The SmarK Rant for Randy Savage Unreleased (Part 5)

OK, time for the final disc of the set, as Macho Man has one last run as a wrestler in the WWF and holy crap does it suck.  Let’s get to it!

Disc 3

And we kick off the third disc with “Speaking from the Heart”, aka the Macho Man’s contribution to Wrestlemania: The Album. Complete with background singers who pronounce “Macho” as if it was spelled “Matcho”.

Corey then introduces some outtakes from the video, complete with Randy talking in his “normal human being” voice and being pretty funny. Sean Mooney reminisces about how hard it was to get into Savage’s private space, but how great of a person he was once you got there.

So now we move into the phase of his career where he was a commentator first and a wrestler second, mostly acting as an ambassador for the WWF. Corey tells the story about how Savage used to be involved in Steve Keirn’s training school via FCW, where he’d hang out with Keirn and just randomly show up at school to help pick up Steve’s kids. And Keirn’s kids were like “Oh, it’s just my dad’s friend Macho Man” but the other kids at school would of course lose their minds and Savage would make sure to play Macho Man Randy Savage for them and give them all the whole experience. That’s pretty awesome.

Randy Savage v. Yokozuna (03.28.93)

This is from the “March to Wrestlemania” special that doesn’t appear to be on the Network at this point. Big stall from Yoko to start while Heenan speculates that Bret Hart paid Savage to “go after the knee or arm or something” and prevent Yoko from making it to the show. Seems sound. Savage tries a headlock and that goes badly for him, as Yoko tosses him and then powerslams him back in the ring. Yoko chokes away, but misses a blind charge and Savage makes the comeback with a double axehandle to put him down on one knee. Back up, but FUJ THE STOOGE nails him with the flag, and Yoko puts him away at 6:36. Savage got nothing here, but really he shouldn’t have anyway. 0 for 1. Vince makes sure to put Savage in the past tense, calling him “one of the greatest former champions of the past”.

Randy Savage v. Lex Luger (06.15.93)

Whaaaaaaaaat? This is a thing that happened? I mean, aside from the million shitty matches they had in WCW later on. It appears to be an unused Coliseum Video exclusive judging by the banners. I’m assuming it was scrapped due to Luger’s babyface turn meaning that this match no longer fit their narrative. Luger does the deal where he’s forced to wear the protective arm band and freaks out about it to kill time, and they do a chase outside the ring for more stalling before Lex attacks and pounds away in the corner to take over. And he sloooooooooowly works Macho over and hammers away in the corner while yelling, until a blind charge misses and Savage makes his comeback with the necksnap and a knee to put him on the floor. He follows with the double axehandle, but Lex puts him down with the STAINLESS STEEL FOREARM OF DOOM and pins him at 9:45. Insomnia cure in a bottle. And they made Luger into the top babyface like a month later! 0 for 2.

Randy Savage v. Mr. Hughes (07.18.93)

Another deleted Coliseum exclusive. Hughes pounds away on Savage to start and clumsily manages to mess up a charge into the corner, but catches him with a backbreaker for two. He tosses Macho and runs him into the post. Back in, we get a weird spot where he tries an irish whip on Savage, but then grabs him by the hair on the way by and takes him down. Just looked disjointed. Savage makes a quick comeback with the double axehandle and Hughes charges him, hits Harvey, and Macho gets the fluke rollup for the pin at 5:23. Total mess. 0 for 3.

Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect v. Mr. Hughes & Giant Gonzalez (08.17.93)

Well this is certainly a unique match, again courtesy the cutting room of Coliseum Video. The heels quickly cut off Mr. P and slowly work him over in the corner, and Hughes goes to a facelock, but Savage gets a hot tag and then IMMEDIATELY gets double-teamed and choked out by the Giant. Gonzalez uses the CLUBBING FOREARMS because that’s about the extent of his offense, but Hughes comes in and misses a blind charge, and it’s back to Perfect. He gets cut off immediately as well, but Savage hits Hughes with a double axehandle behind the ref’s back, and Perfect rolls him up for the pin at 7:14. Another terrible one with a dead crowd. 0 for 4.

Randy Savage v. Fatu (12.13.93)

This is from an episode of RAW for no particular reason. Fatu immediately elbows him down and goes to work, no-selling a faceplant and superkicking Macho out of the ring. Savage tries to run him into the stairs, but Fatu no-sells that and superkicks him again. Back in, that gets two. Savage mounts a comeback and gets backdropped to the floor on a charge attempt. Back in, Fatu gets two. Afa distracts the ref and Fatu uses the SHRUNKEN HEAD OF DOOM for two and goes up, but Savage crotches him and hits him with the double axehandle, then drops the big elbow to finish at 5:50. Usual later era Savage formula. 0 for 5.

And with that, we wrap up the WWF era of Savage’s career and we’ll finish things off in WCW next time!