The SmarK Rant for Randy Savage Unreleased (Part 1)

The SmarK Rant for Randy Savage Unreleased – Unseen Matches of the Macho Man

By popular demand, I picked this one up from my local DVD store since it was only $20 and people are recommending it. That being said, sweet merciful crap are they getting cheap with the DVD releases now. Instead of the nice gatefold cardboard custom sleeve that they’d been using for multiple disc sets, it’s now a plain DVD case with a piece of paper for an insert, and all three discs stacked on one side. Clearly physical media is no longer their priority, which makes it all the more mystifying as to why they don’t just release it in digital format like iTunes. I don’t actually have any computers with DVD drives on them anymore, because IT’S FUCKING 2018, so I had to jump through some hoops and rip this one into digital format myself so I could review it.

Also, I still find it trippy that they spent so long ignoring the legacy of Savage, and then all of a sudden I have multiple DVD sets celebrating his life on my shelf. Wrestling is weird, man.

Anyway, my time is precious, so just like with the other Unreleased set, I’ve gotta break this up into smaller pieces to get through all nine hours.

Your host is Corey Graves, along with Sean Mooney, Bayley and DDP.

Randy Savage v. Aldo Marino (06.17.85)

This is Savage’s WWF TV debut on Superstars, before Elizabeth. Immediately all the big managers swarm to ringside looking to recruit him, and Macho gets some armdrags before Marino gets a sunset flip for two. Savage nails him with the hooking clothesline and the necksnap on the top rope, then he pops to the top for the double axehandle and tosses him. Double axehandle to the floor as Savage is just giving us all the greatest hits from the get-go, and back in for a pair of flying elbows to put this poor geek out of his misery at 2:42. Now THAT was a squash! 1 for 1.

Randy Savage v. Mario Mancini (07.09.85)

This is the next appearance on TV. Now, you know me, I’m not one to be pedantic, but if the first two matches were broadcast on national TV, that’s not exactly “Unseen”. Savage has the rare yellow-on-yellow color scheme here, which he didn’t typically bust out. Savage hammers him with shoulderblocks in the corner and then hits him with a high knee to the back for one. Mario gets tossed and Savage follows with a double axehandle, and back in for two. Savage goes back to the top and Mancini decides to get up, so a pissed off Savage has to jump off the top in mid-move and tackle him down again, then drops the NASTY elbow for the pin at 2:29. I bet they had words afterwards. 2 for 2.

Randy Savage v. Paul Roma (08.03.85)

Savage is now “Wrestling’s #1 Free Agent” according to Finkel and Savage announces his choice of manager soon. Savage works the arm while Vince confirms that Arnold Skaaland is just not interested in someone who uses the tactics that Savage does. Roma gets a quick sunset flip for two and slams him for two, but Savage fires him to the floor and follows with the double axehandle. “Good golly Moses!” declares Vince. Such salty language. Back in, wham bam elbow at 2:02. At least Roma had the good sense to stay down, unlike Mancini. Macho wants Hulk Hogan, and boy would he ever get him. Another fun destruction. 3 for 3.

The panel discusses Savage’s relationship with Elizabeth, and DDP admits that he stole most of his act with Kimberly from them.

Randy Savage & Jesse Ventura v. Mario Mancini & Mike Rice (09.09.85)

Well there’s a combo for ya. Elizabeth has now been added to the act, and Randy makes her hold the ropes open for the team. I’m not sure what bizarre tag team match this was building towards on the house show circuit, but HOLY SHIT I have to see it now. They take turns beating on Rice in the corner, and Savage drops the big elbow at 1:30. Unfortunately, scanning through reveals that there was never a payoff. 3 for 4.

Randy Savage v. Tony Atlas (11.05.85)

Off to Boston, just a couple of nights after the Wrestling Classic. Atlas overpowers him to start and they trade poses, and Atlas continues to be too much muscles for Savage to handle. An atomic drop sends Macho to the floor and we get some stalling, but Savage takes over with his own atomic drop. They fight on the floor and Savage runs him into the bizarre wooden barricade at ringside. Back in, Atlas makes a comeback, but he tries a slam and Savage rolls him up for the pin at 6:10. Nothing much to this one. 3 for 5.

Randy Savage v. SD Jones (12.01.85)

This has Gorilla on commentary from a non-descript arena, so I’m assuming this was whatever the B-Show was in 1985. All Star Wrestling still? SD gets a bodypress for two and headbutts Savage into the ropes while he gets his offense, and can we please talk about Savage’s god-awful pea-soup green tights and kneepads combo? Because it’s like the Dino Bravo of Savage outfits. Savage escapes and Jones gets a backslide for two, so Savage takes a break. Back in, SD misses a charge like an oaf, and Savage finishes him with the flying elbow at 2:54. He gave him a SPECIAL DELIVERY of a flying elbow right to the chest, yeah! Also, the replay shows he held the tights just to be a dick, so I award this a point. 4 for 6.

