WWF Madison Square Garden – November 30th, 1991

November 30, 1991

From Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, and Lord Alfred Hayes

Today’s main event is Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair.


El Matador vs. Kato

Matador teases Kato with his cape then hits a pair of arm drags. He then sends Kato into the corner with an atomic drop and follows with a dropkick as Kato now ducks out for a breather. Back inside, Kato breaks cleanly in the corner but cheap shots him against the ropes. After that we get a reversal sequence ending with Kato getting clotheslined over the top rope. Vince is disgusted with how Flair cost Hogan the WWF World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series as Matador works the arm. Matador works the arm for a while until Kato catches him with a side slam. Kato targets the neck and back of Matador then applies a rear chinlock. The announcers talk about This Tuesday in Texas as Matador breaks out of the chinlock by backing Kato into the corner. Matador eats boot on a charge in the corner then Kato puts his feet on the ropes for leverage during a rollup and gets caught. Matador school boys Kato for two then comes back with a mat slam as both men are down. Matador uses ten turnbuckle smashes in the corner then fires away before using the El Paso de la Muerte for the win (10:04) **1/4.

Thoughts: This started off at a fast pace but really slowed down in the middle. Since Kato is now doing TV enhancement work it was quite obvious who was going to win this match but it was a solid opener for a MSG show.


The Berzerker vs. Texas Tornado

Tornado has “Kerry” on his jacket and is called such by ring announcer Howard Finkel. Berzerker attacks Tornado before the bell. He hits a big boot and flying shoulder tackle as that gets two. Tornado pulls up on the ropes to avoid a dropkick then hammers away. Tornado sends Berzerker to the floor with a back drop but misses a charge in the corner and rams the post. Berzerker then pulls Tornado outside and tries to ram him against the steps but that gets blocked. Tornado then rams Berzerker’s head off of the steps and rolls inside where he wins via count out (2:00) 1/4*. After the match, Berzerker paces around the ring and kicks the air as Vince calls this one of the strangest matches he has ever seen.

Thoughts: This was for the best since Tornado is one of the worst in-ring talents they had at this time. I did find it a bit funny that Berzerker was the one who lost by count out.


Skinner vs. Virgil

Skinner bails after getting hit with a few jabs. He returns and stalls in the corner then Virgil runs him over before hitting an atomic drop. Skinner backs Virgil into the corner then cheap shots him down. Skinner tosses Virgil outside then taunts the crowd. Virgil returns and fights back but Skinner avoids a flying attack as Virgil spills outside. Skinner has Virgil inside and hits an inverted DDT then covers in cocky fashion but Virgil got his foot on the ropes. Skinner works the leg briefly then blocks a reverse rollup and covers for two but Virgil comes back with a sunset flip for the win (6:01) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Another terrible performance by Skinner, who channeled Iron Mike Sharpe’s opening match heel stalling tactics. Virgil gets the win but its clear he is not part of any plans going forward.


Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan

Heenan wants to know where Mr. Perfect is as he was even announced as accompanying Flair. We see a black oval try to block Flair’s NWA World Heavyweight Title because it is not a WWF sanctioned belt. Hogan chases Flair around the ring then gets stomped when he returns inside. Flair hits some chops in the corner and rakes the eyes but Hogan returns the favor. Flair does his flop then begs for mercy in the corner as Hogan bites his forehead before hammering away. Hogan backs off the ref then clotheslines Flair outside. Hogan heads out and beats on Flair before suplexing him onto the floor. Flair gets decked through the guardrail but comes back in and kicks Hogan in the gut. Flair delivers a back suplex but gets clotheslined after that as Hogan remains on the warpath. Flair rakes the eyes then chops away but that has zero effect. Hogan knocks Flair off of the apron then Flair heads up the aisle only to get dragged back inside. Flair heads up top after raking the eyes but is slammed off then hit with another clothesline. Hogan hits the big boot and leg drop and covers but Flair got his foot on the ropes. Hogan thinks he has won but is informed by the ref so he complains to him until he is kicked in the from behind. Flair works the leg then we see Perfect finally appear at ringside. Perfect attacks Hogan behind the ref’s back then Flair goes back to work on the leg. Hogan limps around then Flair uses the figure four. Perfect grabs Flair’s hands for leverage behind the ref’s back. Hogan eventually reverses the hold then Flair breaks by grabbing the ropes and uses brass knux slipped to him by Flair and covers for the win. The camera shows the knux in the back of Flair’s trunks but agent Tony Garea comes out and tells the ref what happened as Dave Hebner runs out and sees the knux in Flair’s trunks and reverses the decision (9:25) ***. Flair tries to put the figure four on Hogan one more time but is kicked away. Flair bails then Hogan limps around the ring. Hogan then celebrates with a little kid in the ring and holds up his replica belt while Heenan accuses the WWF of trying to stack the deck against Flair.

