WWF Madison Square Garden – October 28th, 1991

October 28, 1991

From Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Lord Alfred Hayes


Big Bully Busick vs. Texas Tornado

Busick stalls to begin the match as the announcers talk about tonight’s Ric Flair vs. Roddy Piper match. Tornado works a side headlock as the announcers plug the Survivor Series. Busick retreats to the corner after Tornado runs him over. Tornado tries to get the fans behind him but they do not seem to care. Tornado catches Busick with a hip toss then Busick comes back and challenges for a test-of-strength. They finally battle and Tornado brings Busick to his knees a few times in some really terrible sequences. Busick kicks Tornado in the gut to gain control. Busick clotheslines Tornado then avoids a charge in the corner. Busick slams Tornado but comes off the top and is caught with a claw in another awful spot. Tornado takes Busick down to the mat then Busick gets up and steps between the ropes. Busick blocks a discus punch and knocks down Tornado before applying a bearhug. Busick takes down Tornado with a back elbow smash and already seems gassed. Busick catches Tornado with a sleeper and its applied like shit but Lord Alfred thought it was great. Busick eats boot on a charge then Tornado hits the Tornado Punch for the win (7:47) -*.

Thoughts: This was dreadful. Everything Busick did looked like shit and Tornado did not seem to know where he was during the match. It ended up being one of Busick’s final matches with the company.


Irwin R. Schyster vs. British Bulldog

No entrance music here for Bulldog. Gorilla and Heenan argue over the Flair vs. Piper Survivor Series teams matches. After some stalling we see Bulldog hit a slam, hip toss, then a clothesline as IRS rolls outside for a breather. IRS once again stalls on the outside as Bulldog tries to get the fans behind him. IRS ducks out again after Bulldog used a pair of leapfrogs. Back inside, Bulldog works a side headlock then IRS bails once more after Bulldog got the best of him. The fans chant “Irwin” as he heads back in and surprises Bulldog with a back suplex. Bulldog manages to avoid an elbow drop and follows with a slam. They take it to the mat where IRS uses a headscissors and grabs the ropes for leverage but bails after referee Danny Davis kicks the ropes. IRS uses Bulldog’s momentum to toss him outside then heads out and kicks him in the ribs a few times. We head back into the ring where IRS uses an abdominal stretch and tries again to grab the ropes for leverage and gets caught. Bulldog comes back with a crossbody for two but IRS is able to toss him back outside. IRS works the leg now then switches to a chinlock. Bulldog fights out but runs into a knee smash then IRS stomps away. IRS hammers away then skies Bulldog with a back drop before taunting the crowd. IRS gets two with an elbow drop then goes back to the chinlock. IRS hits a clothesline then drops another elbow but still cannot put Bulldog away. IRS charges but Bulldog moves away as IRS crashes outside. IRS paces around as the Lord Alfred talks about the behavior of bulldogs as he has been terrible tonight. Bulldog chases IRS around as Gorilla says there is less than three minutes left in the match. Back inside, Bulldog tries to hit IRS with a running powerslam but IRS grabs the ropes then ends up falling on top for a nearfall. Bulldog catches IRS with a back drop for two as Heenan calls this match “great” and tremendous.” IRS rolls outside and grabs a tag rope that was on the floor. IRS blocks a suplex by punching Bulldog in the ribs then IRS chokes out Bulldog with the rope. Bulldog spills out on the apron then comes back and chokes out IRS with the rope. Both men are down then Bulldog catches IRS with a small package but the time-limit expires as the match is ruled a draw (20:05) **1/4. After the match, Bulldog asks for five more minutes but IRS teases heading into the ring before leaving.

Thoughts: The first half of the match was tedious with all of the generic stalling by IRS but after that they worked harder and it became much better to watch. Heenan selling this as a great match was just too much though. Seeing IRS is in a feud and the company wants to protect Bulldog in the midcard I do not have a problem with the finish.


Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart

The camera zooms in on Mountie’s cattle prod. Mountie ducks out for advice from Hart before failing on a slam attempt. Neidhart then hits three straight slams before Mountie ducks back outside. Mountie heads up the aisle with Hart to regroup before returning. Mountie works a side headlock now as Heenan brings up MC Hammer, someone Gorilla has no clue about. Hart gives Mountie more advice then fails to run over Neidhart so he goes back outside. Neidhart runs over Mountie, who once again rolls outside as Gorilla teases Heenan about Mountie being one of Flairs Survivor Series partners. Mountie returns then goes back out after a pair of clotheslines as this is getting repetitive and similar to how the prior match started. Mountie knees Neidhart in the corner then attacks from behind after Hart provided a distraction. Mountie heads out to shove Neidhart into the post then takes the action back inside and gets two with a jumping back elbow smash. Mountie works a chinlock for a bit. Mountie uses his control techniques now but Neidhart comes back with a mat slam. Neidhart follows with a back drop and runs wild. Clothesline gets two for Neidhart as Mountie retreats to the corner. Neidhart then misses a high knee in the corner and Mountie rolls up Neidhart and grabs the tights for the win (11:19) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Much like the previous match this started off with lots of stalling from the heel then it became slow and boring with an extremely weak finish. Mountie gets the win and some momentum heading into a TV match against Bret Hart.


Ric Flair w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Roddy Piper

Piper holds his belt then takes off his shirt and tosses it at Flair. Heenan circles the ring as Flair and Piper get in each other’s faces. Piper spits at Flair after getting backed into the corner then knocks him down with a right hand. Piper then places referee Earl Hebner on the top turnbuckle and locks up with Flair. Piper slaps down Flair, who retreats to the corner then the referee steps in between the two. Both men trade strikes as Piper gets the best of Flair, who does his patented flop. Piper heads out to beat on Flair but they head back inside where the ref grabs Piper’s arm to break up an attack in the corner, allowing Flair to knock down Piper. Flair works a side headlock on the mat and that leads to a pinfall reversal sequence. Flair tosses Piper outside twice by the hair then chops away in the corner. Flair snaps Piper’s neck off of the top rope as Lord Alfred refers to it as an “innovative move.” Piper fights back with several chops. He takes Flair down with a knee lift and clotheslines him over the top rope. Piper rolls Flair back inside where Flair begs for mercy. Piper hits mounted punches in the corner then tries a bulldog but ends up accidentally running over the referee. Flair attacks Piper from behind then Piper uses a small package but the ref is still down. Piper checks on the ref again and is attacked then Danny Davis returns and Flair yells at him, allowing Piper to get two with a rollup. Piper clotheslines Flair off of the apron then Flair brings in a chair as the refs are dristracted. Flair whacks Piper and tosses the chair in the corner as the ref crawls over a counts but it only gets two. Piper catches Flair with a sleeper but that is broken up with a back suplex as both men are down. Flair heads up top and gets slammed off then the two start trading strikes. Flair ducks his head and Piper turns that into a corkscrew neckbreaker. Piper grabs a chair and the ref takes it away so Piper knocks Flair outside instead. The ref grabs the chair from Piper as Flair knocks Piper down then slides him through the ropes and hooks his feet for leverage and gets the win (11:49) ***. After the match, Piper clears the ring with a chair.

Thoughts: Easily the best thing on the show. It was a pretty good match too and since Flair was also feuding with Hogan he needed to get the win. And Piper wasn’t going to lose clean here although Flair came off as more of an equal to Piper, a semi-retired commentator than he did to current champion Hogan. You can also see this match on the “Nature Boy Ric Flair: Definitive Collection” DVD.


Sean Mooney is backstage with Flair & Heenan. He asks what is next as Heenan addresses Hulk Hogan. Flair then tells Hogan he has traveled the world and that he can run but not hide as where ever he goes people will ask when they will face off and wants Hogan to do something about this. Flair then ends this by stealing Hogan’s catchphrase and adding “woooo!” to the end.


Col. Mustafa vs. Big Bossman

IRS comes out and says Bossman should not be able to wrestle for being a tax cheat. Mustafa attacks Bossman from behind then uses a chinlock. IRS leaves as Bossman escapes and clotheslines Mustafa twice. Bossman runs out of the ring and backstage then heads back in to work the leg. Heenan says Hogan has nothing Flair wants and that he just wants to beat him as Mustafa hits Bossman with a foreign object that he tucks back into his boot. The ref checks his boots then lets him go back to beating on Bossman. Mustafa taunts the crowd then Bossman comes back with a suplex as both men are down. Bossman fires away then catches Mustafa with a spinebuster for the win (4:52) DUD.

