WWF Superstars of Wrestling – November 30, 1991

November 30, 1991

From the New Haven Coliseum in New Haven, CT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and in his debut as color commentator, Mr. Perfect.

Vince breaks the news of Hulk Hogan losing the WWF World Heavyweight Title to The Undertaker. We also see the clip first shown on Survivor Series where WWF President Jack Tunney banned Jake Roberts from competing at the Survivor Series and has banned all reptiles from being at ringside. Tunney then reinstates Savage and puts him in a match against Jake at This Tuesday in Texas. Vince also tells us a rematch between Hogan and Undertaker will take place at This Tuesday in Texas.


The Barbarian vs. Mark Thomas

Barbarian destroys Thomas as Vince hypes the reinstatement of Randy Savage for This Tuesday in Texas. Barbarian chokes out Thomas on the steps as Perfect makes fun of Savage for needing a woman to do his fighting. We head back inside as Perfect tells us that Barbarian will face Bret Hart This Tuesday in Texas then Barbarian hits a flying clothesline for the win (3:23).

Thoughts: They talked about the Survivor Series fallout and upcoming PPV. The Barbarian never actually faced Bret at the PPV though. However, he did lose via countout to The Berzerker in a match taped for Prime Time Wrestling prior to the PPV.


Von Krus vs. Big Bossman

The announcers talk about Savage vs. Jake Roberts as Krus salutes the crowd. Krus then talks trash to Bossman and punches him the face but it has no effect. Bossman pie-faces Krus to the mat and hits a big boot. The crowd is behind Bossman as he uppercuts Krus and calls out IRS. Perfect leaves to get ready for Ric Flair’s match then Bossman uses a sidewalk slam for the win (1:33). After the match, Bossman cuffs Krus to the ropes and teases hitting him with the nightstick.

Thoughts: More hype for the Bossman/IRS feud and we learn that Flair will be wrestling this week.


Jake Roberts tells us he will play by Jack Tunney’s rules and not have the snake in the bag then reiterates he is the real snake we should worry about. Next, we hear from Savage as he talks about what Jake did while we are shown clips. Savage then says there is just the real snake This Tuesday in Texas and he will take him out. Savage then tosses his sunglasses and says “trust me” while shaking and pointing into the camera. Incredible intensity from Savage while Jake remains the biggest piece of shit heel in wrestling.


Glen Ruth vs. Ric Flair w/ Mr. Perfect

Piper applauds Tunney for banning all reptiles from ringside. Vince also tells us Flair is pissed that Tunney is distorting the image of his world title because its not a WWF title. Piper promises to finish Flair in the ring. Flair toys with Ruth before taking him down on the mat. Vince points out how Flair cost Hulk Hogan the World Heavyweight Title and that is why Tunney ordered a rematch for This Tuesday in Texas. Flair remains in control then chops him hard against the guardrail. Flair yells at the ref after Ruth kicked out of a few pin attempts so we whips him hard into the corner and chokes him out but the crowd does not appear to care. The beatdown continues until Flair finally puts Ruth away with the figure four leg lock (5:02). Flair holds on to the ropes while maintaining the hold after the bell rings then holds up his title, which is blocked out.

Thoughts: Having Flair wrestle in five minute TV squashes is not going to make him feel like a special attraction. Most of the focus was on Flair costing Hogan the title at Survivor Series.


Vince plugs the “WBF Magazine” article on ab exercises before we see a clip of Gary Strydom help Tito Santana train at the gym.


Clip from last week on “Wrestling Challenge” when Sgt. Slaughter saved Jim Duggan from the Nasty Boys, leading to the two shaking hands.


Dusty Wolfe & Paul Perez vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter

Perfect is back on commentary. Piper now has forgiven Slaughter because Slaughter has shown himself to be sincere. Slaughter also salutes the flag before the match. Slaughter & Duggan take control as Perfect tells us all that Flair is the real world’s champion while Piper says he is wrong. Slaughter hits Wolfe with a backbreaker then beats on Perez as we get USA chants. Duggan tags in then they put Perez away with an Irish whip/Three Point Stance combo (2:31). After the match, Vince points out Jameson in the crowd.

Thoughts: Duggan & Slaughter are now going to be a team going forward. Its the best use of both men at this point. And Jameson is now in the crowd of the shows instead of the Prime Time audience as they apparently want to keep this character going after the PTW format change.


We hear from The Undertaker & Paul Bearer as they talk about holding over Hulk Hogan until This Tuesday in Texas where they officially bury Hulkamania. Undertaker holds up the belt then says he is coming for Hogan’s soul so it can rest for all of eternity.


We get a voiceover ad for This Tuesday in Texas from Gene Okerlund.


British Bulldog vs. Dave Wilson

Vince does not think its likely Hogan will regain the title because Undertaker can find a way to lose the match yet retain the title. Wilson tries to run over Bulldog but fails. Piper says once again that Hogan will win and become the champion. Bulldog then hits a dropkick and works the arm while the announcers talk about Savage vs. Jake. Bulldog stays in control then hits a running powerslam for the win (2:20).

Thoughts: More hype for This Tuesday in Texas.


Repo Man vs. Phil Apollo

Vince points out how Repo Man cost Virgil the Million Dollar Title while Piper tells us that the loss has crushed Virgil while Perfect laughs that Virgil is back to being nothing. Repo Man beats on Apollo as Vince tells us Virgil will team with El Matador against Ted DiBiase & Repo Man at This Tuesday in Texas. We now hear from DiBiase & Sherri in an insert promo as he gloats about his plan working then calls out Matador, saying he’ll pay for crossing him. Repo Man stays in control then grapevines the leg for the win (2:02). After the match, Repo Man ties up Apollo by the legs and hangs him on the top rope. Repo Man then goes over to Jameson for some intimidation.

Thoughts: We learn of a tag match at the PPV but its clear Virgil is being shunted down the card. A feud with Repo Man is not something you want.


We now hear from Hogan as he tells the Hulkamaniacs that sometimes it takes a tragedy to wake up the rest of the world. He also talks about turning negatives into positives then tells Undertaker & Bearer will get a reality check because his heart still beats like a lion and his soul is with the “big man upstairs” then vows to reclaim the title.


Next week, we will have the results of This Tuesday in Texas.


Final Thoughts: Much like Survivor Series, this show was an advertisement for This Tuesday in Texas. They had a couple of decent promos hyping up the PPV but we will have to wait until next week to see the fallout.


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