Mid-South Wrestling – September 15th, 1983

September 15, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross

This week we will see One Man Gang, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Magnum TA vs. King Kong Bundy & Missing Link, Junkyard Dog vs. Krusher Darsow, and Butch Reed will be here too.


Nikolai Volkoff vs. Johnny Rich

Volkoff beats on Rich then hits a few knee smashes as he makes his Mid-South TV debut. Volkoff uses more stomps and kicks then drops Rich with a lifting chokehold. Ross puts over the problems America has with Russia as Volkoff hits a press slam into a backbreaker for the win (2:20).

Thoughts: Like every other Volkoff squash match we saw Volkoff take complete control and not even take a bump. Rich was a midcarder here portrayed to hold his own but the way he was dominated shows you Volkoff is going to get a sizable push.


Ross talks about the September 9th show at the Sam Houston Coliseum. Larry Zbyszko no-showed his match against Dusty Rhodes and has replaced by King Kong Bundy. We then see clips of the match narrated by Paul Boesch as the One Man Gang ended up attacking Dusty. This led to Magnum TA running out then Duggan follows and the three men clear the ring as the crowd goes mental. Speaking of Zbyszko, he hated Watts and was working in Georgia at the time but claimed Jim Barnett lied to him about having a permanent spot as he was used in an attempt to get Bruno into the territory. This could have been why he did not appear for that match.


One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Ron Ellis

Gang takes Ellis down with a knee smash then hammers away. Gang hits a slam and a leg drop as Ross talks about Akbar gloating over Gang’s improvement since his last stint in Mid-South. Gang then hits the Country Slam before a splash gets the win (1:35).

Thoughts: Gang is back into the territory now. He came from the Mid-Atlantic after a feud against Bugsy McGraw. Gang actually got into Mid-Atlantic at Watts’ recommendation when Gang called up Watts while working in Memphis because he wasn’t making any money. Gang’s stint did not last long as he was in Florida a few months later but he looked solid in this win.


We are shown clips from last week where the Junkyard Dog was attacked by Buzz Sawyer & Missing Link in his match against Bundy.


King Kong Bundy & Missing Link w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Magnum TA

Magnum takes over Link with a hip toss after an Irish whip sequence. Link gets pissed and rams his own head against the turnbuckle then accidentally takes Bundy off the apron with a high knee. Bundy now tags in and clubs away on Magnum’s back. Bundy hits a backbreaker then chokes away as Magnum is in trouble. Bundy now works a chinlock for a bit. Magnum tries to fight back but Bundy kicks him down and hits a slam. Magnum manages to avoid an elbow drop then tags out as Duggan beats on Bundy. Duggan even knocks Link off of the apron and soon after that the mach breaks down. Duggan hits Bundy with the spear as the ref orders him back on the apron. Magnum covers but Link comes off the top with a knee smash and the ref manages to see this and calls the bell for the DQ (5:08) **. Duggan ends up clearing the ring himself.

Thoughts: They booked this to make Duggan look strong and to set up a Link/Magnum match. Link himself said he was here to work with Magnum. Bundy was more of an afterthought in this match and with an influx of new, big heels into the territory you can see the writing on the wall.


Next, we see highlights from last week’s Duggan vs. Ted DiBiase match when JYD made a miraculous recovery from his beatdown to come out and foil DiBiase’s plan of using the Road Warriors to win. DiBiase losing that match means he is out of Mid-South.


Krusher Darsow vs. Junkyard Dog

Both men fight over a wrist lock as Ross says Darsow came to Mid-South for the toughest competition in the world. They end in a stalemate then Darsow uses a bearhug. JYD gets out of that but Darsow re-applies the hold. JYD gets out with a hip toss after a struggle and we have another stalemate. Darsow runs over JYD with a shoulder tackle then uses the backbreaker submission. JYD hooks his feet on the ropes and they work a weird spot that sees Darsow get knocked down. JYD then comes back with a clothesline and puts Darsow away with a powerslam as Ross makes it a big deal by noting its Darsow’s first defeat on TV (4:00) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Boy did this suck or what. Darsow was so ineffective as a heel that the fans could not even be bothered to get behind JYD’s comebacks. On commentary they sold this as a big deal for someone to beat the undefeated Darsow but he’s been on TV for like a month and has never impressed. The bearhug spots were a snoozer and JYD’s gut was getting noticeably bigger with each passing week.


“Hacksaw” Butch Reed  vs. George Weingeroff

Reed is ultra cocky here. He shoves Weingeroff into the corner then talks some trash. Weingeroff uses a fireman’s carry takedown to piss off Reed then reverses a hammerlock. Reed drives Weingeroff into the corner as Ross puts over his speed and wresting ability. Reed biels Weingeroff then hammers away. Weingeroff comes back with a monkey flip then gets a nearfall with a side Russian leg sweep but Reed attacks the back and hits a press slam before the flying shoulder block gets the win (2:49) *1/2.

Thoughts: Fun, little match here. Reed came off like a star and Weingeroff always showed good fire.


Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs. Art Crews

This is Neidhart’s Mid-South debut. He dropkicks Crews after a hand shake then hits a slam. Ross talks about Neidhart’s athletic accomplishments as he stays in control. Crews tries to fight back but Neidhart uses a Samoan Drop for the win (1:15). Oddly enough, Ross yelled out “what a maneuver” as he did not appear to know what it was called.

Thoughts: According to Neidhart, JYD got him into Mid-South as the two worked together in Calgary under Stu Hart. He looked good here as he is another former football player in Mid-South.


Tom Stanton vs. Jerry Caldwell

Pierce tells us this is Stanton’s debut. Stanton is billed from New York City and has “Ultimate Dream” written on the back of his tights. In reality, he was from Western Canada. He beats down Caldwell and uses some kicks and knee lifts that do not look good at all. Ross says that we will see from women’s wrestling next week as Stanton prevents a comeback. Stanton gets two with a scoop slam before applying a front facelock. Caldwell lands some punches as Stanton retreats to the corner. Stanton sends Caldwell into the corner and hits an elbow smash before he uses a side slam for the win (3:38).

Thoughts: Stanton did not have a modern look and wrestled a dated style. He also did some enhancement work for the WWWF in the mid 1970’s. Sadly, Stanton passed away from cancer in 2007 and you can read a piece about his career here


Final Thoughts: After last week when DiBiase left the territory we had a quiet show this week. A lot of focus on newer talent into the territory but no one really impressed. The tag match was fine but JYD/Darsow sucked. The territory now has a lot of what you would call monster heels but without DiBiase they are lacking a credible heel to make faces look good and with the top babyfaces not exactly the best workers in the world it will create a problem.


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