WWF Superstars of Wrestling – November 23rd, 1991

November 23, 1991

From the Allen County War Memorial in Fort Wayne, IN

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage

The show opens with clips from last week’s Funeral Parlor when The Undertaker attacked Hulk Hogan from behind while Ric Flair provided a distraction. We then hear from Paul Bearer & Undertaker as they promise Hogan will go down again and that nothing will be able to save him at the Survivor Series.

This week, we will have an interview with Hogan. Also, Bret Hart defends the Intercontinental Title against Big Bully Busick. Plus, an interview with Elizabeth and matches with Jake Roberts and Texas Tornado


El Matador vs. Bob Smedley

The announcers hype up the Survivor Series as Matador hits a few arm drags. Smedley gets dumped outside as Vince puts over Matador’s aggressiveness since training with bulls. Matador then hits a knee lift as Vince hints we might get a replacement for Jim Neidhart at the Survivor Series then Matador hits a flying forearm for the win (1:27).

Thoughts: The announcers were really making sure to point out that Santana has become more aggressive since becoming El Matador. Despite being a goofy they did seem to be behind him enough for a strong midcard push. At least at the beginning. He can still go in the ring but having his opponents run around like a bull is not going to make you look credible.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Big Bully Busick w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c)

Vince wants to know when President Jack Tunney will make up his mind regarding Savage’s suspension. We hear from The Mountie & Jimmy Hart as they talk about becoming next Intercontinental Champion. Bret beats on Busick to start. Busick reverses an Irish whip then targets the back. Whippleman assists his client with an abdominal stretch. Savage wants to reinstated now as Busick hits a clothesline. Bret catches Busick with a forearm smash as Savage says he will be their live at Survivor Series. Bret drops an elbow from the middle rope then uses the Sharpshooter for the win (2:47) 1/2*. Savage proclaims if Bret can put the sharpshooter on Busick then he can put it on anybody.

Thoughts: This was the final TV appearance for Busick as he quit the promotion. a week or two before this match aired. Anyway, Savage said he would be there live at the Survivor Series, making you believe that he will be reinstated.


We see the Repo Man sneak into the garage of a lady three days late on her car payment, saying she is a car thief. Repo Man then drives off after yelling at the lady to pay up or shut up.


Greg Green vs. Texas Tornado

Vince plugs Jim Quinn on the newest edition of “WBF Magazine” including an article exposing bodybuilding myths. Tornado beats on Green as Vince puts over nutrition tips we can learn then Tornado uses the Tornado punch for the win (0:39).

Thoughts: This segment revolved around Vince hyping up WBF Magazine. Tornado’s stock continues to plummet.


Vince, flanked by his color commentators, speaks to Elizabeth. She is via satellite from “somewhere in the backstage area.” Elizabeth pleads with Jack Tunney to reinstate Savage as a “reinstate” chant breaks out. We go split-screen as Piper said they’ve tried everything as Elizabeth is hopeful the fan support will get Tunney to change his mind.


Ben Jordan vs. Skinner

Vince says we will hear from Tunney any moment now as Savage is in suspense. Piper rants about Flair as Skinner jaws at the fans. Vince says we will find out this weekend at the Survivor Series Showdown just who will replace Jim Neidhart at the Survivor Series. Skinner beats on Jordan then puts him away with an inverted DDT (1:32).

Thoughts: They kept teasing us about Tunney’s announcement regarding Savage. We also found out that at the Survivor Series Showdown, Duggan will name Neidhart’s replacement to his team.


Vince plugs the “Hulkamania 6” Coliseum Home Video release, which comes out on Thanksgiving Day.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Hulk Hogan to the interview platform. Hogan looks more worried than usual. And smaller than he ever has been in the WWF during this run. Okerlund asks Hogan about “The Gravest Challenge” and how Hulkamania might be dead. Hogan confirms the Undertaker is his gravest challenge but he’s been hearing for eight years now that Hulkamania is dying but its still alive. Hogan then tells us the yellow of Hulkamania will light up the Undertaker while the red guarantees him immortality as the Hulkster gets a bit hyper-religious. Hogan says the light of Hulkamania will also blind Flair then says his colors will run wild on Undertaker. This ends with Hogan ripping his shirt and flexing. Hogan tried to sell doubt as to whether or not he could beat The Undertaker after what happened last week but by the end it turned into mostly every other Hogan interview we have seen.


Survivor Series Report with Gene Okerlund. We learn that it will be 3 vs. 4 at the Survivor Series as of now since Sid Justice’s replacement has yet to be named. Also, during a promo, Flair introduces Mr. Perfect as his new “Executive Consultant.” And Flair’s real world title belt is now distorted.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Bob Werner

Savage is upset over seeing Jake as Piper tells him that reinstation is on his way. Jake destroys Werner then puts him away with the DDT (0:42).

Thoughts: Really quick win for Jake as Piper kept telling Savage to keep cool because he is about to be reinstated.


After the match, Jake looks over at the announcers then grabs the mic. Jake addresses Savage and says there was a time in his life where he almost looked up to him but now he looks at Savage and thinks he’s grown soft hiding behind the skirt of a woman. Jake then wants Savage to ask Piper to borrow his skirt as Savage gets up and heads towards the ring, promising Vince that he just wants a closer look. Piper also warns Savage not to get too close and blow his chance and getting reinstated. A ref tries to keep Savage back as Jake runs him down for being a gutless coward. Savage cannot take anymore then runs up on the apron. Savage tosses his hat but a ref grabs his leg to prevent him from going inside and in the process, Jake hits a clothesline. Jake then beats the crap out of Savage and ties him up into the ropes. Jake slaps around Savage and Vince yells about Savage possibly blowing his chance to wrestle at Survivor Series. Jake then puts the king cobra on the mat and puts it on Savage’s face then the big red X that reads “censored” flashes on the screen. Vince is screaming about Savage being torn apart by the snake and how he hopes its been de-venomized. Elizabeth runs out now and screams while several agents restrain her. Savage’s arm is bleeding as Piper is now at ringside while Savage is staggering all over the place. Vince screams for someone to yank Savage out to safety and that he is likely hallucinating from the bite. Savage swings wildly then is finally put on the stretcher while Jake laughs in the corner. A kid is shown crying in the crowd while then the camera zooms in on the snake as Savage is hurried backstage on the stretcher. Wow, what a great segment. Jake came off as a complete piece of shit as he once again terrorized Savage & Elizabeth and potentially ruined Savage’s comeback before he could officially be reinstated. It gave Savage another hurdle to climb in his path to reinstatement.


We return to the show as Vince yells about Savage receiving attention in the locker room and how it was a close call as the show goes off the air. They made it vague enough where you are not sure whether or not he would be physically able to compete if he was reinstated.


Final Thoughts: They really heated up the Jake/Savage feud and gave us one of the most memorable angles in the history of Superstars. That angle was tremendous and any fan who has yet to see must do so immediately. It also left us waiting though as we are still unsure if Savage will be reinstated so you will have to keep watching WWF programming, like the Survivor Series Showdown, to get the answer. Besides that we saw Hogan give his typical interview and learned we will find out who will replace Duggan at the Survivor Series Showdown with the PPV just days away.


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