Braun and Generic MITB booking

Am I the only one who is really, really dreading the possibility of Braun cashing in and winning the belt from an exhausted Roman after he beats Lesnar for the title at SS?

Braun is supposed to be a monster. He should cut a promo basically saying “I don’t need this damn briefcase.I don’t need to win cheap” and cash in by telling whoever is champion that they’ve got a full month to prepare because they’ve got no chance.

As I see it, if WWE has Braun do the generic MITB trope of “wrestler cashes in on champion after a long and grueling match to win the title unfairly” this KILLS Braun’s character.

Then again, I’ve already watched Braun (who hated tagging and hunted for sport) happily tag with smiling babyfaces, and now he’s best friends with smiling Balor (the worst babyface on Raw with that stupid grin, but that’s another matter).

I’m not optimistic.

​I will play devil’s advocate here and note that given they pretty much need to get the belt off Brock at Summerslam and given that Roman won’t have another chance to ever actually beat Brock for the title if that’s so, then having him win the belt and then Braun cash in on him is the best course of action.
Why the fuck won’t they just pay Brock another million and have him show up on RAW and drop the belt to Roman or Braun and be done with it?  Assuming the logic of “We’ve got Brock for one more match and we want to get the title off him before he possibly bolts to UFC again”, then what’s the point of stretching it out until Summerslam?  Clearly he’s WAAAAAAY past his best-before date as a character and the show will sell out without him.  Instead we get another four hour PPV to determine another #1 contender (unrelated to the #1 contender we determined at the last four hour PPV) while the champion sits home for months on end.  ​