Thoughts: This had heat and the action was good but the finish was really lame. Also, most of the match was Hogan on offense but he did at least sell the leg after the match. The finish also allowed for a rematch. You can see this match on the “Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 90’s” DVD.


The Barbarian vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Duggan beats on Barbarian’s jacket with his 2×4 as Heenan wants to know why its okay for Duggan to bring his 2×4 while Jake Roberts cannot bring his snake. Barbarian shoves Duggan into the corner then taunts the crowd. Duggan comes back with a shoulder block then fires away. Barbarian rolls outside then beats on Duggan after Duggan dropped his head for a back drop. Heenan continues to complain about Flair’s win being overturned as Barbarian chokes out Duggan in the corner. Barbarian now uses a bearhug then avoids a charge in the corner and hits a backbreaker before going back to the bearhug. Duggan escapes as Lord Alfred tells us he heard from Sean Mooney in the Event Center that Elizabeth will accompany Savage to the ring This Tuesday in Texas. Barbarian goes back to the bearhug yet again until Duggan bites his way out. Duggan hits a pair of clotheslines then hammers away in the corner. Duggan then comes back with another clothesline from the corner and gets the win (7:51) 1/4*.

Thoughts: This was to cool down the crowd and it did just that. Duggan can barely do anything while Barbarian pretty much only used bearhugs and chokes. The announcers spent their time talking about This Tuesday in Texas.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: The Mountie vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c)

Mountie has his shock stick out while Bret tries to enter the ring but Bossman runs out and attacks Mountie from behind and takes the stick with him backstage. Bret hits Mountie with an inverted atomic drop then uses ten turnbuckle smashes as Heenan goes off again about Flair being robbed of his win. Bret stays in control until Mountie rakes his eyes during a backbreaker attempt. Mountie targets the neck then bites Bret on the nose. Bret fights back and bites Mountie on his nose too as Vince asks Lord Alfred if he is awake due to the fact he has yet to speak. Bret hammers away in the corner but misses a charge and rams his shoulder into the post. Mountie targets the back now then whips Bret into the corner chest first. Mountie catches Bret with a knee smash and after that uses a reverse chinlock. The announcers talk about the Undertaker vs. Hogan rematch as Mountie maintains the chinlock. Mountie now puts Bret in a tree-of-woe and goes outside to pull his hair. Mountie chokes away now before tossing Bret to the floor. Mountie taunts the fans as the announcers do not know why Mountie isn’t bringing Bret back into the ring. Mountie rams Bret into the apron then heads back inside and hits a piledriver but does not elect to cover and instead yells at the fans. Mountie switches to his control techniques and covers for a nearfall. Bret reverses an Irish whip then ducks a crossbody as both men are down. Mountie stumbles around but Bret pops up and fires away. Bret continues to run wild as Mountie begs for mercy. Bret hits a backbreaker for two then puts Mountie away with an elbow drop from the middle rope (12:58) **1/4. After the match, Vince tells Heenan that Bret’s title is not distorted because he earned it in the WWF as Heenan is further angered.

Thoughts: Bret did a pretty good job here but The Mountie was a bore when on offense for long periods of time. Bret winning clean and with an elbow drop was a bit surprising especially since their feud was heating up since there is no real reason for a rematch after the face won clean and the heel did not get their heat back.


