CM Punk-Mike Jackson question

Not a wrestling-related question but I know you follow UFC so I have a question for you regarding CM Punk’s fight last night.

What incentive was there for Mike Jackson to not end the fight when he had multiple chances? Dana White made it clear that he wasn’t happy about it and said Jackson won’t be having another UFC fight. Joe Rogan mentioned he was paid off which he then said he didn’t actually believe and I don’t really buy into that either. Was Jackson just being a dick for the sake of being a dick?

​Given who he was facing and the fact that there would have to be a lot of resentment about how he got there, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson was being a dick to “send a message” on behalf of someone.  Really, they both looked like complete goobers after the fight, with Punk way out of league even against the worst guy in the promotion and Jackson toying with him for no reason.  
As for Rogan, he’s a noted conspiracy nut, so I wouldn’t take it seriously, but I wouldn’t entirely discount the idea, either.  Had the opponent been Iron Sheik, however, we’d know that the fix was in.  Plus he works cheap, only $10,000 for a broken leg, apparently.  ​