WWF Wrestling Challenge – October 27th, 1991

October 27, 1991

From the Huntington Civic Center in Huntington, WV

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

In action this week are Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Nasty Boys, and Texas Tornado. Plus, an interview with Sid Justice & Big Bossman & Legion of Doom and more


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Vito Krus

It’s spelled “Vito Cruz” on the graphic but is in fact the future Vito of WCW and WWE fame. Bret gives his sunglasses to a fan as we hear Jimmy Hart & The Mountie in an insert promo as Bret’s former manager claims to know all his weaknesses while Mountie promises a “shocking” experience if they meet. Bret takes control of the match and hits a backbreaker then an elbow drop before using the Sharpshooter for the win (1:57).

Thoughts: We are hinting at a Mountie/Bret feud but their match next week on Superstars was not mentioned.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We see a replay of the Sid Justice vs. El Diablo match from last week’s “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Texas Tornado vs. Brian Costello

The announcers talk about what happened to Sid as Tornado blocks a hip toss before hitting one of his own. Gorilla plugs the 1992 WWF Calendar with Tornado as Mr. February then Tornado puts Costello away with the Tornado Punch (1:29).

Thoughts: Tornado’s usefulness has been reduced to a guy on a random month of the WWF Calendar.


Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Brian Donahue & Al Coleman

Knobbs yells into the camera as he warns all the other teams in the WWF that its about to get real nasty. The Nasty Boys beat down Donahue as the announcers talk about Randy Savage trying to get reinstated as Gorilla tells us the results will be revealed next week. After plugging the Savage/Elizabeth Hotline we see the Nasties beat down Coleman until they put him away with the running powerslam/flying elbow drop combo (3:03).

Thoughts: This match was a backdrop for the announcers to talk about Savage.


Skinner vs. Jose Vega

Dragon cuts another awful promo about Skinner failing to poach him as Skinner beats on Vega. Skinner stays in control and hits the inverted DDT for the win (2:19).

Thoughts: Dragon was already out of the company by the time this aired. And good lord were his insert promos for this feud horrendous.


The announcers plug the newest “WBF Magazine” with Gary Strydom and Lou Ferrigno on the cover.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Sid Justice, Big Bossman, and the Legion of Doom to the interview platform. Okerlund asks Sid about almost getting bit by the cobra. Sid then asks if Jake will come down by himself or under a hood as El Diablo because his team are going down the aisle as themselves. The others run down their Survivor Series opponents. Nothing more than a generic interview to hype up this Survivor Series match.


Survivor Series Report


Sgt. Slaughter vignette in front of Paul Revere’s statue airs.


Ric Flair vs. Bill Pierce

Heenan reminds Gorilla that he is not Flair’s manager, just his advisor. Heenan gushes over Flair and says he will be on “Prime Time Wrestling” this week along with Jim Duggan and The Bushwhackers. Flair beats on Pierce then tosses him outside. Flair chops away then slaps Pierce around as the announcers talk about the Flair/Piper feud. Back inside, Flair continues to beat on Pierce then finally puts him away with the figure four (2:44).

Thoughts: Another Flair match against some scrub that went on for too long. The Flair/Piper feud continues.


Next week, El Matador makes his Challenge debut. Also, Hulk Hogan as guest on the “Barber Shop.”  Our featured match is the Natural Disasters vs. The Rockers as we hear comments from both teams.


Final Thoughts: Not much of a show this week but since we are entering a Sweeps Month we get a featured match next week and even Hogan is appearing in an interview segment. The road to Survivor Series continues.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Monday: WWF Madison Square Garden 10/28/91

Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 11/2/91

Wednesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/3/91

Thursday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 11/4/91

Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 11/9/91

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 9/29/83

Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/10/91