Irwin R. Schyster vs. Big Bossman

Before the match, IRS stalls outside then runs in to attack Bossman from behind. Bossman fights back and chases IRS back into the ring where he catches him with a big boot. IRS rolls out as the fans are behind Bossman. IRS is rolled back inside where Bossman knocks him down. Bossman stays in control and runs IRS’s head into all four corners then is admonished by the referee. IRS begs for mercy but is met with an uppercut. Bossman hits a corner splash then yells at Heenan but after that misses a corner splash as Heenan mocks him in a high-pitched voice as Bossman’s crotch hit the turnbuckle. IRS heads out to run Bossman into the post then drops an elbow before heading back inside. IRS uses an abdominal stretch and grabs the ropes for leverage when the ref is not looking. IRS gets a few nearfalls then uses a chinlock. Bossman escapes but runs into a knee smash then IRS starts to work over the leg. Bossman grabs IRS’s tie and tries to choke him out but IRS is able to switch to a chinlock. Bossman reverses an Irish whip and catches IRS with a sleeper. IRS runs Bossman into the corner then avoids a charge in the corner. IRS covers for two then uses another chinlock. Bossman breaks the hold then runs over IRS and hits a splash. Bossman whips IRS into the corner as Heenan calls him a dummy for not making a pin attempt. Bossman steps on IRS’s tie to prevent him from going outside and stays in control until IRS yanks him through the ropes. The ref yells at IRS as Mountie runs in from behind and hits Bossman with a high knee from behind. Mountie rolls Bossman back inside where IRS misses a top rope move. Bossman goes out to attack Mountie as Bossman nearly puts away IRS. Mountie jumps up on the apron and Bossman grabs him but as the ref steps in between them, IRS hits Bossman with the briefcase and gets the win (13:46) **1/4.

Thoughts: Looks like they are still not done with the Bossman/Mountie feud since Mountie cost Bossman the match but since SummerSlam and the fact they’re feuding with different people on TV the heat is no longer there.


Nasty Boys vs. The Rockers

The announcers talk about The Rockers miscommunication at the Survivor Series as Heenan believes they are jealous of one another. The camera shows a lady in the crowd who dressed up Cabbage Patch dolls as the Nasty Boys. Sags cheap shots Shawn then hammers away. Shawn fights back then Marty comes off of the top with a double clothesline as the Nasty Boys retreat outside. Marty and Knobbs are now in the ring as Marty works the arm after an elbow smash. Marty stays in control then both men tag out. Sags beats on Shawn in the corner until he misses a corner splash. Shawn works the arm now but is attacked by Knobbs on the apron then knocked outside by Sags. Knobbs rams Shawn into the post then Shawn slowly gets up and just beats the count back inside. Knobbs clotheslines Shawn then applies a rear chinlock. Knobbs switches to a bearhug but Shawn escapes. Knobbs tags in and cuts off a tag and nearly puts Shawn away. Shawn gets one with a sunset flip as the ref was distracted then Knobbs goes back to the bearhug. The Nasty Boys continue to cut off the ring then Shawn finally escapes and makes the tag. Marty runs wild as the fans that are left were cheering. The match breaks down then Marty puts Sags in a small package. Knobbs reverses behind the ref’s back then Shawn runs in and tries to reverse it too but was looking away and did not realize his partner already did that as Sags is back on top and gets the win (16:20) **. After the match, The Rockers argue with Shawn apologizing but Marty leaves.

Thoughts: The finish was goofy but again the main point was highlighting the dissension between The Rockers. It was wrestled as a basic match and the Nasty Boys offense was basic and uninspiring.


Vince ends by saying they are coming back to MSG on 12/29.


Final Thoughts: Hogan and Flair was good and there were a few other solid matches between people that were feuding so it was better than most MSG shows have been of late. However, Hogan vs. Flair for the first time at MSG still could not sell out as the house show business in general was struggling.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/1/91

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 10/13/83

Sunday: WWF This Tuesday in Texas

Monday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/7/91

Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/8/91

Wednesday: WWF/SWS Super Wrestle 12/12/91

Thursday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/14/91