WWF Prime Time Wrestling – November 4th, 1991

November 4, 1991

Your hosts are Sean Mooney and Bobby Heenan

Guests this week are British Bulldog, Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa, The Mountie, and El Matador.

Mooney carries out a globe and says welcome in different languages as this week’s guests are from all over the world. We get some lame comedy that follows.


Natural Disasters defeat The Rockers in a match first shown on the 11/3 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Big Bossman defeats Bruce Mitchell in a match first shown on the 11/2 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


WWF Update from the 11/2 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Survivor Series ad airs.


El Matador comes out to the studio. Heenan makes fun of him for wearing “Sammy Davis’s tap shoes.” Matador says he went through a lot of hard work to become a matador and will not lower himself to Heenan’s standards. Matador then talks about his training as we see clips of his vignettes.


El Matador defeats Tanaka in a match first shown on the 11/3 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Back to the studio where El Matador tells us deep down in his heart he has conquered fear and will conquer every opponent that heads into the ring. Heenan gives Matador crap so Matador says he will go back and get a bull to see how brave Heenan is while the crowd cheers. Heenan is naturally funny but everything he said in these segments felt recycled.


The announcers plug the Hulk Hogan Hotline that features new games and prizes, including a meeting with Hogan himself. Heenan says meeting the real world’s champion Ric Flair would be better.


Big Bully Busick w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Brooklyn Brawler

This match took place at the 10/1 Challenge tapings in Huntington, WV. Its actually a rematch from last week where Brawler won via count out. And that also took place at the same set of tapings, meaning fans had to watch Busick vs. Brawler twice. Brawler wins a slugfest then bites Busick in the corner. Busick fights back and beats down Brawler as Whippleman says he’ll do what he wants and cannot be stopped. Brawler catches Busick with a clothesline then they roll around on the mat. Brawler chokes out Busick against the ropes and even holds down on them for leverage. Busick pulls Brawler down and rams his leg against the post a few times. Brawler rolls back inside after blocking a suplex and tries to slam Busick in from the apron but is tripped up by Whippleman as Busick falls on top for the win (4:52) 1/4*.

Thoughts: This was terrible and the fact Busick had to cheat to beat Brawler shows you what they thought of him.


Back in the studio, Mooney says he might be wrong about Slaughter but Heenan is not sold. Then a globe beachball swings around as the announcers have to duck it which ends up being a show-long bit. We then see the vignette of Slaughter. After that, Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa head out to the studio. Adnan blames Slaughter for their loss at SummerSlam then says he can have his country back but they do not want him because he is a traitor that cannot be trusted. Adnan says that Mustafa and himself are loyal, unlike Slaughter, then Mustafa tells Slaughter he will spit on his “fat body” after mumbling some other stuff. Terrible promo from a terrible act. The Slaughter stuff is not resonating with anyone.


Sid Justice defeats Col. Mustafa in a match first shown on the 11/2 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


The Mountie & Jimmy Hart come out to the studio. They laugh over what they did to Bret Hart and we see a replay of Bret getting doused with water and shocked with the cattle prod. After that, Jimmy said Bret should have given Mountie a title match because Mountie has gone through everyone in the WWF. Mountie gets booed after saying he has beaten everyone and that he never went to jail because he left after 10 minutes due to good behavior. Mountie then tells Bret he got water tossed on him because he stinks and should wash himself before stating he will become the next Intercontinental Champion.


Barber Shop with Hulk Hogan from the 11/3 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Another ad for the Survivor Series.


The British Bulldog now enters the studio. Lord Alfred puts over Bulldog’s winning the Battle Royal at Albert Hall. Bulldog called that the greatest feeling in his wrestling career as we are shown a clip of Bulldog’s celebration. Bulldog then calls out his Survivor Series opponents and says only the tough survive. Basically a segment to show us how Bulldog is beloved in Europe.


British Bulldog vs. The Warlord

This took place at the 9/30 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Wheeling, WV. We are joined in progress with Warlord bringing Bulldog to his knees with a test-of-strength. Bulldog escapes and fires away before knocking Warlord down with a dropkick. Bulldog works a chinlock but Warlord gets out and beats on Bulldog in the corner. Warlord blocks a crucifix attempt with a Samoan drop then stomps away. Warlord applies a bearhug then the crowd rallies behind Bulldog, who escapes and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Both men then clothesline each other and keep going at each other until Bulldog sends Warlord outside. Slick jumps up on the apron so Bulldog drags him inside and hits a running powerslam as Lord Alfred proclaims we will not see Slick again. Warlord pulls his manager outside and places him over his shoulder, grabs his hat, then leaves as he gets counted out (4:50) **.

Thoughts: The action was good while it lasted, these two just gel together, but designed to kill off Slick as a manager. With newcomer Harvey Whippleman on the scene and the Genius back it meant someone had to go, although it really should have been Fuji (who was rumored to be on the chopping block at this time).


Back in the studio, Bulldog tells us no one has seen Slick and that he will not be around the WWF for a long-time as its implied his career his finished.


Heenan pulls out a Chinese take out box of rice with chopsticks as Mooney brings out Genichiro Tenryu. Mooney tells us that Tenryu is the most popular wrestler in Japan as Heenan makes fun of Tenryu for not speaking English. Mooney brings up Tenryu teaming up with Hogan at the Egg Dome in front of 56,000 as we see a clip of there match against the Legion of Doom. Mooney brings up the Super World Sports (SWS) and how the best of the WWF will head back next month. Heenan continues to make fun of Tenryu but has his rice taken away as Tenryu dumps it on his head and says “weasel” before leaving. The payoff to all of this was a weasel joke and in 1991 that is no longer fresh.


Survivor Series Report airs.


Mooney shows off the newest, autographed Hulk Hogan jacket you can win by calling the hotline.


Virgil defeats Barry Hardy in a match first shown on the 11/3 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Back in the studio we see Heenan crack even more jokes at El Matador’s expense.


The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Bob Smedley

This match took place at the 10/1 Challenge tapings in Huntington, WV. Berzerker immediately destroys Smedley then runs over to Fuji for instructions and we can lather, rinse, repeat that formula until Smedley gets tossed outside and counted out (2:48).

Thoughts: Same as every other Berzerker squash match we’ve seen.


Back in the studio, the hosts recap the show as Mooney says next week’s guests are Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, and Gary Strydom. El Matador then comes back and brings out Bulldog, who is chasing Heenan around with a bull’s head. Heenan bails as the crowd cheers. Well, some of those people appeared next week.


Final Thoughts: The big news here was the show abruptly changing formats next week with Vince moderating a panel between two faces and two heels without the studio audience. Heenan is one of the funniest wrestlers ever but letting this show revolve around him making jokes each week is too much especially considering he’s running out of material. I don’t think recycled ethnic jokes are going to boost falling ratings.

The show itself was also noteworthy for Slick’s last appearance as a heel manager. They would show this angle on the syndicated shows next week. But besides that it was a dull show with stale bits as its clear the newer format is not hooking in viewers. Its too much like the old “Tuesday Night Titans” format.


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