The SmarK Rant for Randy Savage Unreleased (Part 3)

OK, back to the Unreleased set again, and this portion is all about Savage’s heel run from 89-91.

Disc 2

Randy Savage v. Ultimate Warrior (03.07.89)

Dark match from Superstars here, and it appears to be non-title even though both guys are champions at this point. No commentary, which means this is ACTUALLY unreleased! Warrior quickly blitzes him and shoulderblocks him out of the ring, and Savage runs away for a bit. Back in, he catches Warrior with a kick to the jaw and goes up, but gets caught and hung in the Tree of Woe, allowing Warrior to go to work on him. The referee protests this course of action, so Warrior puts him gently on the top rope and continues beating on Savage until KARMA strikes and he misses a blind charge. Savage puts him on the floor with a high knee and follows with a double axehandle. Man, you can just tell that after months of selling for the Akeems and Andres of the world every night, Savage was just chomping at the bit to go out and heel it up again. Back in, he drops a knee and goes to the chinlock, but Warrior immediately uses the power of the gods to fight free, so Randy puts him down with a clothesline for two. To the top for another flying axehandle that gets two, and Warrior hulks up. He beats on Savage in the corner, but Rick Rude comes out for the distraction and Savage gets a handful of tights for two. Warrior comes back with the big splash, but hits the knees, and Savage gets two. Warrior engages the powers of beyond to reenergize again, but goes after Rude outside and gets counted out like a dope at 7:50. Obviously they weren’t beating either guy going into Wrestlemania. Warrior and Savage had FREAKY chemistry together and if Warrior had these kinds of matches in 1990 after winning the title, he might have gotten over. Tremendously entertaining, with molten heat. 1 for 1.

A Sensational Manager (04.15.89)

From the Brother Love show, Savage introduces Sherri as his new manager. This aired on free TV! How does this even vaguely fit the “Unreleased” description?

The panel talks about the new dynamic with Sherri and Savage and Sean points out that Sherri could take bumps and do all this stuff that Liz couldn’t do, and she was basically “one of the boys”.

WWF title: Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (04.23.89)

Off to Toronto for the Wrestlemania rematch and Savage has NUCLEAR heat. From both sides! Gorilla makes a very valid point related to the one made by the panel: When Savage used to hide behind Liz, she didn’t know how to react or what to do. Sherri knows EXACTLY what to do. Hulk immediately tries to cheat by pulling Savage’s hair, so he responds in kind because wrestling has taught me that two wrongs do make a right. To the top for the double axehandle and he buries Hogan in his robe and hits another one. Amazingly, Hulk is smart enough to escape this trap, and comes back with an atomic drop and fires away with his blatantly illegal closed fists. And this man is the CHAMPION and a role model for children? Maybe children who cheat constantly and tan too much. Disgusting. Hulk throws him over the top rope, which should have been an immediate DQ win for Savage based on Toronto’s long history as an NWA territory, and Hulk rams him into the table. Back in for the running elbow and he catches Savage’s kick and chokes him out. WHERE IS THE REFEREE’S COUNT FOR THAT? Hulk goes to sexually harass Sherri and Savage valiantly defends her honor and knees Hulk out of the ring. #MeToo, bitch. Sherri tries to give Hulk a back scratch (who doesn’t love a good back scratch?) and he reacts badly, but that allows Savage to hit him from behind and choke him out. TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT. Sherri adds some extra choking to make sure they’re extra right. Savage drops the knee for two and goes to the sleeper, and Hogan tries to pull the hair to escape. Don’t fight like a girl, Hulk. #BeAMan. Hogan is clearly out and Hebner still checks the arm, but that allows Hulk enough time to break free and make the comeback. Sadly, he clumsily trips coming off the ropes and Savage necksnaps him to take over again. Savage goes up and allegedly uses a foreign object on Hulk, but no proof is evident. #FakeNews. Hulk makes the comeback and throws more illegal closed fists, but Savage bails and pulls him out for the brawl on the floor, where Hogan ILLEGALLY throws him into the post. Sherri protests all this cheating and Hulk clumsily trips and falls into the railing, likely overcome by his own guilt, and Savage wins by countout, getting the moral victory over that scoundrel. Immortal Hulk? More like IMMORAL Hulk, am I right? 2 for 2.

