Hogan/Bret SSlam 93 photo corroborated

Hey Scott,

  Bret says in his book he took photos with Hulk for SSlam 93, each pulling on the belt. People have long debated about this since the photos have never surfaced, with a lot disbelieving Bret.

  Well, on Bruce Prichard’s podcast, there is finally corroboration as Bruce admits they did indeed have that photo shoot with plans for a Hogan/Bret SSlam match. He confirmed just about everything Bret said.

  Since Bruce seems to slam Bret more than he praises him, the fact that he says it all happened means you can believe it, to me.

  I’m surprised this hasn’t come up, or been talked about (unless I just missed it), because I always thought this was one of those Holy Grail stories that would never be proven or corroborated.

  If you download the King of The Ring 93 podcast, the conversation starts at 01:28:16.


I don’t want to cast aspersions on the character of Bruce, but from previous experience with his podcast, if he claimed that the sky is blue I’d want to see photographs before I believed him.