Brock, Roman, Braun, and the briefcase

As I see it, Summerslam can go one of two ways:

1. We get Roman vs. Brock again and they recreate the end of WM31, with Strowman inserting himself into the match and stealing the win. (That, or Roman wins and Strowman cashes in immediately after.) Thus, Roman chokes once again.

2. Same scenario as above, but Roman beats Lesnar AND Strowman. Roman doesn’t choke, but Strowman is dead in the water and another briefcase is wasted.

(Or I guess there’s option 3: Lesnar retains and carries the belt until Mania, which would only surprise me a little bit at this point.)

If they’re deadset on another Roman/Brock rematch, then they’ve painted themselves into a corner with Strowman holding the briefcase. You can sacrifice Brock, but how do you resolve this without killing off one of your top two guys?

​3.  Roman wins the BIGGEST MULTI-MAN #1 CONTENDER MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF OUR SPORT at Extreme Rules, Braun announces that he’s cashing in at Summerslam as well to make it a three-way, and then (something) happens and Stephanie threatens to fire Kurt Angle unless he (something) and it results in Finn Balor and Kevin Owens also being added to the title match because (reasons).  Balor does the job to Strowman there.​