Little tweak to current match presentation…


Follower from the 411 days.

Emotional connection is the reason any of us pay attention to a TV show; the reactions of the live crowd feed into the viewers experience at home. There is one production choice I think both young and old can get behind – wait until the ring announcement of the victor of a match before playing their theme music, particularly for title changes (Dolph’s music on Raw was practically playing as the refs hand was coming down for “3”)… waiting those few extra beats for me adds significance to the moment, and promotes a more emotional reaction with a “slower realisation” of the event that just occurred (think Taker/Lesnar, but obvs very few on that emotional scale). of the

Playing the music as the ref’s hand strikes 3 seems like an active attempt to get a crowd reaction, but why immediately drown them out?? Thanks, I’ll hang up now.

​It’s a Kevin Dunn-ism, I’m pretty sure.  I’m also more fond of building up the big moment like in sports, and I’m pretty sure if Dunn was shooting the Stanley Cup final he would have instructed them to run the Cup out to Ovechkin as soon the buzzer sounded.  ​