Japanese Wrestlers in the US

With the success of Auska, Nakamura, Kairi, is there any more Japanese wrestlers you think will make the jump to WWE? Or is just not worth it with NJPW being as hot as is? 

​Nakamura seemingly jumped for specific reasons, in that his spot in Japan was clearly being taken over and he could make more money in WWE while working an easier style.  ​I think that had he been able to remain on top for New Japan, he probably would have.  I wouldn’t really call Asuka any kind of success on the main roster thus far.  Wrestlemania and the ridiculously terrible follow-up pretty much killed her off as any kind of top draw on the women’s side. I think that for most of these guys, it’s just not worth it unless you’re trying to milk a few more years out of your career and need the money.