WWE 205 Live – 19th June 2018

WWE 205 Live

19th June 2018

Toledo, Ohio

Commentators: Tom Phillips & Percy Watson

We open with highlights of the excellent main event from two weeks ago, where Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali’s tussle was interrupted by Hideo Itami.  It’ll hit the fan this week, grapple fans, as tonight all three combatants will tussle in a triple threat match.  Let’s get to it!

Tom and Percy welcome us from ringside.  Vic and Nigel will be back next week as they’ve been covering the U.K. tournament; I doubt we’ll miss them.


Drew Gulak (w/The Brian Kendrick) vs Lince Dorado (w/Kalisto & Gran Metalik)

‘Gentleman’ Jack Gallagher is absent this week, as he’s been competing in the U.K. tournament.  Back by popular demand…

Where’s Jack?

The Luchas come out with their piñata, allegedly named Penelope Gulak.  They cut a nauseating selfi-promo before the match, concluding with some mindless ‘Lucha!’ chanting.  Metalik is swirling a maraca around on the way to ringside, making me consider my position as a reviewer of this show.  Gulak gets the early advantage from the bell, working a headlock.  Following some armbars and hammerlocks, Drew maintains control with a hard shoulderblock and a wristlock.  Northern lights suplex from Gulak gets an early near fall.  Dorado responds with a sunset flip and a rollup for two counts, before getting decked by a headbutt from Drew.  Headscissor takeover and a lionsault from Lince as he comes back into it.  Dorado looks to walk the top rope, but gets crotched and knocked to the outside.  Back in the ring and Gulak stomps away on Dorado in the corner.  Lince storms back with a succession of forearms and right hands, but Drew gets back in control and applies a chinlock.  Dorado fights out of it and both guys are down following a head to head collision.  A couple of high dropkicks from Lince followed by a step-through spinning heel kick.  Dorado goes aerial and hits a crossbody for a near fall.  Golden Rewind (springboard stunner) looks to have Gulak finished, but Kendrick puts Drew’s foot on the bottom rope for the save.  The ref gets distracted by Kalisto and Metalik’s justifiable complaints, allowing Brian to interfere again, clotheslining Lince on the bottom rope.  Dorado then falls pray to the GuLock (dragon sleeper), which is good for the submission at 8:02.

Match rating: C+  Fine action here and the eight minutes flew by.  Lince Dorado is arguably the most proficient of the three Luchas on this show, with particularly crisp offence and better facial expressions than Kalisto.  Gulak continues to impress, as the commentators note he’s now tapped out all three members of Lucha House Party.  Kendrick’s interference ensures this rivalry soldiers on.


Backstage, Drake Maverick gives Hideo Itami a dressing down for his interference in the main event two weeks ago.  Itami responds by demanding respect.  Maverick challenges Hideo to prove he belongs and make the best of his opportunity.

The Juice Brothers, Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy, are in the locker room, where Tony is hyping Buddy up for tonight’s triple threat main event.


TJ Perkins vs Unnamed jobber

WWE simply present Perkins as TJP as heaven forbid anyone can have a surname.  He’s still TJ Perkins to me, damn it!  Perkins works the mike as he comes down to the ring, bemoaning the fact that he’s not in the main event every week, referring to himself as a ‘cruisergreat’.  TJ gets in the ring and trash talks the jobber, before tasting a right hand to the jaw.  Dropkick to the knee from Perkins and he locks the unnamed jobber in a leg grapevine.  A couple of extra refs run out to break it up, as this match never officially begins.

Siv’s Take: Nice little storyline with Perkins here, as he continues to show annoyance at his spot on the card.  I’m interested to see where this is going; whether it’s a 1-2-3 Kid style upset win for a jobber, Perkins vs Maverick or something else altogether.


Ad for WWE 24, The Hardys: Woken.  From all accounts, this looks well worth checking out.

Hype for next Monday’s Raw, where Seth Rollins invokes his rematch clause against new Intercontinental champion, Dolph Ziggler.

Drake Maverick announces the signing of Lio Rush via Instagram.  Hardly a surprise, as we’ve seen vignettes of the guy for the last two weeks.  Next week we’ll see him in debut action.