Thoughts: Mustafa was an abomination in the ring but it could have been much worse. Bossman gets the win as he is in a feud with IRS.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: The Berzerker vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c)

Bret comes out in an all pink jacket as Heenan thinks its a “sissy” color but Lord Alfred says its not a sissy wearing the jacket. Gorilla notes how he has never seen Berzerker pin someone and you cannot win the belt by throwing someone over the top rope. Berzerker attacks Bret before the bell. He does his yelling but misses a knee drop then ends up on the losing end of a slugfest. Berzerker is dropkicked outside then returns to get knocked back out as he keeps landing on his feet. Berzerker headbutts Bret in the gut and stays in control. Bret gets dumped outside and rammed into the guardrail as Berzerker keeps rolling inside to break the count as the announcers applaud him for that knowledge. Berzerker chokes out Bret with a cord then heads back inside. Berzerker misses a leg drop from the middle rope then tries a slam but Bret falls on top for two. Bret is sent outside on the kick out then runs into a knee smash. Berzerker works a chinlock then hits a piledriver for two before going back to the hold. Berzerker catches a crossbody attempt and hits a slam for two but misses a charge in the corner. Bret crotches Berzerker on the top rope and pushes down before running wild. Berzerker blocks a Sharpshooter attempt with a thumb to the eye but Bret comes back with a crucifix and gets the win (10:17) **.

Thoughts: Just an average match here with Bret getting a win with a basic move like a crucifix. I have no idea why Berzerker got a title shot as Bret was feuding with Warlord and now The Mountie on TV.


Hercules vs. El Matador

Barely any reaction for El Matador. Hercules is still rocking the Power & Glory tights while El Matador gets Hercules to charge like a bull as he waves his cape around. We get dueling chest pokes then it escalates to a slugfest. Hercules ducks outside to regroup then returns to work a side headlock. Matador catches Hercules with a drop toe hold then works the arm as we get some “boring” chants. Hercules breaks up mounted punches in the corner with an inverted atomic drop. Hercules hammers away as the announcers talk about Undertaker being undefeated despite the fact he lost in this building and how he can be champion at Survivor Series. Hercules works a bearhug as the announcers still talk about the Survivor Series main event. Matador tries to fight back and gets dropped with a clothesline then Hercules goes back to the bearhug. Matador comes back with an inverted atomic drop then uses a few mat slams before hitting the flying forearm. Hercules gets his foot on the ropes and drops Matador with an uppercut. Matador then blocks a piledriver and hits another flying forearm for the win (9:11) 1/2*. Matador waves his cape around after the match.

Thoughts: Man did this suck. Hercules was hurt and could barely move and the Matador gimmick is less exciting in the ring than the regular Santana character. Plus, the Matador gimmick so far has been a dud on TV.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Natural Disasters w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Legion of Doom (c)

Typhoon drives Hawk into the corner then walks him around with one arm. Hawk boots a charging Typhoon and knocks him down with a flying shoulder tackle as all four men come into the ring. Match settles down as Earthquake and Animal tag in and slug it out. Animal takes Earthquake down with a flying shoulder tackle but tries a slam as Earthquake falls on top for a two count. Earthquake gets two with a belly-to-belly suplex but misses an elbow drop. Typhoon knees Animal from the apron then roughs him up on the outside. Earthquake chokes out Animal with his boot as Heenan believes the LoD are worried. Earthquake works a bearhug then tags out as Typhoon puts on the same hold. Hawk breaks up the hold but that allows the Disasters to double-team. Earthquake gets two with a powerslam as Hawk made the save then Animal comes back with a clothesline as both men are down. Hawk tags and runs wild then the match breaks down. Typhoon hits Animal with a splash then Earthquakes hits a splash of his own. Earthquake knocks Hawk off of the apron and gets yelled at by the ref so Typhoon tosses the ref outside and gets disqualified (8:02) *. Hawk clears the ring after the match.

Thoughts: The match was alright until the DQ, which looked terrible since the Disasters seemingly had the match won until Typhoon decided to toss the ref instead of letting his partner make a pin attempt. This feud really is not catching on like a Tag Title feud should.


The show closes with the announcement of Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair for the WWF World Heavyweight Title and Bret Hart vs. The Mountie for the IC Title taking place on next month’s show.


Final Thoughts: Really just a one match show. Everything else was generally poor and the card only drew 9,000 fans, which speaks volumes of how the WWF was doing at this point. Despite the top feuds on TV coming off well, the rest of the roster was saddled with bad gimmicks and feuds. This is not a show you need or even want to watch.


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