Randy Savage v. Scott McGhee (01.18.86)

We’re in the Cap Center for this one, and Savage has words for Gorilla before the match. I always thought that Landover shows looked great on TV, a really big well-lit arena unlike the dingy Boston Garden. They fight for a lockup to start and Savage elbows him down and drops the knee for two and he stops to yell at Gorilla while holding a facelock. McGhee escapes with a suplex for two and Savage retreats. Look, Gorilla keeps referring to Savage as “the not so Macho Man”, so he deserves whatever abuse Savage gives him. #WordsHurt McGhee misses a charge and Savage uses the POPCORN OF DOOM on him in the corner, but McGhee fights back with his own popcorn box and makes the comeback with an atomic drop for two. Scotty with a rollup, but Savage blocks him, and McGhee gets a small package for two instead. Savage cuts him off with the clothesline, and he’s done fucking around, and finishes with the flying elbow at 6:19 just to make sure McGhee doesn’t surprise him again. What a great little 6 minute match! 5 for 7.

Intercontinental title: Randy Savage v. Pedro Morales (08.25.86)

Jumping far ahead now, Savage is the IC champion and we’re in MSG. I wanna say this was on some other Network collection or DVD set, but it might just be something I saw on Prime Time Wrestling when I was reviewing one of those. Pedro gets a slam and Savage grabs a chair, but Pedro steals it away from him and Savage retreats to the floor and then retrieves a foreign object from his trunks and nails Pedro to take over. To the floor, where Savage runs him into the railing and stops to yell at Elizabeth. Double axehandle to the floor and he suplexes Pedro back in for two. Savage goes up and Pedro nails him on the way down and makes the comeback with his punches for two. O’Connor roll out of the corner gets two, and a small package gets two. Backslide gets two and they brawl to the floor, where Morales runs him into the railing and beats the count at 7:19. 6 for 8.

Macho Lifestyles (09.10.86)

Mean Gene is visiting the palatial estate of the Macho Man and Elizabeth, and they all hang out by the pool and chat. Savage brags that he is “very great at the wrestling” and likes to be alone. Some people might call him paranoid, he supposes. Hulkamania is dead, but Macho Madness is more seductive than SEX. Liz reluctantly agrees. Gene keeps asking her questions, so Savage gets all riled up until a “national women’s publication” interrupts via phone call, offering him half a million dollars to pose in their centerfold. That’s more than Burt Reynolds got! Then, some promoter from Japan calls offering half a million to fight three guys over there. Savage wants NONE OF THIS because it’s not a title shot at Hulk Hogan. A plane goes overhead and Savage isn’t in on it. You know why? NO TITLE SHOT. Awesome. 7 for 9.

Randy Savage v. Troy Martin (11.12.86)

Oh man, skinny rookie Shane Douglas is about to get SQUASHED. Savage rides him down to the mat and gives him a clean break on the ropes, then elbows him down, but Martin gets a rollup for two. Savage tosses him and drops the double axehandle on the floor, then beats on him in the audience and sends him back in for the double axehandle in the ring. Flying elbow sends Troy back to Pittsburgh at 2:40. 7 for 10.

Randy Savage & Honky Tonk Man v. Hulk Hogan & Ricky Steamboat (01.05.87)

Huh. Ricky should have been out with the throat injury at this point, so I’m assuming this was a dark match from Superstars or something wacky like that. While we’re on the subject, what is the damn holdup in releasing the throat-crushing match somewhere? We’re at, what, three Savage DVD sets now and it still hasn’t been on any of them? Honky, still wearing his initial gear with the stupid suspenders, gets pinballed by the babyfaces in the corner to start and Ricky runs him into Hulk’s boot. Finally Hulk brings Honky to his own corner and dares Savage to come in, so Randy walks away from the fight. Hey, he’s the MACHO MAN. He’ll tag in on his own terms, jerk. Hogan tosses Savage into the ring, so Randy tags out to Honky again and the babyfaces continue double-teaming him. Steamboat goes to a chinlock while a paranoid Savage stays far away from Hogan. Hulk slugs away on Honky and gets the corner clothesline, and Steamboat comes in with a sleeper, but Savage hits him with a knee from the apron. The heels take over and Honky gets the flying fistdrop, and Savage cuts off a Steamboat comeback with a masterfully timed hair-pull from the apron, just being a complete dickwad about it. They beat up Steamboat on the floor and Hogan can TAKE NO MORE and hauls Savage in, but the ref escorts Hulk out and Savage runs away again while Honky clobbers Steamboat from behind to retain control. Dragon and Honky collide and Savage decides to come in and strike while the iron is hot, but it’s HOT TAG Hogan and he’s had enough of this nonsense. Big boot for Savage and now Steamboat gets to make his comeback with chops on Macho, and he goes up with the flying chop. He goes up to finish, but Honky pushes him off the top and everyone is brawling until Savage beats up the ref and grabs the bell. Hogan stops that and Steamboat grabs it and tries for his revenge, but Savage runs away one last time and it’s a Sports Entertainment Finish at around 11:00. You would not believe how molten the crowd was for this whole thing. A tremendous tag team match! 8 for 11.

And we shall leave off there for the moment and return tomorrow with the second half of disc one!  DIG IT!