If it’s a blank contract and you only need a ref and a bell to start the match, why doesn’t any MITB winner just walk into a WWE ring at a show that the champ is
not on, say they’re cashing in, and accept the victory and the title by forfeit?

Or why don’t they pull a Rio de Janeiro and have Braun “beat” Brock in an impromptu match in Minnesota where no cameras were present?  Gets the belt off of Brock,
gives us a champ right away.

Anything but this shit.

The idea of cashing in on an absent champion is kind of an interesting one, but the precedent has already been established where the champion has to be both present and ready to compete in a match, so I don’t think it would stand up from a legal viewpoint.  We’ve had cases in the past where someone tried a cash-in, but the champion was too injured to start the match.  I think that “Not currently in the same state” would fall under that umbrella as well.  ​