Daily Open Thread, July 5, 2018

Well, no sign of Brian Bayless, so here’s the news and rumors for you to chew on.  Most of these were shamelessly borrowed from our friends at Cageside Seats.

Daniel Bryan’s WWE Future

Just in case he doesn’t re-sign, WWE is trying to book all the Daniel Bryan “dream matches” before his contract is up.

Credit: Wrestling Standard

Bryan vs. Miz at SummerSlam?

Miz will get involved in Team Hell No’s match at Extreme Rules to set-up Bryan vs. Miz at SummerSlam where if no new contract’s been signed, Miz will win a blow-off. If Bryan signs a deal to stay, they’ll have a longer feud.

Credit: Wrestling Standard

Nia Jax Heat

Nia Jax’s behavior on social media towards Alexa Bliss isn’t part of the story.  She’s been unfollowing her and “liking” negative comments towards her without WWE permission, which has led to some heat with officials.

Credit: Dave Meltzer, F4WOnline.com’s The Board

Cappotelli for the Hall?

Matt Cappotelli is being considered for the 2019 Warrior Award entry into the Hall of Fame.

Credit: PWInsider

Impact TV Worries

Impact officials are concerned about their U.S. television viewership. They’re allegedly specifically worried fans are watching YouTube highlights and skipping the Pop TV broadcast.

Credit: PWInsider

And one more thing…

Saved for last because this could be a big deal: Taeler Hendrix on Twitter accused Jay Lethal of getting her kicked off of Ring of Honor’s TV schedule when she wouldn’t sleep with him.  Lethal has yet to respond to the accusation.