Randy Savage v. Brutus Beefcake (05.16.89)

Dark match from Challenge this time, again with no commentary. Savage immediately takes a walk and then returns to clobber Beefcake from behind, but that goes badly for him and he stops for some advice from Sherri. That advice: “No matter how mad you are at someone, a rap album is never the answer.” Solid advice. She trips up Beefcake and Savage tosses him over the top to take over and Sherri gets her shots in. Back in, Savage with the double axehandle for two, but Brutus is in the ropes. Another try, but Beefcake hits him on the way down and makes the comeback, resulting in the sleeper in the middle of the ring. Sherri goes to assist and the ref kicks her hand away, so she just runs in for the DQ at 5:00. Beefcake threatens her with a forced haircut, which is a tad on the rapey side if you think about it, but Savage saves her and they live to cheat another day. 3 for 3.

Macho King Randy Savage v. Hercules (11.01.89)

We are of course now into the royalty period for Savage, as we discover who wins between a King and a god. Well, I guess Hercules was only a demi-god, so that makes it more of a fair fight. Savage stalls and runs away to start. I have to say, Savage’s pastel-trunks-and-white-boots period was an underrated fashion time for him. Once he went full-on Macho King with the long tights, less so. Herc works the arm, but Savage slugs free, so Herc press slams him after four reps. Macho bails to escape and gets some advice from Sherri. That advice? “Please don’t let your last match be with TNA.” Sadly, he didn’t listen to that one. Hercules goes after her and she beats on him to allow Savage to take over, and he hits a double axehandle to the floor. Sherri adds an impressive shot with her shoe and people are just SCREAMING at her from ringside (“Halloween’s over, take off the mask!”) That’s just mean. Back in, Savage elbows him down for two and necksnaps him for two. Sherri tries singing “Macho Man” to further annoy the crowd and Savage goes up and misses the flying elbow, allowing Herc to make the comeback. Clotheslines and punches are the order of the day, and Savage tries a sneak attack and lands on the floor. Herc suplexes him back in, but Sherri trips him up and Savage lands on top for two. Macho bodypress, but Herc catches him ala Warrior and slams him for two. Herc keeps obsessing over Sherri and then hits some clotheslines, but she pulls down the top rope and Herc lands on the floor. Herc pulls him out in turn, but Savage suckers him in for the LOADED PURSE OF DOOM and gets the pin at 10:22. This gets a point for Savage enthusiastically putting his crown back on after the win. 4 for 4.

Randy Savage & Sherri v. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (07.17.90)

Brother Love and Elizabeth are in the respective corners for MAXIMUM SHENANIGANS and Sherri is wrestling in a dress. Sherri bumps for Sapphire to start, but comes back with some shots. Over to Dusty and Macho and MAN is the bald spot getting evident on Savage now. Dusty elbows him down, but turns his back and gets sent to the outside for some abuse from Brother Love. Wait a second, it just occurred to me that he doesn’t actually love anyone at all! That should call him, I dunno, Brother Hate. Savage goes to a chinlock and heads up for the axehandle, but Dusty nails him on the way down and gets two. Savage slugs away, but misses a charge and Dusty gets his own sleeper. Sherri goes after Sapphire to distract the ref while Brother Love comes off the top rope to break it up. Sherri comes in, but Sapphire takes her down with a fireman’s carry of some kind for two. Everyone brawls and Sherri gets the purse ready, but Liz steals it and knocks her out, and Sapphire gets the pin at 7:43. Complete junk. 4 for 5.

Randy Savage v. Koko B. Ware (12.22.90)

So this is from Superstars, again totally flying in the face of “Unreleased”. This set is a bigger liar than Hulk Hogan. Savage goes to badmouth the BIRD because he’s an awesome heel, but Koko rolls him up for two. Birds are assholes anyway; don’t even get me started on crows. Savage gets a cheapshot and chokes Koko down to take over, but he comes back with a neckbreaker and then completely whiffs on a bodypress. Macho sends him to the floor and follows with the double axehandle into the railing. Back in, he drops the big elbow, oh yeah, dig it, and finishes at 2:42. Back to the Macho of old here. 5 for 6.

Kingdom of the Madness (03.23.91)

Macho and Sherri do a promo leading up to the retirement match with Warrior.

And with that, we’ll take a break and return next time with Savage’s post-retirement career!