Kenny Omegas “All In” Title Defense

With Kenny winning the IWGP Heavyweight Title, he now goes into “All In” as champion which means whoever he faces will most likely be a title defense. Brings me to 2 options. 

Option 1. Okada will get a rematch, they can do it here and close the fued or maybe Gedo won’t want that to happen there… 
Option 2. CM Punk. I know hes been doing the media rounds about being finished with pro wrestling but what if hes working? I definietly don’t see him back in WWE anytime soon, if ever but this would be a perfect 1 off match. Other then those 2. I don’t see anybody else being worthy of a challenger for that caliber of a show. No way Gedo will allow him to face Ibushi there. Probably waiting for WK 13 for that. I figured a while back they would of went with Cody/Omega ROH champion vs IWGP Champion but thats obviously not happening.

​Given the show is already sold out and they haven’t announced any kind of streaming or PPV, it’s not a really big deal what match they do.  Maybe just do another Golden Lovers v. Young Bucks match?  ​