Hogan raises his arm on the third attempt and gets back to his feet. Hogan fights back then Undertaker trips while running the ropes and they mess up a clothesline spot. Undertaker then catches Hogan with a boot in the corner. Undertaker hits a flying clothesline then stares at the urn before covering as that gets two. Undertaker tries another ropewalk attack but Hogan yanks him off as both men are down. Hogan then hulks up as we see Ric Flair come down the aisle and speak with Tunney. Heenan screams how the real world’s champion is here as Hogan fires away. Hogan clotheslines Undertaker over the top role then grabs a chair and hits Flair from behind but Flair ends up falling on top of Tunney. Back inside, Hogan hits a running elbow smash and a few chops but Undertaker rakes the eyes. Flair holds up a chair on the apron but Hogan rams Undertaker into it then uses the big boot. Heenan screams for Tunney to get up as Undertaker grabs Hogan from behind. Bearer tries to hit Hogan with the urn but accidentally hits Undertaker then Hogan grabs the urn and tosses the ashes into Undertaker’s face and rolls him up for the win (13:09) 1/2*. After the match, we see Tunney have words with the referee as Hogan celebrates. Heenan is losing his voice as he screams for Tunney to restart the match while Gorilla proclaims that Hulkamania is alive and well.

Thoughts: Like their match at Survivor Series, this was not good at all. The finish sucked and the story with Tunney resulting in the spot with Flair felt convoluted more than anything else. And we should expect some sort of ruling in the future since Tunney was seen talking to the referees after the match. The iron claw spot took me out of the match as it performed in a really lazy manner. Hogan getting his win back and becoming champion again did not feel special, either as the act is rapidly aging.


Final Thoughts: The Savage/Jake angle was tremendous and we had a really good tag team match so it was at least better than Survivor Series. However, this show did not do well when it came to PPV buys and we did not have any more Tuesday PPV’s until the 2000’s. The title match stunk, as Hogan wins the title back six days after he lost it, but nothing else was bad. I’d check out the Jake/Savage stuff as it is just incredible, especially Jake’s character.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Monday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/7/91

Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/8/91

Wednesday: WWF/SWS Super Wrestle 12/12/91

Thursday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/14/91

Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/15/91

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 10/20/83

Sunday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 12/16/91