Cena Era

Hey Scott,

So with Cena gone, and it looking like he’s probably not coming back for anything other than one-off matches, what are your thoughts on his career? How does he line up with the other “guys” of WWE? Where does he stand as a worker, as a promo, as a draw?
As a draw, he’s at the top tier and two of the biggest PPV buyrates in history are directly attributed to his involvement in the main event. Historically, I think he’s the last guy who can be quantified as an actual draw, however.  From here on out it’s only the WWE name drawing whatever is drawing.  
As a promo, he’s Ok, but mostly hampered by the overproduced style that he was a part of creating.  I never hear many Cena promos that talk me into buying a show, but he’s usually entertaining.  
As a worker he was an elite guy who worked up to the level of his opponent but couldn’t really break out of his patterns and carry people who were worse than him.  Kane in 2012, for example.  But he rarely had bad matches and almost always had good ones.  
He’s already in the WON Hall of Fame and clearly deserves to be there.