WWF Superstars of Wrestling – October 12th, 1991

October 12, 1991

From the Ottawa Civic Center in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage

This week, Bobby Heenan will interview Ric Flair. In action are Big Bossman, Jake Roberts, Jim Neidhart, and the Beverly Brothers


Big Bossman vs. Martin Roy

Bossman knocks down Roy as the announcers talk about his feud with IRS. Roy bails after getting hit with a back elbow smash but Bossman heads out and knocks him down. Vince tells us after this match we will find out about the Survivor Series main event then IRS in an insert promo tells us that Bossman doesn’t realize the IRS controls the scales of justice. Back to the match as Bossman manhandles Roy with ease until putting him away with a sidewalk slam (2:39). After the match, Bossman cuffs Roy to the ropes and teases him with the nightstick.

Thoughts: The big news was that we will be learning about the Survivor Series main event after this match. The Bossman/IRS feud so far has been built off of lame insert promos that are not captivating in the slightest, which is a shame because Bossman is over.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We learn that it will take place on Survivor Series eve, November 27th. Okerlund then tells us that Hulk Hogan will defend the WWF World Heavyweight Title against The Undertaker in a match billed as “The Gravest Challenge.” We then hear from Paul Bearer & The Undertaker as they tell Hogan he fell in their trap and Hulkamania will die. Hogan then calls out both men and says they are dealing with all the Hulkamaniacs and that the thought of a little Hulkster being buried six feet under is going to make sure he closes the coffin on The Undertaker. Okerlund says next week we will learn about other matches on the show. For the first time a non-Survivor Series style match is part of the PPV. And its a fresh matchup but one without much of a backstory as the only time they interacted was after the Warrior/Slaughter match from April’s “Saturday Night’s Main Event” when Hogan hit Undertaker with his belt and the Undertaker did not budge.


The Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius vs. Ross Greenberg & Phil Apollo

Before the match, The Genius reads a poem declaring the Beverly Brothers will be victorious over The Bushwhackers. We now hear from The Bushwhackers in an insert promo as they have their own poem for the “Beverly Sisters” and promise them some pain. The Beverly Brothers hug then continue to beat on Greenberg. Apollo tags as the announcers express their frustrations about not being able to compete in the ring. The Beverly Brothers stay in control then put Apollo away with the Shaker Heights Spike (2:41).

Thoughts: More hype for the Bushwhackers/Beverly Brothers feud as the announcers also used this time to voice their frustrations about not being able to compete.


We see another vignette of Tito Santana in his hometown of Tocula, Mexico. He has a party as Tito tells us his training has completed. Tito talks about earning the respect of his people as a couple of girls fawn all over him. He then gives a speech after receiving a cake and finishes by saying “ole!” Tito says soon he will face the bull in the arena then he will return to the WWF as El Matador.


Jake Roberts defeats Tony Diamond in a match first shown on the 9/30 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Sgt. Slaughter is now shown at the Lincoln Memorial. He talks about Abraham Lincoln being a forgiving man and then talks about himself, saying he has no country. Slaughter expects he will not be forgiven and needs to be made whole again and for that he needs his brothers and country as he wants his country back. Piper does not believe Slaughter as Vince does while Savage believes Slaughter is misunderstood. The way us fans were told to believe Slaughter was something else. It takes balls to run this.


Paul Perez vs. British Bulldog

Vince tells us about seeing footage of Hogan as a youth while Bulldog hits an arm drag and a slam. Vince then calls out Piper & Savage for being “cranky” as Bulldog works a chinlock. Vince says Winston Churchill would be proud of Bulldog, who hits a delayed vertical suplex. The fans cheer then Bulldog soon puts away Perez with a running powerslam (2:52).

Thoughts: The Bulldog does not have much going on now but was over during the European tour which wrapped up right when this show aired.


A photo of Hogan playing baseball as a youth to plug the “Hulk Hogan: Real American Story” Hot Ticket PPV.


Bobby Heenan now welcomes Ric Flair to the interview platform. Vince & Savage tell Piper to sit down and be a professional as Vince says one day Piper will have a match with Flair in the ring. I mean, they did plug Flair/Piper for the November Boston Garden show during the Event Center segments on the show.  Savage says at least Piper has a chance. Flair tells Piper it is not nice to doubt the word of the real World’s Heavyweight Champion. Flair then calls out Hogan and Piper for wanting kids to look up to them but when the smoke clears, Flair said Heenan and himself will make everything possible. Flair then says when its over he will also possess the WWF World Heayweight Championship then kiss all the girls and make them cry. The WWF version of Flair is still not working despite the push. He’s too restrained in his promos.


The trailer for “Suburban Commando” airs.


Duane Gill vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Neidhart debuts new music this week. Neidhart shoves Gill into the corner as we hear from Harvey Whippleman & Big Bully Busick in an insert promo running him down for their feud. Neidhart hits a back suplex then a powerslam for the win (0:38). We then learn about Whippleman, Randy Savage, Natural Disasters, and the Gobbledy Gooker as guests on “Prime Time Wrestling.”

Thoughts: A Busick/Neidhart lower card feud to stink up the house show circuit.


Skinner vs. Joe Milano

Skinner beats on Milano as we hear from The Dragon in an insert promo telling Skinner will find himself “charred and well-done” because he is going to get burned. The voice and cadence of Dragon’s promos were just horrible. Skinner then hits Milano with a gordbuster before using the inverted DDT for the win (1:15).

Thoughts: Skinner is not getting over as a heel and Dragon’s gimmick is preventing him from being taken seriously as this is just another lower card feud for the house show circuit.


Next week in action are the Natural Disasters, Jake Roberts, Ric Flair, and newcomer El Diablo faces off against Sid Justice. Plus, Hacksaw Jim Duggan as guest on the “Funeral Parlor” and more!


Final Thoughts: The big news here was learning the Survivor Series main event. The Flair/Heenan segment was pedestrian and the rest of the show focused on lower card feuds. Next week will get more exciting, however.