WWF Wrestling Challenge – November 3rd, 1991

November 3, 1991

From the Huntington Civic Center in Huntington, WV

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan. Gorilla says that President Jack Tunney would not reinstate Randy Savage but did notice some “softening” from Tunney as Heenan said Savage just has to “grease Tunney’s palms.”

This week’s featured match is The Rockers vs. Natural Disasters. Also in action are Jake Roberts, El Matador, and Virgil. Plus, Hulk Hogan as guest on the “Barber Shop” and more!


British Bulldog vs. Duane Gill

Bulldog knocks down Gill as the announcers talk about Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan being on “Prime Time Wrestling” to talk about Sgt. Slaughter. Bulldog tosses around Gill then we hear from him in an insert promo telling us Winston is home and doing great with his girlfriend and soon we’ll see a lot of little Winstons running around. Well, sadly that would not be the case as the actual Winston passed away but that was I guess the explanation to get him off of TV. Gill lands a few shots but gets hit with a corner clothesline then put away with a running powerslam (1:50).

Thoughts: Not much going on with Bulldog but we learned about Mustafa & Adnan appearing on Prime Time to give their thoughts about Slaughter.


WWF Special Report¬†with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as the Update segment from “Superstars of Wrestling” that focused on the Ric Flair/Roddy Piper feud and Flair calling out Hulk Hogan.


Tanaka vs. El Matador

Matador teases Tanaka with his cape for a bit then the match begins. Matador works the arm until Tanaka hits a throat thrust. Matador avoids a charge as Tanaka spills outside. Heenan reminds us of Matador being a guest on this week’s Prime Time as Matador catches Tanaka with a hip toss then goes back to the arm. Matador then hits a back drop and a running knee lift before the flying forearm to the back of the neck gets a win (1:59).

Thoughts:¬†Having Matador tease his opponents like they were bulls is far too goofy to get over. I get he’s getting pushed now but he was more over as himself, the fading fan favorite, than with this.


Natural Disasters w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The Rockers

Heenan craps on The Rockers and their hats. Typhoon tosses Shawn into the corner and hammers away. Shawn gets caught trying a leapfrog but breaks out with an eye poke. The Rockers double-team Typhoon for a bit then we get some stalling. Earthquake tags and misses an attack in the corner but so does Marty as Earthquake now targets the back. Typhoon tags and drops an elbow but misses a second attempt as Marty rolls around the ring before tagging out. The Rockers use a double noggin-knocker then an assisted crossbody gets two. The match breaks down as Marty floats over on a slam attempt and dropkicks Typhoon but that got Shawn sandwiched. Marty then chases Hart up the aisle as Shawn is left by himself and put away with a splash combo (4:37) *1/2. After the match, Shawn rolls around on the mat in pain. Marty comes back to check on his partner but Shawn shoves away the referees and refuses a stretcher. Shawn is now pissed but still in a ton of pain as Marty walks him up the aisle as Shawn angrily glances over at his partner.

Thoughts: Good action while it lasted. The Disasters were in the midst of a Tag Title feud and needed the win and the Rockers have been downplayed for months. But the big news was Shawn’s behavior after the match. He was pissed about losing then after leaving shot a nasty look to his partner, who accidentally cost the team a chance at victory. Its clear this is leading to an angle.


Clip of Sgt. Slaughter talking about the War of Independence and how much he loves this country and wants it back.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Ron Cumberledge

Gorilla says Slaughter is ready for a second chance while Heenan says he is just looking for a handout. Jake knees Cumberledge and hits a slam as the camera shows the snake moving inside of the back. Jake then hits a clothesline before the DDT gets the win (0:40). After the match, Jake lets the cobra slither around the ring.

Thoughts: Quick win for Jake as the announcers talked about Slaughter’s sincerity of wanting his country back.


Barber Shop with guest Hulk Hogan. Beefcake introduces Hogan as the “greatest survivor of all-time.” Hogan says all distractions will fall by the wayside but Beefcake, a self-proclaimed Hulkamaniac, wants to know about those saying Hulkamania will die forever. Hogan says they both heard everyone talk about Hulkamania dying and while he acknowledges the Undertaker with his bodybags and caskets but he finds strength in numbers and the promise of immortality will run wild. Hogan cut his typical jibberish promo here and it was not very good.


Survivor Series Report.


Virgil vs. Barry Hardy

Virgil takes control as we see he has a profile piece in “WWF Superstars” magazine. Virgil flies out with a plancha as the announcers plug the Savage/Elizabeth hotline then the action heads back inside with Virgil using the Million Dollar Dream for the win (1:46).

Thoughts: Virgil’s champion of the people gimmick has also been downplayed over the past month and since beating DiBiase for the Million Dollar Title there was nowhere to go but down.
Next week, the Repo Man makes his debut. Also, Legion of Doom are in action and the featured match of Texas Tornado vs. The Undertaker. Plus, Ric Flair’s Survivor Series team on the “Barber Shop.” The show closes with comments from those involved in next week’s featured match.


Final Thoughts: The Disaters/Rockers match was interesting and we got to see Hogan, even though it was a lame interview. Next week Flair is on the show and The Undertaker wrestles in a featured match. Plus, Repo Man makes his debut as things heat up heading into the Survivor Series.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 9/29/83

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