Bundy in The WCW

Hey Scott 

After Bundy’s failure in the WWF in the mid 90s, how come The WCW never picked him up?  Without doing too much timeline research I think it was right around 96 when he ended his run up north.   Still plenty of opportunity in The WCW mid card.  Even NWO Bundy May have been interesting.   The big signing would of been in 94-95 though, with that silly dungeon of doom/Hogan angel.   

I am surprised it never happens and that I havnt really heard about it. 

​We’ve covered it in the Observer recaps a few times.  WCW made him offers and because he was financially independent after his WWF run, his asking price was too high and they could never make a deal.  Frankly I’m shocked he hung around the WWF as long as he did, unless he just wanted to get the big WM payday against Undertaker.​