AJ Styles and the WWE 2k19 cover

So it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that there will be a WWE 2K19 this year. AJ Styles is on the cover, and it’s well deserved in terms of his in-ring accomplishments.

However, which scenario is more likely:
– We all have a chuckle when “THE GAY COMMUNITY!?” inevitably comes up.
– AJ’s former penchant for dropping “f****t” into his promos, especially in TNA, is brought up and turns out to be real homophobia. WWE/2k call an emergency audible to, say, Finn Balor.

Not like anyone should play any 2K wrestling game that involves Yukes recycling the same animations since Wrestlemania XX, but I can’t see this being a Lillian Ellison Girls Battle Royale (LEGBAR) situation.

Thanks for the rants, look forward to seeing if Ciampa/Gargano gets into Omega/Okada IV territory.

Ha, LEGBAR.  Well done.  
I feel like, the dude has been champ for six months now and the face of Smackdown for whatever that’s worth.  If it was gonna come up, it would have come up by now.