CM Punk as the Anti-Lesnar

Hey Scott,

I know Punk has said he has no interest in returning to WWE but at this point (at the risk of stating the obvious) why would they even want him?

He’s been utterly exposed. I know everyone kind of assumes pro wrestlers are trash in real fighting but CM’s gone out of his way to prove it. He’s now the anti-Lesnar. How is anyone going to look at CM fighting anyone beyond Heath Slater with anything other than derision? I remember a squash match he had with Brodus Clay back in ’11 or so and thought that seemed silly. Now I know that match should’ve ended with Clay backhanding Punk and making him make Clay a sandwich.  

Is he still THAT big a star? Is Kayfabe THAT dead? Do these loses mean anything at all?
Good question, actually, because it’s such a unique situation.  Brock looked like a punk against Cain and then got his ass handed to him before leaving UFC the first time, and going back to WWE was like a whole new career.  So maybe the same would apply with Punk?