Listening to the Audience

Hi Scott,

Reading your recent Breakdown rant brought back fond memories of when the fans were rabid for the Rock right before he hit it big. The WWF listened to their audience and boom, he was off to the races.

Now we’re in a world that it seems like it doesn’t matter who the fans get behind or care about. We hear the lip service in interviews about how the fans are listened to, but honestly….when did the company stop caring about what the fans want?

Second part question….who was the last guy or girl who got so over with the fans that the WWE had to give him or her a push?

I think they really stopped caring as soon as they got the first big USA deal and killed off PPV. It was a one-two punch of anticonsumer moves. At least in the sense of viewers having the power to speak with their wallets.

And the last guy they were literally forced to push was Zack Ryder, and we saw how that turned out for him.