IT’S BOOKED: six-man elimination tag action next week, grapple fans, as The Lucha House Party tangle with Drew Gulak, ‘Gentleman’ Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick.


Mustafa Ali vs Buddy Murphy vs Hideo Itami

Itami bails to the outside early as Buddy and Mustafa confront him, presumably both still ticked off about his interference in their main event a fortnight ago.  Murphy goes to the floor and jumps Itami with a right hand.  Both guys gets taken out by an awesome somersault splash from the top from Ali.  Mustafa and Hideo are back inside, where Ali strikes with a double leg takedown and a succession of right hands.  Buddy comes back in, tosses Ali aside and nails Hideo with some stomps in the corner.  Hard chop from Ali on Murphy.  Mustafa comes off the ropes and connects with a hurracanrana takeover before sending Buddy crashing to the outside with a backdrop.  Ali hits the ropes, intending to dive to the outside after Murphy, but runs straight into a knee to the bread-basket from Hideo.  Itami covers Mustafa for the first near fall of the contest.  Chinlock from the Japanese grappler, as he yells “respect me!”.  High back body drop from Itami, who then knocks Buddy off the apron and back to the floor with a boot to the face.  Stiff kicks to the back of Ali from Hideo.  Buddy is back in, as he and Hideo trade snap mares and boots to the small of the back.  They then meet head to head in the middle of the ring and exchange slaps to the face.  Knee to the midsection from Itami to Buddy, followed by more kicks to the back.  Ali takes Hideo out with a boot to the back of his own, before being turned inside out by a hard Lariot from Murphy.  The Aussie grappler pulls Ali back up and hits a German suplex, bridging for the cover for a near fall.  Everyone is grasping their lower back in pain, as they’ve all taken significant punishment thus far.

Sleeper from Buddy on Mustafa, but Hideo comes in and locks Buddy in a sleeper of his own.  Murphy charges back into the corner to break the hold.  The Aussie goes for a sleeper on Ali again, but tastes a jawjacker.  Both heels taste boots to the face from Mustafa, who then goes for a roll-through X-Factor on Buddy.  Murphy ducks it and propels Ali over his head and Mustafa takes Itami down with the X-Factor instead in an excellent spot.  Ali almost destroys Murphy with a reverse hurracanrana and a tornado DDT for a very near fall.  The realist in me suggests Buddy should barely be walking after those two moves in quick succession, never mind kicking out at two.  Ali goes up top, wanting to hit the 054 on Itami, but gets crotched.  Hideo joins him up top, where he appears to be looking for a belly-to-back suplex.  Ali flips out of it, but tastes a Brogue Kick from Murphy, who then boots Itami in the face and takes the Japanese grappler crashing down to the mat with a twisting DDT.  All three guys are back up and trading forearms and combination strikes.  Ali almost takes Murphy’s teeth out with a superkick, before diving straight into a boot to the face from Hideo.  Itami is too exhausted to cover as all three men are down.

Powerbomb and a knee to the face to Itami from Murphy.  Hard kick to the side of the head from Ali to Buddy, who falls on top of Itami.  Mustafa goes up top and nails them both with a 450 splash.  Ali covers Itami, but Murphy breaks the cover and then pulls Mustafa out to the floor.  Buddy clears the equipment off the announce table with evil intentions.  Buddy tries to pull Ali onto the table, but Mustafa sweeps his leg out from under him, before taking Murphy down from the table to the floor with the Spanish Fly; lovely spot there.  Ali crawls back into the ring, where he tastes a dropkick in the corner from Itami.  Hideo pulls off the pad from the bottom turnbuckle, before setting Ali up for another dropkick in the corner.  Itami connects, making Ali eat steel, which is good for the win at 15:52.

Match rating: A-  Strong main event.  They’ve all had better matches in their respective stints on 205 Live, but for the most part they all gelled well, told a good story and Itami is the right choice of winner as his crusade for respect continues.


Overall show rating: B  Another good episode of 205 Live.  Itami puts himself right in the title hunt, while the six-man feud rumbles along, TJ Perkins continues beef with management and Lio Rush is almost here.  My only gripe is the almost non-existence of Cedric Alexander on the brand right now.  If I wanted a show where the champion goes MIA all the time, I’d watch Raw.