Original Plans for Lex Luger as WCW Heavyweight Champion in 1991

If Lex Luger beats Ric Flair in the cage at GAB 1991 to finally win the WCW Title as a babyface champion, what were the plans for him?  Was he going to continue feuding with the Horsemen?  Was Windham next in line as
a contender?

Before Jim Herd was fired, was the plan always for him to drop it to Sting at SB II? 

​Luger question, take a drink.
Yes, everything that happened was pretty much what the plan was.  Flair’s firing was based around Herd planning on phasing him out of the main event and into the midcard, so really it didn’t affect Luger’s title reign at all by leaving.  Flair was going to drop the title and then move right into being a full-time tag wrestler with Arn.   ​